Beach Ready Bleached Neons with the Seas the Day Collection from KBShimmer!

We know, we know…we are very late to the party with this review! However, this review is actually coming to you thanks to a nail polish miracle. The box of polishes that was sent to me was lost in the mail for over two months – and then it magically arrived on my doorstep! Marcia and I thanked the nail polish gods and dove into KBShimmer’s 2019 summer collection, Seas the Day.  The collection of seven neon cream nail polishes and three multichrome flakie toppers is still available and the shades are perfect for a tropical getaway or for bringing some summer sunshine into your life.

Your suitcase is packed, your flip flops are ready, and the ocean is calling your name: it’s time for vacation! Join KBShimmer on a tropical journey, where the drinks are chilled, the sun is warm, and bathing suits and shorts are the only attire! This collection, inspired by warm-weather destinations, features seven sun bleached cream polishes in tropical hues. These bright polishes can be accented with one of three bold and bright multichrome flakie toppers for truly beach-ready nails! So, slow down and join us in celebrating the sunny tropics!

We don’t have the multichrome flakie toppers or the lemon yellow cream Sand by Me, also available in the Seas the Day Collection, but we split the other six sun bleached cream polishes and each think our selections are the best. Read on to see who nabbed your favorite!



Normally, I am more of a shimmer/holo girl but these bleached out neon creams are so gorgeous I know I will reach for them over and over. The pigment is so rich, and the shades are so pretty – you can’t go wrong with any of them! I have Guava Nice Day, Lime All Right, and Pink or Swim – a trio of feminine and fun polishes that I can wear alone or bling out with a clear shimmery topper.

One reason I usually don’t do cream nail polishes is I find them difficult to apply. The formula is typically much thicker than a shimmer or holo shade, and somehow whenever I polish my own nails they end up looking too thick and somehow lumpy. As I played with these shades I finally realized that two super thin coats is the way to go for the best application. I like the polishes even better with a shiny topcoat. Oh – and this formula also takes longer to dry, so be careful since nicking that perfect manicure is easy to do, even after 30 minutes of dry time.

Guava Nice Day is the one of my three that I was initially most attracted to – I never go for straight peach, but this faded neon coral cream is lovely since it also has a shot of pink to it. 

I think it’s the perfect polish for a tropical getaway, especially for a pedicure. Guava Nice Day is similar to Marcia’s Papaya Don’t Preach, but the Guava is a peachy/pink whereas the Papaya is pure peach. Here is a comparison chart from the KBShimmer website:

Swatches from the KBShimmer website

Lime All Right is so fun! A pale green cream, I think it’s the most ‘neon’ of the shades I chose. This is another wonderful pedicure shade, although I have it earmarked for March since it’s going to be my St. Patrick’s Day mani.

Here is a comparison swatch pic from the KBShimmer website.  You can see that Lime All Right has that neon touch, and yet it’s also a soft, dreamy green – very unique. (Check out Sand By Me, the other neon cream that is available in the Seas the Day collection!).

Swatches from the KBShimmer website

Even though I picked Guava Nice Day first, I had a feeling that Pink or Swim would turn out to be my favorite of the three, and it definitely is. I am a total sucker for pink polishes and this faded pink neon is gorgeous.

I love how Pink or Swim is a bright pink…and yet it’s also somehow faded and comfy, like an old pair of jeans. I don’t care what season it is, I am wearing this fantastic shade year round!


KBSHIMMER Harbor A Crush, Bored Shorts, Papaya Don’t Preach

KBShimmer’s Seas The Day collection is a delightful one no matter what season you choose to wear them in. The last three weeks my nails have been adorned with Harbor A Crush, Bored Shorts, and Papaya Don’t Preach as I was enjoying the end of summer and deciding what to wear for my winter Florida vacation. I’ve settled on Bored Shorts for then but also recommending all three of these.

Papaya Don’t Preach was the first one I wanted to wear. I don’t usually wear this color family on my nails since I have so much redness on my hands but this was so pretty and got me in the mood for Halloween. “A juicy papaya’s bright orange colored flesh inspired Papaya Don’t Preach: a bright orange cream that’s best in 2 coats.” I didn’t find it to be that bright but I did notice the neon in the color and just wished I did nail art.

KBShimmer Papaya Don’t Preach
KBShimmer Papaya Don’t Preach

Harbor A Crush is a great summer or water vacation nail polish. “Harbor A Crush is a soft blue cream inspired by ocean blue waters. Beach-ready in two coats, this sun washed azure shade is a summer must-have!” It reminds me of a Tiffany Blue shade with just that hint of turquoise to it. This is the one my manicurist liked best.

KB Shimmer Harbor A Crush
KB Shimmer Harbor A Crush

Bored Shorts is my pick of this trio. I loved wearing this one the most. The cool orchid pink looks good on my cool toned skin. “Bored Shorts is a faded orchid purple that leans pink.” In some lights you can definitely see that there’s a neon tint but in regular light it doesn’t feel that way. Bored Shorts looked pink in some lights but my favorite times were when I noticed the orchid more.

KBShimmer Bored Shorts

I wear all polishes for a week at a time and as always with KBShimmer I don’t get chips or fading. With these type of colors fading would be possible for other brands but with KBShimmer the polishes are so saturated with pigment that they stay true the entire time.

Thankfully, it isn’t too late for the Seas the Day party so get your neon on while you still can! You can find this collection and a fabulous array of other gorgeous shades online at


  1. Natoya | 8th Oct 19

    So inlove with Papaya don’t preach. Reminds me of ice-cream and warm weather. Loved that they lasted past a week without any chipping

  2. Kathryne | 8th Oct 19

    Better late than never, it’s still a gorgeous collection. My fave is the orchid pink

  3. Glamorable | 8th Oct 19

    those are really pretty and definitely give me summer vibes!

  4. Lola Seicento | 9th Oct 19

    I love Bored Shorts!!

  5. Miranda Mendelson | 9th Oct 19

    The greens would be perfect for the Halloween season! Love a good neon green.

  6. 25 Sweetpeas | 9th Oct 19

    Ooo I LOVE shades like these!

  7. Nina Kasper | 13th Oct 19

    I love all of these!!! I am a sucker for bleached out neons and oddly enough, don’t have any of this stunning level in my collection. This needs to change!

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