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Let’s all learn about The Organic Skin Co., a brand that is both vegan and organic. The Organic Skin Co. has created a slew of cosmetics and skin care items that you will not only want but desire because of their philosophy: “One Product One Tree“. Their promise is that for every product you purchase from them they’ll plant a tree. Being concerned with deforestation they have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to reverse deforestation and provide jobs and hopes to local, indigenous communities worldwide. We can help make this dream come true by thinking organic with them.

The Organic Skin Co. pods and palette

Today we’re talking about some of their cosmetics, including their POD system. You start by selecting a palette and then choosing the cosmetics you want to fill it with. A 4 pod palette is $77.50 filled while an 8 pod palette is $136 filled. You can also buy the pods individually to use to fill your palette or to switch products in your current palette. Most of the refills are $21 with some products up to $32.


MARCIA BUILT A CREAM PALETTE with The Eyes Have It and Cheeky Lips

My light pink palette is filled with 4 pods; 3 cream eyeshadows and 1 cream blush/lipstick. This palette is one I’ll be happy to take traveling since it’s very sturdy with strong magnets and no fear of the colors coming loose and shattering.

The Organic Skin Co. palette with Silk Purse, Deep Purple, Cocoa eyeshadows and First Blush Cheeky Lips Pod

The cream eyeshadow pods are available in 10 shades from light to dark. Sadly they don’t describe the shades but their names tell you what to expect. I have Silk Purse, Deep Purple and Cocoa (and wish I had Highlights). These cream shadows are perfect for someone who feels they can’t wear creams because their lids are too oily. They go on so smoothly and wear like iron. They stand up to my hot flashes and naps. They aren’t going anywhere until I use eye makeup remover on them. I’ve never had cream shadows that lasted this well.

The Organic Skin Co. Silk Purse
The Organic Skin Co. Deep Purple
The Organic Skin Co. Cocoa

My absolute favorite is Silk Purse. It can look pink or peachy depending on what I wear with it. There’s a radiance to the shade but nothing glittery. Deep Purple is really really a deep purple. In the picture it shows as brown but it is darker than that and a cool purple shade. It works well for a smokey eye and is a great eyeliner. Then there’s Cocoa which is a warm brown that’s a matte. I’m getting a lot of use from this shade since it works well in the crease and as a smoked out eyeliner.

The Organic Skin Co. Deep Purple
The Organic Skin Co. Iconic, Silk Purse and Highlights

The Cheeky Lips Pod I have is First Blush which is both a lip color and a cream blush. The texture of it is much softer and creamier than the cream eyeshadows making it perfect for both uses.

The Organic Skin Co. Cheeky Lips Pod in First Blush
The Organic Skin Co. swatches of Silk Purse, Deep Purple, Cocoa eyeshadows and First Blush Cheeky Lips Pod

The cream products contain organic pomegranate and calendula supercritical extracts. The look especially of the cheek/lip pod is very natural. “Pomegranate and calendula supercritical extracts help keep the delicate skin around the eye in great condition, promoting skin regeneration as well as helping minimize fine lines and wrinkles.” Next up I want to try the Meet the Press Pods of powdered eyeshadow, which is why I signed up for their emails which will give me (and you) 10% off a first order.

The Organic Skin Co. Primp ‘N Prime and All About the Gloss

LISA IS PRIMING AND GLOSSING with Primp ‘n Prime in Rose Gold and All About the Gloss in Mist

While The Organic Skin Co. has the pod life down to an art, don’t neglect to check out their other cosmetic products because they have some fabulous goodies! I am loving their excellent primer as well as their lip gloss. There is a pod similar to the primer, so if you are building a set there are options for you.

Primp ‘n Prime in Rose Gold ($53) is a lovely primer that luminizes your complexion as it preps it for foundation. It comes in two different versions – Lunar, which isn’t tinted but has an opalescent effect, and Rose Gold, which has a slight rosy tint as well as a luminizer. The primer is lightweight and does a great job of smoothing out skin. The ingredients include lots of antioxidants, restorative oils and supercritical extracts. It leaves skin quite moisturized, so I would recommend it for dry and normal skin. With the aloe vera that is in i, I think it’s too moisturizing for oily skin. The Rose Gold primer gives just enough tint to make it a great primer to wear alone, since it evens skin tone and gives skin radiance. To get close to the same effect with pods, go with the Luminizer Pods, which come in the same two shades and can be used as primers.
* Illuminating pearls and supercritical extracts of Pomegranate, Honeysuckle and Rosemary form a natural, antioxidant-rich barrier between your skin and makeup, at the same time as they help your skin to glow.
* Amla supercritical extract is a great source of Vitamin C, minerals and proteins, all of which help promote collagen and skin firmness.
*Vegan and cruelty free.
* Lots of organics. Free of nasty stuff.
* Recyclable packaging.

All About the Gloss in Mist ($30) is The Organic Skin Co.’s all-natural lip gloss.  There are four beautiful, sheer shades available, and I have Mist. Mist is a super pretty shimmery raspberry. All About the Gloss is a very moisturizing lip gloss that has replenishing oils which keep lips soft and hydrated. It feels almost like a lip balm and has great slip that lasts. The soft, sheer color is natural looking and the gloss has no taste or smell. It is expensive for a lip gloss, but it’s also organic and natural so you know you aren’t ingesting any chemicals as you go about your day.
* Calendula supercritical extract is super good for your lips, thanks to its antioxidant, calming properties.
* The addition of organic Castor Seed Oil and organic Rosehip Oil helps keep your lips in prime condition, protecting against harsh environmental conditions and minimizing inflammations. Oh, and they’re moisturizing to boot!
* Vegan and cruelty free. Always.
* Lots of organics. Free of nasty stuff.
* Recyclable packaging.

The Organic Skin Co. All About the Gloss in MIST

My face of the day with Primp ‘N Prime in Rose Gold and All About the Gloss in Mist.

The Organic Skin Co. has so much to offer – a great organizational system with excellent products and full size color products that really deliver. Plus, we haven’t even touched on the skin care yet! All this and a commitment to the environment makes us both say it’s a great time to be beautiful with The Organic Skin Co.


  1. Lola Seicento | 19th Aug 19

    I love the lip and cheek color and that lip gloss! Those shades are just gorgeous! I need to try their makeup!

  2. Kathryne | 19th Aug 19

    I like this brand. I’m wearing today their lip gloss and luminizer

  3. Cindy Ingalls | 19th Aug 19

    Ihave aq lip palette from them that I have to review!

  4. Jen Walker | 20th Aug 19

    I love the idea of cream shadows, but they don’t always play well with my oily lids. I’m really glad to hear these wouldn’t be an issue for me! Also I love being able to customize my own palettes, especially for travel!

  5. Courtney | 20th Aug 19

    I’m all about deep purple

  6. Nina Kasper | 20th Aug 19

    I really like that primer with the rose gold tint!! Very subtle and perfect for fall!

  7. 25 Sweetpeas | 20th Aug 19

    Those all look really nice! I love a lil rose gold tint!

  8. Glamorable | 20th Aug 19

    The blush looks lovely! I’m not sure the eyeshadows would stay on my oily lids though.

  9. Shannon D Citrino | 21st Aug 19

    U e been purchasing from them for over a year now! Their commitment to clean beauty and the environment impressed me so much, and the makeup is honestly amazing!

  10. My Nail Polish Obsession | 22nd Aug 19

    Those shadows are so pretty! And I love that they’re in a creme formula.

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  14. Michele Hartshaw | 25th Aug 19

    Love the eyeshadow colors and the lip gloss.

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