At last a matte lip set that I like! Thanks Profusion Mixed Metal Lips

Profusion Mixed Metals Lips in Nude

I have a confession. I don’t love matte lip products. I do wear them on occasion because of the way they last but I don’t think they do my thin lips any favors. But this Mixed Metals Lips by Profusion has made me realized that I can wear and really like a matte lip. The amazing thing about it is that this set with 3 full size products is $5. I’m in shock but it’s a delighted shock.

There are 3 different sets available: Nude, Berry and Cocoa. I was sent the Nude set and it’s perfection for me. I’m not comfortable in a dark lip and not all nudes look right on me. But Profusion did their nude in terrific shades.

“Are you shopping for creamy lip gloss online that strikes the right balance between rock-star glamor and long-lasting color and hydration? If so, then look no further than the Profusion Lips Mixed Metal collection. This three-piece lip set has everything you need to take your lips from ordinary to extraordinary, including a matte lip liner and two velvety smooth lip creams. Wear these creams alone or layer them for a next-level metal look — the choice is yours!” (from

Profusion Mixed Metals Lips in Nude

The three pieces can be worn together or separately. So if you aren’t a fan of the subtle metallic in the Nude or Cocoa set you can leave it aside. I think it brightens my lips and face though.

Profusion Mixed Metals lip liner in Nude Intrique
Profusion Mixed Metals lip liner in Nude Intrique

First the lip liner which is a roll up matte liner called Nude Intrigue. I think it’s the darkest color of the three. It’s recommended that you outline your lips and then fill them in. That gives the matte liquid creams something to grab onto.

Profusion Mixed Metals Matte Lip Cream in Matte Nude

Next apply a thin layer of the Matte Lip cream (Matte Nude) by starting in the center of your lips and spreading outward. This is very creamy when applied and I’d love if it stayed that way. But it’s also pretty when dry. It has a mauvey look to it.

Profusion Mixed Metals Matte Lip Cream in Metal Nude

You can stop here but why not try the Metallic Lip Cream (Metal Nude)? Let your lips dry well, it will take a little time to become opaque. Then apply this gorgeous metallic lip cream. It’s brighter in the tube than it is on your lips so don’t be afraid.

Profusion Mixed Metals Nude swatches
Profusion Mixed Metals Lips Nudes layered

These last well on me, sometimes my lips will stick together if I haven’t opened my mouth in a while (a rarity some days). I can eat and drink almost anything but oily foods don’t stand up well with the look.

Wearing Profusion Mixed Metals Nude Lip
Wearing Profusion Mixed Metals Nude Lip

I hate showing my face but I like this so much that I made an exception. These are both taken in my darkish bathroom. Unfortunately you can see the aftermath of Bells Palsy on the left hand side but it’s more prominent in the picture than in life.

Get yourself to Target to check these sets out. It’s hard to believe the quality for $4.99. I’d love to see the Berry one. You can also order online at — Marcia



  1. Lola Seicento | 11th Sep 18

    I don’t love mattes either, but these are beautiful on you!

  2. Carleen | 11th Sep 18

    Looks nice. I rarely wear mattes either.

  3. Cassandra D | 11th Sep 18

    I really like the Metallic Lip Cream.

  4. Rachel B | 11th Sep 18

    These are very pretty

  5. Claudia Materdomini | 11th Sep 18

    that metallic lip creme looks amazing!!

  6. Kristi V BeginNails | 11th Sep 18

    Metal nude? YES! That is such a cool concept. I hadn’t heard of this brand, but now it’s on my radar! Great review!

  7. Krystal E | 11th Sep 18

    I’m not big on metallic lips and I also have thin lips, so I get it. This is pretty but I’m not sure I could pull it off.

  8. Cindy Ingalls | 11th Sep 18

    I’m no matte fan but these are beautiful!

  9. Jen Walker | 12th Sep 18

    This is one of the Profusion products I picked up while traveling, and I love it! I would pay that price for each of these items!

  10. Polarbelle | 12th Sep 18

    I’m going to check this out. That’s really pretty. I started liking mattes about a year ago because of liquid lipsticks. They’ll stay put and then I can gloss them for comfort if I want. I need to try this.

  11. PolishandPaws | 12th Sep 18

    These are beautiful! Lip products are my favorites (after nail polish of course) and I love matte creams.

  12. Katie Nystuen | 12th Sep 18

    These shades lean a little too peach for me, but I do like the product itself.

  13. Stacie Hamilton | 12th Sep 18

    Wow, only $4.99 for the set?! Great deal! These are pretty and they look beautiful on you!

  14. 25 Sweetpeas | 12th Sep 18

    Not a bad price at all! Not sure I’d wear the metallic but I do love a matte lip!

  15. Babi | 12th Sep 18

    These shades are really pretty on you! A bit too nude/neutral for me but perfect on you!

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