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Arm & Hammer Invisible Spray Powders

I was surprised when Arm & Hammer contacted me about reviewing products. I must be living in the dark ages since when I think about ARM & HAMMER™ I think baking soda. Once I dug down deep enough in my memory bank I remembered they have a slew of products like cat litter, deodorant, and laundry products like my favorite OxiClean.

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I’m glad they reached out to me since I’m enjoying two of their newest products and one Beauty Info Zone subscriber will get to join me with these too. The products are ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Foot Powder Spray and ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Body Powder Spray. I’m not the only one in my household using these two since they are being shared with my hubby.

Both of these sprays are invisible so there’s no white stains on clothing or shoes. Plus they are dry to the touch. They feel very cooling on the skin and will be a great summer refresher too.

Arm & Hammer Invisible Foot Spray Powder

No more sweaty feet when you use ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Foot Powder Spray ($6.99). Since my husband goes to the gym 3 to 4 times a week he needs this even more than I do. He keeps his workout shoes in his locker there and they can really build up an unpleasant aroma. The powder is activated when you start to sweat. The spray is clear and controls sweat and absorbs moisture. Just spray before you put on your socks and you are saving the world from your odors. It sprays clear and dries clear so there’s no backlash with it.

  • First ever cake-free invisible foot spray powder, leaving no white mess on clothes, shoes or feet
  • Sweat Activated Fresh Guard® Technology keeps feet feeling fresh all day
  • Ultra-clear dry spray contains ARM&HAMMER™ Baking Soda and odor neutralizing ingredients to absorb moisture and sweat
  • Burst of cool fragrance lasts all day
  • Talc Free

    Arm & Hammer Invisible Body Spray Powder

ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Body Powder Spray ($6.99) lives at home since it’s one we both want to use. It has a unisex fragrance that I barely notice and I have the pickiest nose around. This is incredibly refreshing when sprayed on your skin. Both of these sprays are paraben and dye free. Their primary active ingredient is sodium bicarbonate.

Arm & Hammer Invisible Sprays Giveaway

The sprays are concentrated and it’s easy to direct them to exactly where you want them to work. They don’t fill the room with splatter.

ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Spray
So yes this is a beauty blog and while these aren’t traditional beauty items they are beneficial to you and all around you. —  Marcia
GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  One US Beauty Info Zone will win both of these ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Sprays. The giveaway runs through March 21, 2019 just in time for spring. Make sure you comment and have done the entries on the Rafflecopter that you use in order to be valid.
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