April Showers Blog Hop Giveaway

Welcome to April and the #AprilShowersHop. Another month and another way to thank our subscribers for reading Beauty Info Zone. With this type of blog hop you chose which ones you want to enter. Each blog decides on their own prize and rules. Good for you since you can win as often as your luck holds out.

Thanks to Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place for putting this together.

Our prize is an egift card to Target for $25 and is open to US and Canadian subscribers. I hope you can find something you’ve been wanting at the store we miss most. Rules for Beauty Info Zone are that you must comment on the blog post and that you must subscribe by email. If you don’t then you can’t win. All other entries are extras that can help you win. We have at least 4 giveaways going this month and you’ll want to be eligible to win so be sure you follow the rules.

$25 Target gift card

The giveaway ends on 4/15 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. After you enter today, come back and tweet.  —  Marcia

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  1. LB | 9th Apr 20

    I love the dollar spot!!!

  2. Amelia Joubert | 9th Apr 20

    I get my shampoo there

  3. Linda G | 9th Apr 20

    I buy tops there

  4. Donna S | 10th Apr 20

    I do really like the bathroom towels that I bought at Target

  5. aaron reck | 10th Apr 20

    Hygiene products and stuff like that for the bathroom and cleaning. I buy a lot of stuff there now you mention Target.

  6. Lindsay A. | 10th Apr 20

    Clothing, & skincare products!

  7. Jessica Peeling | 10th Apr 20

    I love their face mask selection!

  8. Robby Rob | 11th Apr 20

    Favorite item to buy at Target? Geez. so many things. How about household cleaners. Great selection and price

  9. Lauren Becker | 11th Apr 20

    I love their Dollar Spot, but I tend to get a lot of books or movies there as well.

  10. Sharon Yarrell | 12th Apr 20

    My favorite is books.

  11. Rita Sheppard | 12th Apr 20

    I like to buy ELF products at Target.

  12. Marissa M | 12th Apr 20

    I love shopping the dollar section at Target and they have great clothes!

  13. julie | 12th Apr 20

    I like the home decor products.

  14. Audrey Stewart | 12th Apr 20

    I buy the canned cat food.

  15. NANCY | 12th Apr 20

    Like their skincare items. Thanks.

  16. Julie Bickham | 12th Apr 20

    I like to buy things for my home at Target. I like the look of their products.

  17. Kathleen Hand | 12th Apr 20

    Does automatic shipment count? We switched from Chewy to Target automatic delivery of our dog and cat food and other needs. Less expensive, especially with the red card. Unfortunately, the downside is we miss out on the gift card deals.

  18. adriana | 12th Apr 20

    The dollar spot and my mascara.

  19. Jen R | 13th Apr 20

    I like to buy Archer Farms products from Target especially their frozen pizzas and appetizers.

  20. Cassandra D | 13th Apr 20

    I would say home decor.

  21. Shane Pittman | 13th Apr 20

    Definitely the dollar spot. Good for gifts

  22. Alyce Poalillo | 13th Apr 20

    I like their organic food brand items a lot. I also get housewares there.

  23. Heather | 13th Apr 20

    I like to get snacks there. Good prices.

  24. Gwendolyn Jordan | 13th Apr 20

    $1.00 spot

  25. Daniel M | 13th Apr 20

    usually clothes

  26. Iliana R | 13th Apr 20

    I love buying shoes from there!

  27. Shawn McCaslin | 14th Apr 20

    i like to buy cds

  28. Allison L | 14th Apr 20

    Right now…? I’m shopping on their website for basic household and personal care items to save myself trips to the store! (Super impressed with their quick shipping/delivery, btw!)

  29. Jessica Walker | 14th Apr 20

    I like buying their bottled water and baby clothes

  30. Amy Castellano | 14th Apr 20

    Favorite item to buy at Target is Zevia soda. Love it!

  31. DeeAnn | 14th Apr 20

    I like the food section. There’s a good variety of items to choose from and at reasonable prices.

  32. carissa joslyn | 14th Apr 20

    cat & jack clothes for my kids! I love the style and they’re much more comfy then other types, or so my kids say! they have a great selection.

  33. Stephanie Larison | 14th Apr 20

    I really like the dollar section, but my fave thing to buy there is makeup.

  34. Breanne | 14th Apr 20

    I like to buy home decor.

  35. Jonathan G | 14th Apr 20

    My favorite item(s) to purchase at Targets are the latest movie releases.

  36. steve stone | 14th Apr 20


  37. Rose Santuci-Sofranko | 14th Apr 20

    I don’t have any “faves” but we just ordered some supplies from them including a couple PUR Water Filter Pitchers….we are running out of usable water at home (our well water is undrinkable). Thanks and God bless!

  38. Lauren Hecker | 14th Apr 20

    I like buying puzzles from Target 🙂

  39. Shirley Emitt | 14th Apr 20

    I like their kid clothes.

  40. shawna | 14th Apr 20

    I love snagging beauty goodies!

  41. Robin Abrams | 14th Apr 20

    I love to buy my grand kids clothes at Target

  42. Amy Nick | 14th Apr 20

    My favorite item to buy at Target is womens clothing

  43. Michaela R | 14th Apr 20

    I love to buy my laundry detergent at target

  44. Danielle R | 14th Apr 20

    I love buying candles!

  45. Jessica Anderson | 14th Apr 20

    I love their selection of ELF cosmetics.

  46. Amanda Whitley | 14th Apr 20

    i like to buy baby clothes at target.

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