Alleven Instant Perfector Body Treatment Concealer

Alleven London Instant Perfector
I have tried plenty of concealers, but not many body concealers. A body concealer is different from the kind you use on your face since it’s thicker and should be water-resistant. It is used to cover up everything from stretch marks to bruises to tattoos.  Like facial concealers it should look natural, but it also needs to be more opaque and transfer resistant because it is usually covering up much darker issues than dark circles, and it also has to stand up to brushing against clothing. You can find it in many different forms – liquid like a foundation, or in stick form, and anything in between.
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Alleven London Instant Perfector

The Instant Perfector Body Treatment Concealer by Alleven London ($78) is a very interesting product. It differs from the typical body concealer in two ways:  1. it comes in a handy container that also includes a brush; and 2. it is not just a concealer – it’s also a treatment product.

The container is pretty cool. It is a very nice brush that is quite dense. You press the button at the bottom of the tube and the concealer comes out within the brush. The brush is great for application, although if you are covering a small area on your body one plump of the container may push out too much concealer for the job. Usually though body imperfections are a little larger.
The concealer comes in five different shades:  Pearl, Ivory, Sand, Amber, and Onyx. I have Ivory – but don’t let that name fool you! The color is anything but ivory. It’s actually a medium shade, even a little too dark for my NW23 skin. Alleven is really about evening out skin tone and giving a faux-tan like effect, so all of their colors seem to run rather dark. The lightest shade is the Pearl shade but I am not sure if it would work for those of you with very pale skin.
The Instant Perfector gives medium coverage, but it is buildable. It has high definition pigments that are coated with lecithin, which makes it cling better to skin. The finish is satin, not matte – it’s meant to reflect light and look very smooth. This isn’t a body concealer that will work for very dark areas like tattoos. It’s more for things like stretch marks and varicose veins. I covered up a beauty mark that is pretty dark to give an example of coverage. I don’t have any tattoos so this was the best I had to work with!  As you can see, it almost covers the beauty mark. The Ivory shade isn’t an exact match for my skin, but if I paired it with the Colour Shield which I reviewed HERE, I think it will be a good match.

In addition to covering up anything you just don’t want showing, the Instant Perfector is also a treatment for skin.

The composition is enriched with a Botanical Complex of Rabdosia Rubescens and Siegesbeckia Orientalis which protects and repairs the skin’s three visible chromophores (melanin, haemoglobin and collagen) to help unify skin tone and provide radiance and luminosity from within. It also concentrates the protecting power of the Coral Algae and Diatom Clay to help protect the skin from oxidation induced by sun radiation (IR, Visible, and ultraviolet).

So it not only covers up areas to blend everything into an even skin tone, it also works on evening out tone and creating younger looking skin over time. Who doesn’t love a multitasker?

I think a body concealer is a great product to have on hand. You never know when you will have a bruise or some veins you want to cover, whether it’s for a special occasion or for every day. You can find the Alleven London Instant Perfector online at and at Cult Beauty.  – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 9th Oct 19

    What an effective product!

  2. Christina A. | 9th Oct 19

    The coverage looks pretty good and I really like the way the brush is built into it!

  3. Kristina | 9th Oct 19

    It covered up your mole nicely, but it’s awfully dark for Ivory.

  4. Debra Branigan | 9th Oct 19

    Based on the photo it covered up the blemish nicely. I have never thought about a body concealer and I like the fact it also treats the skin.

  5. Tara L | 9th Oct 19

    I’ve never seen or heard this type of concealer before. I don’t really use concealer that often I am not sure what exactly it does but sometimes I put under eyes if that is correct, but this brand looks really nice and the shade is nice as well.

  6. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 9th Oct 19

    Gorgeous finish but I’m not a fan of built in brushes because of the cleaning process (or lack there of!)

  7. Kathryne | 10th Oct 19

    Looks like a great product esp for movies too when you want to cover up body tattoos

  8. Cindy Ingalls | 10th Oct 19

    I’d need a whole vat to cover up all my freckles!

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 10th Oct 19

    Looks like a good coverage!

  10. Jen Walker | 11th Oct 19

    I’m a little disappointed this wouldn’t be able to cover a tattoo as this is the only thing I could foresee every really wanting to cover (and on very rare occasions at that- I paid a fortune for them for a reason).

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