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Welcome to a wonderful edition of FASHION FLASH, our emag for women, to learn about everything under the sun. We have articles about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and how to live the best life you can each week. This week is very special to me because I’ve got the newest Fashion Flash Giveaway and we’re hoping this is a big one for you. Please read and enter HERE to see what you can win. It’s perfect for the holidays and for your reading and beauty life.

Books and Beauty Giveaway


Jackie Silver helps you stay healthy during flu season with her tips at JackieSilverStyle.com.

Inka of http://www.glamourgrannytravels.com tells you about gingerbread museums.
Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of “Love Your Age; The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life” (National Geographic) recommends a new book that could just end up being the best gift you’ll ever give someone (after Barbara’s book, of course! : )).
Can you really enjoy holiday eating with no weight gain? Mirabai Holland, from http://www.mirabaiholland.com,Certified Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist, gives you the skinny.
Can acupuncture improve the look of wrinkles and sagging skin? We’re demystifying this ancient tradition over at the Ladies Roadmap Podcast this week!
Prime Beauty is sure many of us remember the cute AVON mini-lipsticks we played with as children. They’re back! AVON’s Once Upon a Time Iconic Collection has a collectible tin full of 60 mini lipsticks and many more beauty gifts all packaged in nostalgic prints!
Never Say Die Beauty says that natural, cruelty-free Farmhouse Fresh Chocolate Fig Vitamin Recovery Serum is the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer for skincare lovers. It smells just like chocolate raspberry candy! Yum!

Beauty Info Zone

Beauty Info Zone has been sharing gift ideas for weeks but they are mostly for the holidays. Bouquet Bar is a gift you can send 365 days a year that will be loved and appreciated. Buy it for yourself too.

Have questions about Retin A? Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog has the answers.
Ardent Rose is a gorgeous warm rose fragrance from Roses For Autism, an organization that has job training programs for individuals with Autism. Learn more on Painted Ladies and enter here to win a bottle and rollerball.
Winter skin care can be a challenge for people with dry skin. In this article, Erika from Notes From My Dressing Table shares some of her favorite cleansers for dry and very dry and mature skin.




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