A match made in heaven – Minerals Mate and Purely Cosmetics

Spring is the perfect time to start using something new or to bring out some old favorites. My skin is no longer screaming for moisture nor is it so hot that it makes my skin feel super oily in my T-Zone. This is when mineral makeup works out perfectly for me. The mineral makeup that’s been gracing my face of late is by Purely Cosmetics. I’ve previously reviewed the wonderful Diamond Perfect Finish Powder and now I get to share my experience with more products from Purely Cosmetics.

I have a sample package of foundations from Purely Cosmetics ($12). The shades I have are Neutral Light, Calif Blonde and Peaches n Cream. In the sample package you can pick any 3 of the foundations, primers or finishing powders. A great deal and a great way to test out these products. It’s also wonderful because if you change foundation shades in the summer you can buy some darker shades to mix in with your foundation.

I also have the world’s best accessory for mineral foundation: Minerals Mate. This is new on the Purely Cosmetics site or you can find it on their Minerals Mate site. What a treat this is to have. It makes the application process so easy. This $10 tool helps you mix mineral shades; helps with keeping your minerals sanitary and helps if you want to foil mineral eyeshadows. As you can see by the picture, Minerals Mate has 3 larger wells and 4 smaller ones plus a small well for adding water or a mixing solution. It cleans up very easily with soap and water.

I’ve been experimenting with the three shades of foundation that I have from Purely Cosmetics to see if I can find an absolutely perfect shade. Actually Neutral Light is pretty close to perfect for me but I enjoy mixing in a little bit of one of the others to liven up my pale face. The Minerals Mate makes that so easy.

Here’s my routine – I put a little of the Silk & Pearl Powder Primer in the first large well, the second one holds the foundation or mix of foundation, and the third is for the gorgeous blush I’ve been using. I’ve also been using their adorable Flat Top Baby Buki for the job. I really am enjoying this even though I have other kabuki brushes. But this brush fits perfectly into the larger wells and it’s stiff enough for me to buff the foundation into it without destroying the brush. Plus it’s a great size for my face.

Silk & Pearl Powder Primer is made of a combination of silk and pearl powders. It helps with hiding my pores while at the same time absorbing the oils I can get around my nose. It comes in 2 formulas: Normal – Dry Skin and Normal – Oily Skin. I chose Normal – Oily knowing that my skin would start being oilier as the weather got warmer. The weather here changes from day to day and the primer has helped in all these conditions.

Purely Minerals has two foundation formulas; their original Pure Mineral Foundation and their newer Skin Smoothing Foundation. I’m particularly enjoying the Skin Smoothing which is best suited for dry to slightly oily skin and is not recommended for very oily skin. (Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Zinc Oxide, Pure Silk Powder, Boron, Silica, Iron Oxides, Jojoba Oil (vegetable derived), Magnesium Mystriate. May contain ultramarine blue, zinc stearate (plant derived).) The Pure Mineral Foundation is great for people with oily skin and who are acne prone. There’s nothing to clog pores. Look at the simple ingredient list: Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, zinc oxide. This formula is best suited for normal to oily skin types, and for those with very sensitive skin. Both of these foundations go on smoothly and are long lasting without looking powdery.

(This is a mix of Natural Light with a little Peaches n Cream mixed in. My face has that same combination but I’m also wearing the Silk & Pearl Powder Primer.)

Last and my current favorite is the Pearlescent Blush in Blushing. I love this color. It’s so sweet and gentle. It’s definitely a pearlescent look without any shimmer to it at all. Shimmer blushes magnify my pores but Blushing just makes my cheeks look like they glow. There are 8 shades in this category from the sweet Blushing to bronzer shades.

If I haven’t convinced you that this is a brand of mineral makeup that you need to try then maybe Purely Cosmetics can on this page. They aren’t afraid to compare themselves to the other brands available since they trust their formulas and know that you are going to be as happy with them as Beauty Info Zone is.

My match made in heaven – Purely Cosmetics with the amazing Minerals Mate palette. This is the way to go! — Marcia


  1. I love that they make their products easy to play with so its uniquely your own , LOVE it!

  2. What a great idea for making mineral makeup less messy. I like to use pigments on my eyes and this looks very helpful.

  3. Very very clever. I never tried pigments until I read about them on here, and this looks like something I need to have.

  4. Science teacher says:

    I’ve been interested in Purely Cosmetics from your previous articles but that palette is the icing on the cake. I need that too.


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