A lovely GIVEAWAY from My Little Mascara Club #createhappy

It’s the little things in life that make you happy…like a Beauty Info Zone giveaway. Or a natural mascara that stays put. Or a Beauty Info Zone giveaway for a natural mascara that stays put, plus more goodies from My Little Mascara Club! Well today is your day to be happy because that’s exactly what you are going to find.

My Little Mascara Club is a line with options. If you want, become a subscriber and feel great knowing that you will never be without fresh mascara and there are no contracts or long term commitments required. Or, order individual items whenever you feel like it.

Today, I am reviewing the LOVELY GIFT SET ($67) which includes mascara, mascara remover, wipes, and a cute zippered case. Get ready, because at the end of the review you can enter to win this set for yourself!

The Little Box of Happy
Inside the Little Box of Happy

The Lovely Gift Set comes in an adorable zippered saffiano pu leather makeup bag that is fully lined and waterproof. This charming bag has lots of surprises inside. One item is a ‘Little Box of Happy’ that contains a fortune cookie – so fun! Mine told me to embrace my mistakes, which is excellent advice since I make a number of them, ha!

Also inside are round black mascara remover wipes called Erase. It was total genius to make these velvety wipes black – no worries about staining, ever. They only need water to remove mascara, or you can use the accompanying Fresh Micellar Water Remover. I love this stuff. It takes off any sort of mascara in a flash, even hard to remove waterproof mascara.

But really, My Little Mascara Club is all about mascara!! Their mascara comes in a smaller tube which is beneficial for several reasons. First, you are sure to use all the product before it dries out. Also, the FDA recommends that you toss any mascara over 3 months old. With My Little Mascara Club mascara you are ensured of fresh, safe mascara at all times. If you become a subscriber, you don’t even have to think about it…your new mascara arrives right on time. I also LOVE the shorter wand! It’s so easy to maneuver and the bristles grab every single lash, fanning them out beautifully.

The mascara I received in the Lovely Gift Set was the Length + Definition formula. They also offer a Curl + Volume mascara. The Length + Definition mascara is excellent. It has 90% natural ingredients, which is really impressive for a mascara! It stays on FOREVER, even though it isn’t waterproof. I think it sort of stains lashes. There’s no clumping, flaking or smudging, yet it still gives lashes nice volume. They are longer and defined, giving a beautiful natural look with just enough drama.

Oh and that brush! I couldn’t be happier with it. The shorter wand makes for fabulous control and the brush itself grabs lashes I didn’t even know I had. And while this isn’t the curling version when I tried it without using an eyelash curler beforehand the Mascara still gave my stick straight lashes lift and curl. Color me impressed.

Speaking of color, this mascara is the blackest of black mascaras. My Little Mascara Club calls it Luscious Black and that’s the perfect name for the velvety black shade your lashes become.

Like I mentioned earlier, this mascara has great staying power. It’s not going to come off until you want it to, and with Fresh and Erase you have everything you need to disrobe your lashes for the night.

Every product from My Little Mascara Club is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, mineral oil free, beeswax free and paraffin free. You can’t go wrong with this delightful line, so be sure to check them out at www.mylittlemascaraclub.com.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: One super lucky BIZ reader will win one LOVELY GIFT SET that includes a zippered makeup bag, mascara, mascara remover, and remover wipes. This giveaway ends 9/30/20 at 11:59 pm, and is US only. Enter early and often – I hope you win so My Little Mascara Club will #createhappy for you! – Lisa

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  1. Ken Ohl | 16th Sep 20

    my wife would love the mascara

  2. Shannon D Citrino | 16th Sep 20

    What an adorable set!! Would make a great gift.

  3. monique s | 16th Sep 20

    the length & definition mascara as my lashes are so short

  4. Louisa D | 16th Sep 20

    a very cute set, always wanted to try the reusable makeup remover wipes

  5. Bryn | 16th Sep 20

    In always looking for the perfect mascara so I’m most excited about it for sure

  6. Rachel B | 16th Sep 20

    I like the mascara remover and the mascara

  7. Kathleen Whitney | 16th Sep 20

    Fresh Micellar Water Remover. I am always looking for natural things for my face!

  8. Jessica Peeling | 17th Sep 20

    The mascara would be amazing!

  9. Jeanna Massman | 17th Sep 20

    I like the mascara. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Dana Rodriguez | 17th Sep 20

    My Little Mascara Club mascara cut it all sounds nice!

  11. Maryann D. | 17th Sep 20

    I would really like to try the Length + Definition formula mascara.

  12. Julie Waldron | 17th Sep 20

    I’d love the Erase mascara remover.

  13. Tara L | 17th Sep 20

    What makes me happy is the little mascara itself. I would love to have my hands on that perfect for on the go to fit in my crossbody.

  14. Esther Whatley | 17th Sep 20

    The mascara will make me happiest. I’ve gone back to heavier eye makeup now that we have to wear a mask to work and our eyes are our only visible feature. Can definitely use a great new mascara.

  15. gloria patterson | 17th Sep 20

    definition mascara

  16. Heather Kaufman | 17th Sep 20

    I would love to try the mascara.

  17. Barrie | 17th Sep 20

    What a lovely package! I like the idea of the mascara remover. So hard to get mascara off!

  18. Mary W | 17th Sep 20

    I like the Erase remover wipes. Those look like fun!

  19. Gabrielle | 17th Sep 20

    Those reusable mascara remover wipes sound like a dream come true!

  20. Karen M | 17th Sep 20

    I like the mascara. Package is too cute!

  21. Maren | 17th Sep 20

    The mascara is exciting, but the remover liquid might be even more so.

  22. Vicki Wurgler | 18th Sep 20

    I would be happy with the mascara remover

  23. Kim V | 18th Sep 20

    I love it all but am interested in trying the wipes, looking for something soft to use around my eyes.

  24. Marci | 18th Sep 20

    The mascara will make me very happy!

  25. Rebecca W | 18th Sep 20

    I’d love to try the reusable wipes to remove my mascara! I need something that isn’t harsh and drying for removing my makeup.

  26. Christina Gould | 18th Sep 20

    I think the mascara would make me the happiest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Debra Branigan | 18th Sep 20

    I would like to check out the mascara remover.

  28. Shirley Emitt | 19th Sep 20

    I like the mascara the best.

  29. Helen | 20th Sep 20

    I am most interested in trying the Fresh Micellar Water Remover.

  30. Audrey Stewart | 20th Sep 20

    I love the Mascara Remover.

  31. Steph | 21st Sep 20

    I like the mascara

  32. Gwendolyn Jordan | 21st Sep 20

    I like the mascara

  33. Megan Wilson | 21st Sep 20

    New mascara would make me happiest and I could always use more remover. Thank you for the chance!

  34. Melissa Storms | 22nd Sep 20

    I think the Erase wipes would make me very hqppy.

  35. Tabitha | 22nd Sep 20


  36. Holly Thomas | 26th Sep 20

    I would love to try the mascara.

  37. Laura | 27th Sep 20

    I would be most excited to try the mascara!

  38. Gina Ferrell | 27th Sep 20

    I like the reusable mascara remover wipes.

  39. KIM DAVIS | 27th Sep 20

    I would love to try the Mascara remover wipes.

  40. adriana | 27th Sep 20

    The mascara.

  41. kathy m | 28th Sep 20

    Love the set! Would love to try the reusable wipes. I have a couple of friends who have them and they rave about how wonderfully they work! thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Cassandra D | 29th Sep 20

    I would say the mascara remover.

  43. Wendy McBride | 30th Sep 20

    The length & definition mascara is definitely the thing I want most. Very interested in the black, reusable cloth too! I am always messing up wash cloths. (I want to let everyone know NOT to use tissue or paper products to take eye makeup off because that causes eye issue that looks like a stye.)

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