A is for Lips … with Aniise and Airelle

Aniise Sugar Lip Scrub & Conditioner and Airelle Eye + Lip Treatment

As an educator I know that A is for apple and L is for lip but as a beauty blogger I know what items are great for my lips and need to be shared with you. These two items have been part of my routine for the last 2 months and I’m happy to teach you about them and why I like them.


Airelle is a new brand for me and I’m happy to have a few items from them. This Age-Defying Treatment interested me right away because of the magic words “with hyaluronic acid”. Yes I’m a pushover when it comes to using products with HA in it.

Airelle Age-Defying Eye + Lip Treatment

A little about the company: Airelle is made to pass the scrutiny of hi-def. Created by a husband and wife dynamic duo with backgrounds in TV and the medical field, it’s designed to really perform, both on-camera and off. Every product is made with powerful, yet gentle ingredients including the star ingredient Berrimatrix, a patented formulation derived from blueberries.

Airelle Age-Defying Eye + Lip Treatment roller

This very cool roll on treatment is to be used morning and/or night. For your eyes it helps with dark circles and the appearance of crow’s feet which I’m unhappy to tell you are part of my face. For lips it’s used for lip wrinkles and smile lines. And a bonus use is for forehead lines. Because I’m lazy I haven’t put it in the refrigerator but Airelle tells me that I’ll get more benefit if I do since the coolness will help relieve puffiness.

I enjoy keeping this on my computer desk so that I can pick it up when I’m working on the blog and help lessen the look of those pesky crow’s feet. (This way too I remember where it is so I can bring it into the bathroom when needed). Airelle says not to use this on your lips but you can use it around your lips. Nothing bad will happen if you put it on your lips but the effect will be greater when using it on your upper lip and outer smile lines.

Airelle Age-Defying Eye + Lip Treatment

No fragrance which is high up on my list. It’s made from natural ingredients, uses no animal testing, is made in the USA, the packaging is made of recyclable material, and gluten free. While this is on the high side it lasts so long. Like I said I’ve been using it for 2 months and it looks barely used. It doesn’t interfere with my makeup and doesn’t have an oily feel to it. If I can defy aging I’ll take it in spades!


ANIISE Sugar Lip Scrub & conditioner

ANIISE is another new brand for me and one I hope to pursue further. I have their Sugar Lip Scrub which comes in a soft pink shade. This is a product that Aniise can’t keep in stock since it’s proved to be so popular.

ANIISE Sugar Lip Scrub & conditioner

If you are looking for a rough and tough exfoliator then look elsewhere but if you want one that protects and softens your lips this is THE one. It has tiny grains of moisture-preserving sugar that I gently scrub onto my lips. The two ways recommended for usage are to apply it and let the sugar just melt away or to apply and use your finger to scrub it into your lips.

ANIISE Sugar Lip Scrub & conditioner
ANIISE Sugar Lip Scrub & conditioner

The color shows up on me but for most people it will just be a soft pink that can be worn alone or with a liner for more coverage. This is cruelty-free and contains no parabens. I find that it’s not sticky at all and leaves my lips feeling soft. I only wear lipstick when I’m going out so this is a great home alternative. I have color I like and a feel that I love.

Since A is for lips let me tell you that it’s also for awesome with Aniise and Airelle.  —  Marcia




  1. Ehmkay Nails | 11th Mar 19

    I’ve been seeing this brand a lot lately! I like the idea of the roller and to put it around your eyes.

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 11th Mar 19

    So cute, Marcia! Loved this post. The Aniise lip scrub sounds so unusual, and I love that it’s pink? I need to remember to use the Airelle serum on my lip lines that are sadly proliferating. I couldn’t put the tube in the fridge coz mine is already freezing! ??

  3. Helga | 11th Mar 19

    I love using products with HA too. That Eye and Lip Treatment appeals to me.

  4. Claudia Materdomini | 11th Mar 19

    Isn’t that roller ball great! I dont put my in the fridge and its still super cool whenever I use it!

  5. Jen Mathews | 11th Mar 19

    My husband and I love Airelle products too!

  6. Kathryne | 11th Mar 19

    New to me brand, the lippy sounds divine

  7. Paula Pennachio | 11th Mar 19

    I love the roller ball. They are all beautiful

  8. Kristi V BeginNails | 11th Mar 19

    I need to give more love to my lips. I want to try some moisturizing and age defying tonics. 🙂

  9. Cindy Ingalls | 11th Mar 19

    Both products sound amazing. The color of the lip scrub would be perfect for me.

  10. Kristina | 11th Mar 19

    I really like that that serum comes in a roller applicator! The lip scrub sound nice and gentle too.

  11. Polarbelle | 12th Mar 19

    The lip color is really pretty!! Better to live long enough for crow’s feet than the alternative!!

  12. Teresa Koedyker | 12th Mar 19

    This is a product i must try!! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 12th Mar 19

    I think people forget about anti-aging products for the lips, So important!

  14. monique s | 12th Mar 19

    Love it is an eye and lip combo treatment. How convenient and handier to carry just one.

  15. Nancy | 12th Mar 19

    I tend to neglect my lips too much, besides lip balm. I would love to try this scrub.

  16. Lynne B | 12th Mar 19

    At first glance, I thought “I don’t need another lippie”. I changed my mind as I continued reading. I use an HA serum and apply any residue to my lips after applying it to my face (followed by a thicker cream or ointment). All three products look like winners.

  17. Jen Walker | 13th Mar 19

    This is a new to me brand, and I’m particularly interested in the eye and lip treatment. I love roller treatments for an extra cooling effect!

  18. Becky Richardson | 13th Mar 19

    I need the lip scrub. My lips are so dry.

  19. Mai | 13th Mar 19

    Both brands are new to me but I think I’d like to try the eye and lip treatment

  20. CosmetopiaDigest.com | 13th Mar 19

    I’ve never seen a lip scrub with a hint of colour! How pretty is that pink?!? I prefer rollerball products for the eyes, so I don’t get eye cream on my fingers, and accidentally spread them to my face, thereby risking acne.

  21. Christy Peeples DuBois | 13th Mar 19

    These are new to me brands and products but they both sound really beneficial. I always think of a lip scrub as a product that you would never wear so this is interesting and I like the idea. I will certainly look into these to products and see what other goodies they may have as well.

  22. Krystal E | 13th Mar 19

    I’m using a Airelle product right now too and I love the way it smells (but doesn’t smell?)! I really want to check out more lip scrubs. I have one that I’ve used a few times but I don’t love it.

  23. Lola Seicento | 13th Mar 19

    I have never tried this brand, but it sounds quite impressive!

  24. Sherry D Proch | 13th Mar 19

    I’ve never heard of either brand and I love learning about new ones! Yep, I can find new ones just by coming to your blog. Thank you so much?

  25. Judy | 15th Mar 19

    Another brand I have not heard of. I love this site! What a gorgeous shade on that lipstick!

  26. 25 Sweetpeas | 16th Mar 19

    New brands too me, but sound nice!

  27. Susan Gillam | 17th Mar 19

    Never heard of this brand, pretty lip color.

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