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When I think of the things I love the first two that come to my mind (not people, things!) are books and cosmetics. I am a big reader and usually have two books going at one time. My reading material is the first item I put in my carry-on or purse when I’m going somewhere and the second item/s are cosmetics. When Fashion Flash decided it was time for one of their summer giveaways I was so excited to participate in this with my two loves.

Fashion Flash Giveaway prizes

What could be easier than going away for a long weekend or trip and throwing these three items into your bag? You’d be set for a relaxing, enjoyable getaway. Or use them at home for hours of fun! Today’s giveaway will bring you three terrific items: the novel LOST INNOCENCE by Jannine Gallant, a Crown Cosmetics PRO Travel Face Palette, and a 7 piece Mini Sable Brush Set from Crown.

samples, prize to be sent by Fashion Flash


LOST INNOCENCE by Jannine Gallant isn’t even published yet but will be on the day that this giveaway is over. It’s the second book in a new series from Jannine Gallant called A Siren Cove Novel. I didn’t read the first but that didn’t stop me from understanding and getting into LOST INNOCENCE quickly.

LOST INNOCENCE by Jannine Gallant

The small town of Siren Cove, Oregon, has everything you could want—and a few things you don’t . . .

Artist Nina Hutton finds a lottery ticket on the beach, stuffs the crumpled paper in her pocket—then forgets all about it. Distracted and shaken by a series of break-ins at her home, Nina turns to her handsome new neighbor for help and protection again and again.

Since the death of his wife in a drive-by shooting, Teague O’Dell has moved from the city to the small town of Siren Cove, determined that his daughter will grow up in a safe environment. But when the intriguing woman next door is plagued by a mysterious vandal, he wonders if his new home harbors unexpected dangers.
The winning lottery numbers have been revealed, and the owner will do whatever it takes to claim the prize. And the closer Nina and Teague get to each other, the closer they may get to exposing a horror that could cost them everything . . .

If you like suspense and some romance this is going to be an enjoyable summer read for you. I was speeding through the book so fast that it surprised me. It’s not violent but there are times it’ll keep you reading just to find out what’s next!

Jannine Gallant

“Write what you know. Jannine Gallant has taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. A recent empty-nester, she grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently lives in gorgeous Lake Tahoe with her husband. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Jannine hikes or snowshoes in the woods around her home with her dog, Ginger. You’ll discover the beauty of nature interwoven into her fast-paced, romantic suspense stories. To find out more about this author and her books, visit her website at http://www.janninegallant.com/ or sign up for her newsletter at http://eepurl.com/cYGMkH.”

AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette from Crown Cosmetics

The next item you’ll be able to win is this beautiful Aulora Pro Travel Face Palette from Crown Cosmetics. This has everything you need to keep you looking polished and happy for many days without repeating colors. The palette includes 10 eyeshadows, 2 shades for highlighting, 2 blush colors plus 3 lipsticks. Surprisingly the pencil that comes with it is double sided with both black and brown. I wish everyone did that.

AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette eyeshadows
AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette highlighters top, blushes bottom
AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette lips

Mix and match the colors to get exactly what you want. Let’s not forget that it includes a black and brown pencil for liner and brows!

Crown Brush mini set with sable and taklon brushes

The third component to make this trio perfect is this Crown Brush set. They are housed in a carrying case that not only holds all 7 brushes but also has a pocket for you to slip in a few things like your tweezers, sharpener, and a travel size mascara. You’ll use this set over and over – the brushes are a Powder Dome Brush, Tapered Blush Brush, Round Contour Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Angle Liner Brush, Oval Lip Brush, and a Pro Spoolie.

Crown Brush mini brush set

Now for the deets about the giveaway that Fashion Flash is providing for one US winner. There are 2 mandatory entries on the Rafflecopter and you must do them both. Don’t get eliminated because you “forgot”. The rest of the entries give you extra chances to win and you can tweet daily.  Good luck and thanks for following us on both Beauty Info Zone and with our Fashion Flash posts.  —  Marcia

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  2. Dawn Ransom | 15th Jul 18

    Contemporary romance

  3. Anita Duvall | 15th Jul 18

    I love women mystery writers the most. Detective Novels are a favorite.

  4. DeAnna Keller | 15th Jul 18

    I like them all usually, but especially non fiction and comedy.

  5. Marilyn Nawara | 15th Jul 18

    I like to read mysteries and thrillers.

  6. Susan Gillam | 15th Jul 18

    My favorite is always celebrity biographies and autobiographies .

  7. Karla R. | 16th Jul 18

    I love mystery and horror.

  8. Sarah Cool | 16th Jul 18

    I usually read mysteries and horrors

  9. Julie Waldron | 16th Jul 18

    I like to read Cozy Mysteries.

  10. Cynthia Richardson | 16th Jul 18

    My favorite genre is historical mysteies

  11. ElzaElza | 16th Jul 18

    I like historical fiction. And thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Julie Bickham | 16th Jul 18

    I like to read romance novels.

  13. Regina | 16th Jul 18

    Something light and fun, unusually.

  14. Michelle Tamasa | 16th Jul 18

    I usually stick to sci-fi/fantasy books, but i like mysteries, romance, or anything with a compelling storyline and fully flushed characters. What I mean is that I like most everything!

  15. Darlene Carbajal | 16th Jul 18

    Anything non-fiction.

  16. Sunnymay | 16th Jul 18

    I like reading cozy mysteries and sweet romance.

  17. Cindy Ingalls | 16th Jul 18

    I LOVE this brush and the book looks like a great read. I’ve been reading like crazy this summer and really enjoying it.

  18. Amanda Sutnavage | 17th Jul 18

    I enjoy mysteries. Let me ponder at the edge of my seat!

  19. Kelly M. | 17th Jul 18

    I like historical fiction!!

  20. Chelsea M | 17th Jul 18

    I love to read thrillers. I’m a huge Chelsea Cain fan I love the Archie and Gretchen series.

  21. Shannon | 18th Jul 18

    I like reading thrillers.

  22. Nancy Jachcik | 18th Jul 18

    I typically enjoy mystery and suspense novels

  23. Casey Garvey | 19th Jul 18

    I love unique nonfiction books best! Each one is so unique and interesting!

  24. Casey Garvey | 19th Jul 18

    I love unique nonfiction books best! Each one is so unique and interesting! I try not to read a book twice, always looking for an exciting read!

  25. Lyndsey R. | 19th Jul 18

    Typically I like to read non-fiction books and self-help books.

  26. Anita Jude | 19th Jul 18

    I love romance novels

  27. susan smoaks | 20th Jul 18

    i like thrillers, they are my favorite genre to read

  28. Leela | 20th Jul 18

    I like humorous books.

  29. Michele | 20th Jul 18

    I am having a very hard time with entires

  30. Gwendolyn Jordan | 20th Jul 18

    I like thrillers

  31. courtney b | 20th Jul 18

    I like romance novels.

    when I get the chance to read! lol

  32. Jen R | 20th Jul 18

    I usually read suspense or romance books

  33. Shannon | 20th Jul 18

    Fave genre is contemporary literary fiction

  34. Shannon | 20th Jul 18

    I enjoy your reviews and I’m glad I discovered your blog today!

  35. Cherie Gravette | 22nd Jul 18

    Love all kinds, especially contemporary romance and thrillers.

  36. Monique | 22nd Jul 18

    Awesome giveaway

  37. Catherine W | 22nd Jul 18

    Wonderful summer read!

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  39. Adriana | 22nd Jul 18

    I really enjoy mystery/thrillers,romance,comedy,life lesson books. I pretty much enjoy all genres.

  40. Susan Smith | 22nd Jul 18

    I like non fiction and true crime.

  41. Annamarie V | 22nd Jul 18

    I love reading I don’t know what genre you would call my favorite I just pick what sounds interesting.

  42. Natalie | 23rd Jul 18

    My favorite genre to read are mysteries!

  43. Michele | 23rd Jul 18

    Would love to win this i recently lost the love of my life to brain cancer i need start taking care of myslef again

  44. Jannine Gallant | 23rd Jul 18

    Thank you for including my book in your giveaway!

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    I like romance with suspense.

  47. Kathy Hanley | 23rd Jul 18

    I love mystery and suspense novels!

  48. Cindi Overstreet | 23rd Jul 18

    I prefer historical romances, but also like mysteries, historical accounts, and fantasy/fairytale.

  49. Karrie | 25th Jul 18

    I love romance and historical fiction

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