A Fashion Flash book & beauty giveaway

Fashion Flash has been working with a variety of publishers and beauty companies to bring you the best of both worlds. This time it’s Beauty Info Zone’s chance to share a lovely giveaway for two items you’ll absolutely love.

Books and Beauty Giveaway
NOT OUR KIND by Kitty Zeldis

Harper Collins has published “Not Our Kind” by Kitty Zeldis, a book that is perfect for our times even though it takes place in 1947. It’s a story of a bright, compassionate, and beautiful Jewish heroine who has been hired to be the mentor of a disabled Christian girl during anti-Semitic times. The story is very compelling and tugs at heartstrings explaining the ups and downs of the situation. It reminds you that friendship is powerful but so is hatred. No matter what “our kind” is to you, this story will compel you to read and remember.

“[An] enthralling portrait of a woman daring to defy convention in the face of rigid social confines. Lively period details of the bustling city breathe life into Not Our Kind, a story capturing issues of discrimination, the marginalization of women and class disparities. Often veering in unexpected directions, the novel is filled with thought-provoking turns that explore timely subjects in a gripping light. . . . the book’s greatest strength is exploring how the building of relationships can help dissolve ignorance. . . . its themes linger long after the final page is read.”(USA Today)

Lucky Chick Masterpiece Lip Set

You’ve met the book and now you’ll meet the beauty. Lucky Chick is a cosmetic line that also has a story. This is a mother and daughter team who created Lucky Chick. “Through art, we have always have found a happy place. In fact, we see art as a thread that connects our lives. The colors and objects we live with or wear – they sway our moods and bring us joy. The impact of art continues to influence our lives and our approach to beauty, from the ingredients we use to the design of our packaging.” Free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates, and gluten, all Lucky Chick products are made right in New York, and Stephanie formulates and approves each product. The line has launched with an array of cruelty free and vegan color-punched products for the face.

Lucky Chick Masterpiece Lip Set

This Masterpiece Lip Set has 5 lip products in an artistic gift box. The top opens to a mirror that is perfect for applying your lip of the day. The colors are all very striking:  Royal Lip Lacquer, Desire Lip Lacquer, Joy Lip Lacquer, Sweet Lip Lacquer and Shimmer Lip Glaze.

Lucky Chick Masterpiece Lip Set

The lip lacquers are shiny and not matte. There is a slight fragrance to them that doesn’t last long. You can mix them to create your own color. Plus the Shimmer Lip Glaze is a great top coat to bring you from daily wear to stunning lightly shimmered lips that stand up to all the lights. The happy news too is that these are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, and gluten free.

Lucky Chick Joy Lip Lacquer

GIVEAWAY: Enter today to win both the hardcover version of this timely novel, Not Our Kind by Kitty Zeldes as well as the gift box of 5 Lip Lacquers. The prize will be sent to the US winner by Fashion Flash. The giveaway is open to US readers only. The only requirement is that you comment on the blog post. But the chances of winning are better with the more you do. Open through 12/17 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be emailed and will have 48 hours to reply. If you’ve entered on any of the options make sure it’s verifiable or I’ll disqualify the entries.  —  Marcia

By entering this giveaway please be aware that your email address might be shared with an approved third party.

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  1. Michele Lower | 3rd Dec 18

    Never read really would love to

  2. Dana Rodriguez | 3rd Dec 18

    I love a good mystery!

  3. Gwendolyn Jordan | 3rd Dec 18

    I love mystery and sci-fi

  4. Jen Mathews | 3rd Dec 18

    This sounds cool – I like to read books with dramatic elements like this. Also comedy, horror and sci fi.

  5. Helga | 3rd Dec 18

    I love Anne Rule and true stories.

  6. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 3rd Dec 18

    I love mystery, suspense novels with a little bit of romance thrown in too!

  7. gala | 3rd Dec 18

    I like YA, fantasy and scify

  8. Elena | 3rd Dec 18

    I like to read mystery

  9. Lynne B | 3rd Dec 18

    I don’t read as much as I used to. I love paperback romances when I want a quick, satisfying read. I also love historical non-fiction and thrillers.

  10. Susan P. | 3rd Dec 18

    I like Thrillers and Mysteries.

  11. Missy Schutz | 3rd Dec 18

    Love mystery and suspense.

  12. Angelica Dimeo | 3rd Dec 18

    I like Paranormal Romance books

  13. Vicki Wurgler | 3rd Dec 18

    I like to read horror/thriller books

  14. Maren | 3rd Dec 18

    I like humor books…

  15. Sheila K. | 3rd Dec 18

    My favorite genre of books to read is thrillers/suspense!

  16. Jackie | 3rd Dec 18

    I like to read historical fiction and romance novels.
    Thank you!

  17. Nancy | 3rd Dec 18

    I have many but the more intriguing or scarier the better.

  18. Leela | 4th Dec 18

    I like anything humorous.

  19. Tara L | 4th Dec 18

    I like Romance or Suspense.

  20. Becky Richardson | 4th Dec 18

    I love historical fiction.

  21. Lisa Williams | 4th Dec 18

    I love Sci-fi fantasy books and celebrity bios.

  22. Claudia | 4th Dec 18

    My favorite type of book to read is a biography.

  23. gloria patterson | 4th Dec 18

    What is your favorite genre of books to read? NO answer for that question I love to read and have a lot of favorite authors but I also love just picking up any book and enjoy reading it.

    Lee Child, John Sanford, JD Robb, Nora Roberts, Matthew Reilly, Steve Barry, James Rollins, Clive Cussler, janet evanovich, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, David Golemon, Just to list a few favorite authors

    Romance, mysterys, muder, adventures, etc etc

  24. Michelle T | 4th Dec 18

    I love cozy mysteries. Mostly mindless, fun reading, nice break from the world.

  25. Audrey Stewart | 4th Dec 18

    I love to read historical romances. I also love true crime.

  26. Melissa | 4th Dec 18

    I love historical fiction books! This is definitely on my TBR!

  27. Pamela | 4th Dec 18

    I love books, period! Particularly mysteries and travel, beauty and cookbooks, fiction and biographies, the list goes on! And now I’ve added another book to by “read” list. Thank you!!

  28. Sandy Pincombe | 4th Dec 18

    Mysteries are definitely my favorite to read. However, I also enjoy a good biography.

  29. Kristi C | 4th Dec 18

    I love a good mystery.

  30. Ken Ohl | 4th Dec 18

    I love history books

  31. julie | 4th Dec 18


  32. Andrea Darst | 4th Dec 18

    I love murder mysteries!

  33. Cindy Ingalls | 4th Dec 18

    Great prize and sounds like a great book too!

  34. Aaron | 4th Dec 18

    My favorite genre is non-fiction history.

  35. patricia caradonna | 4th Dec 18

    Romance is my favorite.

  36. Esther | 5th Dec 18

    I really enjoy dystopian. When I was a kid I enjoyed historical fiction

  37. denise | 5th Dec 18

    romance is my favorite genre

  38. C. Michelle | 5th Dec 18

    Historical fiction is my favorite genre.

  39. meghan | 6th Dec 18

    I love thrillers!

  40. Amy Bruno | 6th Dec 18

    Historical Fiction is my favorite!

  41. Dima Al Mahsiri | 6th Dec 18

    Nice collections of colors, fingers crossed !

  42. Cindy Peterson | 6th Dec 18

    I like so many types of books. Please don’t ask me to pick a category, because the answer would be whatever I was currently reading.

  43. Mary W | 6th Dec 18

    I like True Crime and Non-Fiction books

  44. Kristina | 6th Dec 18

    I’m a bit nerdy, but I love a good sci fi book

  45. Beth Cole | 7th Dec 18

    Love all kinds of books but mostly mysteries. Also love a good autobiography/biography.

  46. Surinder gurm | 7th Dec 18

    I like mystery books that make me think

  47. Barbara Khan | 8th Dec 18

    Glad I found you! Books and makeup, my favs. I read a lot of historical fiction.

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  49. Morgan Watson | 8th Dec 18

    I don’t really have a favorite genre. I just really like “feel good”/inspirational books!

  50. Melissa Storms | 8th Dec 18

    I like biographies and paranormal romance equally. I just finished Jewel Kilcher’s book and have to get a copy of Atz Kilchers now.

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