A blast from my past: Queen Helene face masques and a giveaway

Once upon a time, way before the internet, Queen Helene was the queen of the mask and skincare world. This affordable 75 year old line was sold at mass marketers and became a staple for many including our mothers (and grandmothers). Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque was my introduction to doing something to my face that wasn’t just typical soap and water cleansing followed by a moisturizer. I had oily skin back in the day and the Mint Julep Scrub became a savior when I was breaking out. It’s still around and doing its job.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

“Our original, all-time favorite green masque instantly absorbs excess oil, extracts impurities and helps minimize the appearance of pores. After use, skin is deeply clean with a fresh oil-free feel and healthy looking complexion.” It’s recommended for oily and acne prone skin so I don’t need it anymore but it’s a product I still recommend if asked.

Queen Helene Masques

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Jump to 2017-18 and Queen Helene is still around. Their packaging is more up to date and they’ve added so many new products that they are proud of. They use natural ingredients that don’t contain harsh chemicals or preservatives. As a masque lover I was happy to receive 3 of their masks to test out and compare to the ones I’ve been using for the last few years. These babies measure up to the task while lasting a long time and saving you money. Sure I love my expensive face masks, who wouldn’t? But bringing an affordable product to the blog means that everyone can afford one or more of these.


Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

The Mud Pack Mask is an Anti-Aging product that helps with toxin relief. It’s meant to revitalize and detoxify. A good mud mask contains Kaolin, aka English Clay, to draw the impurities out of your skin. “This classic facial masque is enriched with Kaolin, a natural English Clay known to immediately lift away impurities and revitalize tired looking skin. After use, skin feels firmer while fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished.”

Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

Not everyone enjoys a Mud Mask but I find that even with drier skin it’s great to use about twice a month to draw out the gunk in my pores. I leave it on for up to 10 minutes and wash off to find clearer skin. Sometimes I’ll see tiny little white heads starting to form but using this Mud Pack Mask clears them up.


Queen Helene Olive Oil Masque

The Olive Oil Masque is unique to my collection since it’s meant for very dry skin. I have many hydrating masks but none seem quite as moisturizing as this Queen Helene one. There’s a sweet fragrance to this very creamy mask. I don’t find that it dries down completely so my face doesn’t get tight with it. “This creamy, deeply relaxing masque bathes moisture-starved skin in the healthy, hydrating richness of Olive Oil, while gently removes impurities from skin. After use, skin is soft and smooth with a supple appearance.”

Queen Helene Olive Oil Masque

Queen Helene Olive Oil Masque

For these cruel winter days this is a drink of happiness. It contains both chamomile and sage extracts to help soothe irritability. My face does feel soothed when using this so it’s a big help after coming in from the harsh winds.


Queen Helene Volcanic Ash Masque

The Volcanic Ash Masque is the newest one that Queen Helene has created. I don’t know if you remember when MAC Cosmetics came out with a volcanic ash mask but it was a hot seller and people were upset to find it was a limited edition. Now we have an improvement that is cruelty free on top of everything else. The Volcanic Ash Masque is an anti-pollution mask. “This skin-detoxifying facial masque harnesses the purifying power of Volcanic Ash (also known as Bentonite) to deeply clean skin. Known for its ability to draw out pollutants, Volcanic Ash acts like a magnet for pollutants, bringing them to the surface so they can be washed away. The result is refreshed, renewed skin.”

Queen Helene Volcanic Ash Masque

Queen Helene Volcanic Ash Masque

The Volcanic Ash Masque is black and looks exactly like volcanic ash. I always wash this off in the shower since it can get a little messy when removing it. My shower doesn’t care though and I end up with a refreshed face. I think this one is going to be even better for me in the summer since that’s when the weather affects my skin with pollution, sweat, and perspiration. It’s a good way to be sure that your sunscreen is completely removed too.

Queen Helene Masques

While sheet masks are fun to use they can slip down on your face but you won’t find that with these Queen Helene Masques. You apply, leave them on for 5 to 10 minutes while you do other things, wash them off with warm water and you are on the way to clearer more refreshed skin. —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: Three US subscribers will win both the original Queen Helene Mint Julep masque and a Queen Helene Mud Pack masque. Our giveaway ends on 2/1/18 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Be sure you are subscribed and that you comment, all the other entries are there for extra chances. The masks will be sent by Queen Helene’s representative. Good luck and good skin!

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Queen Helene® brand strives to not only create products that work great, but are also great for the world we live in. We are dedicated to preserving our environment by using recyclable packaging and continuing to look for new ways to further our commitment to protecting the planet. The earth supplies many effective, environmentally-safe, natural ingredients and we use them in our products whenever possible.

Animal Friendly
In our efforts to bring you highly-effective products, we never test on animals and have been certified by the Coalition of Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). They ensure cosmetic, personal care and household product companies who have been certified remain cruelty-free through all stages of product development and testing. We are proud to display the CCIC’s leaping bunny logo on our products.

Queen Helene can be found at Sally Beauty as well as Amazon and many mass market stores.


  1. Patty wright says

    I have heard so much about masques.

  2. This brand is so nostalgic for me! I remember buying their clay mask and deodorant as a teenager!

  3. I also used this brand in HS and college. Glad it’s still around and prospering. I will try the Olive Oil Mask!

  4. I bet that mint julep mask smells so yummy!! I definitely want to try it.

  5. I love mud masks! The volcanic ash would be a fun one to try out.

  6. days ending in Y make me want to mask.

  7. To help clear my skin up or just a refresh

  8. Clear up my skin

  9. Yvette Price says

    I grew up using Queen Helene products for my hair, I’m really intrigued by the volcanic ash mask, I will have to try it out. Thanks for the review.

  10. I’ve never heard of this brand! I love that the olive oil one is for dry skin – I hate having such dry skin sometimes.

  11. Mainly to clarify my skin. Also when my skin starts to become excessively oily.

  12. Deborah W. says

    I’ve never even heard of this brand before but that mint masque sounds really interesting. I wanna use masques because they really help clean out my pores, I have oily skin really bad and they always help with that.

  13. I like the sound of the Olive Oil mask and Lord knows I can use it right about now.

  14. Sally Gearhart says

    I love a great masque and i use them to hydrate and to clean out my pores. I can get extremely dry skin in the winter and a masque can help me with that.

  15. I love using masks! It’s good to pamper yourself and they make my skin feel wonderful!

  16. The new packaging is pretty!

  17. I like that they updated their packaging, signs of the times!

  18. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    Theses masks sound great! I always forget to use them.

  19. I LOVE face masks so I may have to look into these!

  20. To help my skin throughout the changing weather here in Florida.

  21. I love mud packs, the ash one looks really nice

  22. The Mint Julep mask was the first mask I’d ever used. Good to know they are still around and have new products!

  23. Ehmkay nails says

    I love queen Helene masks!! I have the mint one in my bathroom. I use masks when I’m breaking out.

  24. I love using masks while enjoying a bath. It’s so relaxing and my face ends up healthier.

  25. Their mint julep masque is such a classic! Everybody loves it 🙂

  26. Sheet masks and other fancy ones that you take out of a package and lay onto your face are a complete disaster for me. They slip, they slide, they drip and are just a mess. I like the masks like Queen Helene makes that come in a tube and stay put! This way the product is doing it’s job which is why we mask in the first place.

  27. patricia caradonna says

    I love the results I get after using the mask. My face feels fresh and renewed.

  28. I like the clay masks to help my skin feel cleaner and refreshed.

  29. Joan Kubes says

    I’ve never tried using a masque before but I think it would be good for my skin and fun to try.

  30. Laurie Nykaza says

    I want to use a masque so I can have better looking skin love to give them a try.

  31. Lacquerexpression says

    How amazing that this brand has been around for 75 years and it still offers high quality, budget friendly products that are environmentally friendly and not animal tested. I’ll have to swatch for a couple of these!

  32. I had no idea Queen Helene had been around for so long! I used the Mint Julep mask quite a lot and I’m excited to learn that there are others!

  33. I used to used these masks all the time!

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