5 Great Tips to Mask Those Tired Eyes

Running extremely hectic lives, trying to balance home, work and often a busy social life, I often feel that 24 hours is just not enough hours in the day, for all we are juggling. I wouldn’t mind a  couple more hours, just to get some sleep! Well, so far I wasn’t successful in adding more hours to the day, so I guess I will just have to make the best of the present reality, and learn how to look beautiful and fresh, even with minimal shut-eye.

Looking pretty is definitely a priority by me, so therefore I have put together this list of 5 quick and easy tips to make those tired eyes a bit brighter, even on the busiest of mornings.

Whether you are a mom with young children keeping you up at night, a corporate professional handling stressful deadlines, or a scrub clad nurse pulling all-nighters, this is something we all can use and gain from.


Great Tips to Mask Those Tired Eyes

  1. Start with a primer  –  Primer is the first step in creating a smooth surface and hiding those wrinkles that always stand out more prominently when you’re low on sleep. You can think of primer as what you use to smooth out any imperfection on a wall prior to painting it. An added bonus is that it also helps your makeup stay on longer.

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    Moisturize  –  One of the most important ways to hide those tired eyes is to make sure you skin is fully moisturized. Making sure your skin fully hydrated is crucial to ensure that your skin will look fresh, and will reduce puffiness.

    Conceal  –   Use a very light concealer under your eyes to hide those dark bags and circles. It’s best to use a concealer that is very lightweight since those of heavier material highlight lines and magnify wrinkles.



    Eyeliner  –

    Use a white eyeliner on the waterline of the eyes. This will disguise any redness and will create an overall brighter, more awake look.


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    1. Eyeshadow- Use a matte eyeshadow to finish the look on your eyes. It will give you a smooth, perfect look and keep your eyes looking beautiful.

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Try these tips today and see the wonderful transformation from tired to terrific!

Guest post: Chaya Gelb lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children. She works as the marketing director for Medical Scrubs Collection, an online nursing uniform store. She loves being on top of the newest fashion trends, and enjoys blogging about nurses and fashion related topics.


  1. These are great tips and I’m happy that I use most of them!