4ever Magic Eyebrow Gel #giveaway

I had a happy surprise in the mail this week, one I think most of you will like. 4ever Magic sent a set of products for one lucky Beauty Info Zone reader to enjoy.

4ever Magic Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel

At the end of January I reviewed 4 ever Magic Cosmetics Eyebrow Gel and have been using this ever since. It’s a wonderful gel that gives me the brows I’ve been craving. My brows have become very sparse due to illness and aging. Therefore when this eyebrow gel came into my life it brought fuller looking, more natural looking brows. Look at the advantages:

  • Available in 4 Double Shade Products

  • Natural Brow Look

  • Smudge-free, long lasting

  • Water Resistance

  • Enriched with Castor Oil

  • High Pigment

  • Made in USA

  • Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan

  • 4ever Magic collaborates with organizations that help at risk women who are struggling to rebuild their lives. $1 of each purchase will go as a donation to one of three nonprofit organizations.

The shade sent for the giveaway is the same one I’ve been using Magic Dazzle Brown. The set comes with a double sided brush (brush and spoolie) and the two shades of brown gel. The brow gel applies so easily and is easy to remove (I use an eyemakeup remover). The brush is a terrific one helping 4ever Magic do its job efficiently.

4ever Magic Double Shade Eyebrow Gel and angled side of brush
Magic Dazzle Brown
4ever Magic Dazzle Brown

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: One US/Can Beauty Info Zone subscriber will win this wonderful set from 4 ever Magic in Razzle Dazzle Brown. The giveaway is open through 4/5/19 at 11:59 pm EDT. If comments close early you can email me your comment as stated in the Rafflecopter. Be sure you do both of the required entries (subscribe via email/comment) before you do more. Good luck and better brows!  —  Marcia

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sent by 4ever Magic for this giveaway


  1. Judy | 22nd Mar 19

    I’m currently trying everything you can imagine on my overplucked brows lol! Nothing too high end though. Would love to try this brand. I’ve never heard of it. Love finding new product info here! Thanks!

  2. Mary W | 22nd Mar 19

    I use Gray Away powder. It works really well although the shade is a tad too dark. I like that the 4ever magic has 2 shades so you can blend to a color you like plus gel would give a smooth look.

  3. Elaine R | 22nd Mar 19

    I use an eyebrow powder -that I’ve had forever. I would love to try this new product!

  4. Nancy | 22nd Mar 19

    I saved this information. I had an injury that requires me to do my brows daily. Currently use a pencil because it’s the most natural looking but this looks great. ? Would absolutely be thrilled to win this.

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  6. Rebecca Weiss | 22nd Mar 19

    I just use an eye pencil on my brows. It’s probably not the greatest solution. I’d love to try out this product!

  7. Sandy Pincombe | 22nd Mar 19

    Interesting and timely post. I have tried so many brow products. Today I actually had my eyebrows tinted and I hate them. Too bushy at the ends for me. Thank goodness it’s just a tint. I have been using ABH gel pencils or Benefit Gimme Brow. But this looks like it is a product that could work for my gray haired, thin brows.

  8. Tracy Robertson | 22nd Mar 19

    I use Benefit Gimme Brow. No complaints (well, except for the high price(). I would love to try 4 ever Magic.

  9. Linda M | 22nd Mar 19

    I currently use an It Cosmetics pencil. Would love to try this.

  10. Lauren Peterson | 22nd Mar 19

    I just use a pencil to fill them in a bit.

  11. Wanda Tracey | 23rd Mar 19

    I use a L’oreal eye brow pencil. Thanks for the chance. I would love the chance to try this $ever magic eyebrow gel. 🙂

  12. Lisa Williams | 23rd Mar 19

    I use an eyebrow pencil but this eyebrow gel sounds wonderful,I would love to try it!

  13. monique s | 23rd Mar 19

    I currently use an eyebrow defining powder that you apply with a brush

  14. Sharon Rooney | 23rd Mar 19

    I currently use Max Pro Longwear. I would love to try a powder, it may be easier to apply.

  15. Gia Welch | 23rd Mar 19

    I generally do use anything on my brows, but the occasional brown eyeshadow to fill them in a little.

  16. Debra Branigan | 23rd Mar 19

    I just use an eyebrow pencil, but I need to do something more.

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  18. Heather Kaufman | 23rd Mar 19

    I use nothing, but I need something. My eyebrows are sparse.

  19. NICOLE MARTIN | 23rd Mar 19

    Currently I do not use anything on my brows. Everything I have tried looks too unnatural.

  20. Liz E | 23rd Mar 19

    IT Cosmetics Brow Power. I’ve been using it for years.

  21. gloria patterson | 23rd Mar 19

    I hate my eyebrows … have used pencil, powders, brush on but none of them are what I need

  22. Kayla Bennett | 23rd Mar 19

    Right now I just use a eyeshadow! Just to fill in my brows.

  23. Dana Rodriguez | 23rd Mar 19

    I use a soft pencil and a brush but this sounds really nice!

  24. Melissa Storms | 23rd Mar 19

    I have been using a powder to tame and a clear mascara for control.

  25. Emily C. | 24th Mar 19

    I currently fill them in with a brow pencil from Maybelline!

  26. Marilyn Nawara | 24th Mar 19

    I use brown pencil to darken just a little.

  27. Terri Shaw | 24th Mar 19

    I use an eye pencil on my brows.

  28. Christy Peeples DuBois | 24th Mar 19

    I have a brow pencil that is not the best in the world that I use. And also a Pixi brow Powder I use sometimes. I would love to try this product.

  29. Theresa C. | 24th Mar 19

    Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – but I’m looking for a new one!

  30. Donnas | 24th Mar 19

    Right now I’m using Marcelle pencil on my brows, but I have used Pixi by Petra 2 in 1 and benefit Gimme Brow. I prefer the Pixi and Benefit to the Marcelle pencil.

  31. Susan Gillam | 24th Mar 19

    I have a brown pencil that I use. I don’t overly color them in. Just a natural look.

  32. Chris L | 24th Mar 19

    I just use eye shadow

  33. Cindi Overstreet | 25th Mar 19

    This sounds great but with blonde eyebrows it’s hard to find products that aren’t too dark for me. I use eyeshadow and a pencil or a little powder brow kit by Milani that I found at the drugstore.

  34. Paula Pennachio | 25th Mar 19

    Right now on my eyebrows I use either eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil in brown

  35. Erin F. | 25th Mar 19

    I use NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Cake Powder. It’s a really good, budget-friendly option. This 4ever Makeup set looks great, too.

  36. Susan P. | 25th Mar 19

    I use an eyebrow pencil but this looks like a better way to do my eyebrows.

  37. latanya | 25th Mar 19

    an eyebrow pencil

  38. Luna S | 25th Mar 19

    I use NYX brow gel.

  39. amybelle2001 | 25th Mar 19

    I don’t use anything right now. Trying to let them grow back in!

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  41. Leela | 25th Mar 19

    I just pluck mine currently.

  42. Lyndsey Rullman | 26th Mar 19

    I use a pencil to color in a little bit.

  43. Tabitha | 27th Mar 19


  44. Danielle Day | 28th Mar 19

    Nothing but I would love to try something.

  45. Sara | 28th Mar 19

    I use Elf right now

  46. Sunnymay | 30th Mar 19

    I trim with eyebrow scissors after combing straight up, so they don’t get unruly. Using Tweezerman Tweezers, I pluck a few strays fellows that fall below my natural eyebrow line.

  47. Jessica Peeling | 31st Mar 19

    Urban Decay brow powder

  48. adriana | 31st Mar 19

    NOthing at the moment.

  49. Jessica Staley | 1st Apr 19

    An eyebrow pencil but I’m looking for some thing better

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