3 summer beauty favorites from Pretty Vulgar, Eddie Funkhouser, and Nars

Did you ever get obsessed with something you bought? Do you have a large cosmetic collection yet ignore everything in it because you just can’t get enough of some products? That’s describing me and my summer beauty favorites these days.

Summer beauty love from Pretty Vulgar, Eddie Funkhouser, and Nars

As soon as Nars introduced their Liquid Blush I knew I had to have it. I was on a “no buy” and had promised not to buy anything before I moved … but the minute I moved, all bets were off. I needed Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush in my life. Having a $15 off $50 code from Sephora helped but it made me add something to my order. On a whim I ordered Pretty Vulgar Early Bird Eyeshadow Palette. I hadn’t seen one thing about this but I had heard of the brand. BEST MOVE EVAH!!

pretty Vulgar Early Bird Eyeshadow Palette

I’m in love with this. I have worn it every day since it arrived and I’m nowhere near to moving on to something else. I find new combinations of this every day. I can’t get enough of it.

pretty Vulgar Early Bird Eyeshadow Palette

There are 12 shades in this palette (which I didn’t swatch – so sorry) and I’ve used each and every one over and over.

Here’s my color interpretation:

TWEET: Very soft pink that seems a little powdery compared to the others. But using a light hand with it makes it a great browbone shade.

WINK: This is a peachy pink that I like on the browbone or lid. It also makes a good transition shade. I wear it on my lid and notice just a tiny bit of shimmer.

CHIRP: LOVE!!!! If you are into rose gold you will love this metallic shade. It’s the star of the palette in and on my eyes.

RISE: Rise is a matte pinky brown. It’s not an unusual shade but it works well with the other colors in the palette.

SHINE: Very pretty golden brown (pink undertones) with a nice sheen to it.

RUFFLED: This shade shocked me. When I opened the palette I figured I couldn’t wear it. It looked so shimmery to me. But I gave it a chance and now I can’t get enough of it. It’s a pinky lavender with shimmer that is much more visible in the pan than on my eye. I have no glitter fall out from it and it seems to brighten my look whenever I wear it.

UNRUFFLED: This is Ruffled once off steroids. It’s the matte version and it applies very smoothly. It looks great with the darker brown shades in the palette.

Pretty Vulgar Early Bird

NEST EGG: a soft matte brown with a neutral base.

TRUE COLORS: This is another favorite from the palette. It has some shimmer but it translates into a metallic shade. It’s a pinky mauve that gives my eyes a purple look. I haven’t been wearing much in the way of purple shadows but this lighter tone is close to perfection for me.

VICTORY: A matte chocolate brown, think of a Hershey’s square. It goes on smoothly with basically no fallout when applying it.

CONQUER: I can’t get enough of Conquer. I want to wear it daily. It’s a rich goden bronze with an almost metallic finish and very light shimmer. It gives me the oomph I want.

UNVEIL: This is the least used shade for me. Since Victory is in the palette I feel that this slightly darker matte brown is redundant. I’d have preferred another peachy shade instead of Unveil.

After I bought this I read the review that Temptalia wrote about Early Bird, and I wondered if we had the same palette. She doesn’t have a high opinion of this yet I find it a perfect way to get away from my typical taupes and browns. It’s got enough soft colors in it to make it a summertime pleasure and enough darker ones to add drama and style.

Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara

When you have eyeshadows that make you look forward to waking up then you need a mascara that matches that quality and that’s where Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara comes in. I’ve bought this mascara numerous times but my dear Eddie seemed to fall off the ends of the earth for a while. He’s back and he’s made me so happy. I’ve got some of his lip products coming up soon to share but for now let me write about my love for this mascara.

Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara

This totally unique mascara gives you every look you can dream of. Depending on where you dial you can get 4 finishes from natural to va-va-voom. I typically apply two coats on #2 or 1 coat on #2 and 1 coat on #3. I get amazing definition, lots of volume, and happily some length. Eddie Funkhouser’s mascara has never smudged on me and lasts the entire day and evening without a problem. It coats your lashes, almost like a tubing mascara but not exactly. Sometimes when removing it I’ll find flakes of mascara but that’s only during removal. This $12.95 mascara is the best ever. And right now you can buy one and get one free! To celebrate Eddie Funkhouser’s birthday he’s having a BOGO sale. You’ll want two for sure!

Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara



  • = Lengthens and separates for a natural lash look
  • • = Enhances fullness and curl
  • •• = Boosts lash density and extends
  • ••• = Amplifies lashes for ultimate length, volume and curl
NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm

What started my obsession is this blush. Once I saw it I knew I needed it. I’m glad I bought Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm when I did since right now most of the cosmetic world is upset with Nars for changing their cruelty-free status.

NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm

I never could wear this blush in the powder form, it just didn’t look right on me. But this pinky peach liquid with a touch of shimmer is gorgeous in the liquid form. I’ve always liked cream and liquid blushes and this has become my favorite.

NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm

While it’s not the longest lasting blush it gives me hours worth of pleasure. If I have to touch it up I’ll often use a powder blush over it. The only caveat is that you need such a tiny amount and the pump gets out much more than you need. I pump out as small a portion as possible, apply with a cotton bud in dots on my cheeks, then blend with my fingers. It plays well with highlighters too like Model’s Own Golden Sands.

What are your summer favorites? I highly recommend mine and am thrilled to say they are gracing my face every day.  —  Marcia

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 7th Jul 17

    I just got the NARS liquid blush during the Ulta sale and it arrived a couple of days ago. I wore it for the first time yesterday. So pretty. I adore that Pretty Vulgar palette – the style of it is adorable and the shades are so pretty. I have to photograph my Eddie products and start using them!!

  2. Naked Without Polish | 7th Jul 17

    All of these seem like great products!

  3. Judy | 7th Jul 17

    I’m dying over Chirp in that palette, and Liquid Orgasm!!!

  4. Lola Seicento | 7th Jul 17

    What great picks! I think that the Pretty Vulgar palette is absolutely stunning!

  5. Ehmkay nails | 7th Jul 17

    I love the packaging of the palettes! So pretty.

  6. Courtney | 7th Jul 17

    I love that palette! CONQUER looks like a shade I would wear constantly.

  7. Lex | 7th Jul 17

    “once off steriods” LOL!! I keep hearing about the Pretty Vulgar brand and I’m so curious to try it myself soon. The shade Chirp would probably be a favorite from this palette.
    I haven’t tried that mascara yet, but I recently picked up a “dial wand” type for the first time and think it’s so cool! =)
    And of course, I’ve been eyeing the NARS liquid blush for at least a month now. Orgasm in powder form didn’t do it for me, but the liquid looks so different and beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your summer faves, Marcia!

  8. nichole costa | 7th Jul 17

    I still dont know how I feel about the Pretty Vulgar aesthetic.

  9. Stacie Hamilton | 7th Jul 17

    You just made me start a new beauty wish list! LOL! I want all 3 of these products. The blush is beautiful, the mascara is right up my alley and that palette is gorgeous!

  10. Kristi V BeginNails | 7th Jul 17

    Oooh, I love the palettes! <3 I rarely wear makeup in the summer due to the heat (today we broke a record of 118!! – my make up just melts off). My summer staples are sun screen and clear mascara and powder concealer. Everything else just melts.

  11. Erika | 7th Jul 17

    I am dying to get my hands on that NARS liquid blush. I love Orgasm in powder form so I should like the liquid, too.

  12. The Jedi Wife | 8th Jul 17

    The Early Bird palette is really pretty so I can totally understand your love of it!

  13. Sandy P | 8th Jul 17

    So interesting about the Nars blush….it doesn’t look good on me either! The shade looks so good on other people but not so for me. Just decided to take to my sister over on the east side of Michigan tomorrow. Will have to try some liquid blushes as the powder ones just aren’t doing it for my “mature” skin. And I really “need” that palette. Have not bought anything for awhile, so I deserve it!

  14. Julie | 8th Jul 17

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about Pretty Vulgar, but I do want to try some items from the line. I adore the cute packaging!

  15. Babi | 8th Jul 17

    Pretty Vulgar is a new brand to me but by the looks of it, I need to try it ASAP!

  16. Lisa Heath | 9th Jul 17

    I literally JUST ordered that palette! I decided to do a Pretty Vulgar shopping spree!

  17. Painted Fingertips | 9th Jul 17

    That eyeshadow palette is so gorgeous <3

  18. Polished Hippy | 9th Jul 17

    That palette looks great! And I am glad to hear they have a liquid version of Orgasm now.

  19. Bailey | 10th Jul 17

    That palette looks pretty amazing! Chirp instantly got my attention.

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  21. Joyce Chitwood | 12th Jul 17

    That liquid Blush looks so Great. Everytime I see it I want it. I don’t have but a small tiny NARS I got from a friend I. A. U sale I got from her off IG. I’m in there a lot and find a lot Great ppl. If u can’t ever get a hold of me by email. Some reason I have missed an email from u one time a long time ago. But it never found it. Even In junk mail. But I’m on IG alit under Joycehchitwood I so follow u. But I don’t always get ur posts in me feed. I can’t remember to go check all the ones I really want to see everyday. That would be a avoid them for them to add. I follow a lot of ppl. I have for ever. I do t unfollow ppl. Soafter a few yrs in there. Seems like I get a lot of ads. A lot. I like someone feed and then every post for the past week that I have already liked. I don’t get it. But always leave me a DM in there. I will deenit. I don’t know if I can swing that Blush sometime. But thenpalette is pretty too. There is several thingsbon my want list. Lol.

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  24. Michelle Tamasa | 16th Jul 17

    That mascara looks amazing! I don’t really understand what’s “dialing” though… Does it change the length of the bristles? I’ve never really found a mascara I love….

  25. Is a beauty product being labeled green, natural or organic a selling point for you? | 16th Jul 17

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