3 pretties from KBShimmer License to Chill Collection!

Baby, it’s cold outside so we might as well celebrate it with some gorgeous, winter-inspired nail polish!  I can’t think of any better company to turn to than KBShimmer for the most beautiful cold weather polish shades.  KBShimmer never fails to delight with their unique take on all things polish.  Whether you are ice skating, going to holiday parties, or chilling on the couch in front of the fire, the License to Chill Collection has exactly what you need for tips and toes. There are nine beauties in this collection, and today I have three of them for you. Stay tuned because soon Marcia will be showing off her License to Chill favorites!


I love wearing white-based nail polish in winter. First I love it because somehow it seems a little naughty – that whole dated ‘no white after Labor Day’ thing always brings out the anarchist in me. Second it seems like a real celebration of the beauty of winter, especially a snowy white that sparkles like the trees after an ice storm. I’m sMitten is the perfect winter white, with a tint of lilac and color-shifting shimmer in red, orange, gold and lime. (For another gorgeous white shade, check out License to Chill, the collection namesake that is a sheer white crelly polish filled with iridescent flakes in red, orange, pink and gold.)

Of course besides white I am always wanting some sort of red polish…raspberry, cherry, or wine. Red shades are simply cozy and warm, and the name of KBShimmer’s rich wine nail polish, Under Cover, is just perfect. Have you ever seen such a beautiful shade?? Under Cover is a jewel-toned boysenberry shade with holographic pigment that gives it my favorite linear holographic look.

KBShimmer License to Chill All Downhill From Here

Well we have red and we have white – what makes sense to round out this trio? A cool winter blue, of course. Light blue shades aren’t flattering on me, but I can rock a deep, jewel-toned blue. Set your gaze upon the glorious All Downhill From Here. I am completely wild about this opulent multi-chrome indigo with aqua shimmer. It is festive and fun and a real show stopper – I can’t tell you how many people ask me the name and where I bought it when I wear All Downhill From Here.

All of the KBShimmer License to Chill Nail Polishes are $10 at kbshimmer.com. Check out these beauties and the other five in the License to Chill Collection, and stay tuned for Marcia’s review of her favorites.  – Lisa


  1. Ananka | 28th Dec 19

    All 3 are amazing 😀

  2. Tracie Cooper | 29th Dec 19

    I love the shimmer blue one the best! Its so pretty!

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