250% better than regular toothpaste? I took the LIVFRESH toothpaste challenge!

I don’t think too much about toothpaste. It needs to taste OK, clean my teeth, leave them looking white, and leave my breath fresh. Plaque is not exactly a fun subject to think about, let alone write about and I basically figure my dentist will take care of it when I go in for my cleanings. But if there is something out there that actually cleans plaque 250% better than regular toothpaste, well…why wouldn’t you jump on that bandwagon??


The older we get, the worse the issue of plaque becomes. It makes our gums bleed, it breaks down tooth enamel, it makes gums recede and it causes tooth sensitivity. Not only that, but these issues can lead to oral cancer, and they have also been linked to other diseases like arthritis and heart disease. And get this:  researchers believe that 90% of systemic diseases manifest in the mouth as swollen gums, mouth ulcers, dry mouth and excessive gum problems.

So, plaque is a problem that isn’t fun to think about, but we need to do so. LIVFRESH ($20) is “a 97% natural dental gel that has been found to clean plaque from the teeth MORE than 250% better than traditional toothpaste. Further, a recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry found it produced a similar level of tooth enamel remineralization as toothpastes containing fluoride, WITHOUT  IT.” How does it do this??

While current approaches to oral health rely on scrubbing to remove bacteria in the mouth, in an industry first, LIVFRESH penetrates and repels the bacteria from the tooth surface by working on a molecular level.  LIVFRESH uses ‘activated edathamil’, a patented formulation, to take a ‘chemistry of teeth’ approach to cleaning teeth.  It essentially breaks the bond between the bacterial biofilm and teeth, thereby interfering with the ability of the plaque to stick to teeth.   Additionally, LIVFRESH doesn’t use abrasives, antimicrobials, and parabens found in major toothpaste brands.

To try this out for myself, I took the challenge. First, I chewed up a plaque-identifying color tablets that allow you to see ‘before’ and ‘after’ brushing results firsthand. Remember these?  Back in grade school they used to give them to us to scare us into brushing our teeth. So I chewed one up before brushing my teeth in the morning then took a pic (my apologies in advance!).

Then I brushed using my regular toothpaste and took a photo of the pink stuff that was left behind.

The next morning, I again chewed up one of those lovely plaque-identifying color tablets before brushing. Then, I brushed using the LIVFRESH Wintergreen Gel, which looks like this:

LIVFRESH Wintergreen Gel

Afterwards, I took a pic from the same angle.  A definite difference.

I’ve been using LIVFRESH ever since and I am absolutely sold. My teeth are super clean! I can’t believe the difference. Because my teeth are so tight together, I have always struggled with plaque build up, and the improvement in just a week is ridiculous. The Wintergreen gel tastes great and it does everything my regular toothpaste does – only 250% better.

LIVFRESH is a brand new product that has only become available this month. Right now, you can find it at www.livionexdental.com until the new LIVFRESH website goes live on May 1.  – Lisa


  1. Dana Matthews | 14th Apr 19

    I’ve not seen this product before. A very considerable difference in your pictures. I like, too, that it’s not abrasive. Will have to check it out!

  2. Paula Ball | 14th Apr 19

    I have a plaque problem with my front bottom teeth & causing gums to recede. Am defiantly going to give Livfresh a try & thanks for the info!

  3. Gabrielle | 18th Apr 19

    Like you, I never really paid much attention to toothpaste but this sounds fabulous!

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