2019 Giveaway Hop – the eyes are the prize

What better way to start 2019 than a chance to win something? Thanks to Chatty Patty’s Place and Review Wire Media there’s a giveaway hop just for this reason.

Beauty Info Zone’s prize is beauty! As someone who loves eye makeup I’ve chosen to give one US/Canadian subscriber the opportunity to win a KAT VON D Metal Matte Mini Eyeshadow palette along with an Esquido Gel Eyeliner pencil.

KatVonD MetalMatte Mini Eyeshadow Palette and Esquido Gel Eyeliner pencil

“The sold out MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette is back and better than ever in a never-before-seen travel size. Meet MetalMatte Mini, a color-coordinated mashup of warm tones and contrasting textures, celebrating the two sides within everyone—whether it’s soft and romantic, rock ‘n roll, or both.

The palette’s top row features an explosive lineup of bestselling shades in Kat’s Metal Crush Eyeshadow formula, including Thunderstruck, a fan-favorite metallic pearl that doubles as a highlighter. The bottom of the palette is a warm-toned array of buttery mattes, in a range of neutral tones from dark and moody to creamy and light—all in Kat’s signature blendable, pigmented eyeshadow formula.”

KatVonD MetalMatte Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Beside this 10 shadow palette the winner will have their of either a brown or black gel eyeliner pencil from Esquido. Beauty for the beautiful to start 2019 on the right foot.

Each of the participants in the Giveaway Hop provides their own prize. You can enter and hopefully win as many giveaways as you like. The hop is over at 11:59 pm on January 15, 2019 and our prize is open to US and Canadian subscribers. I must be able to see your email subscription for you to be eligible. A comment is the other mandatory entry (Which eyeliner shade do you want to win) while all other Rafflecopter entries are optional but give you more chances to win. If the comment box closes early you can email your answer to [email protected] but be sure you click that you commented on the Rafflecopter for the entry to count.–  Marcia

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Black eyeliner 🙂

  2. Brown

  3. Sally Gearhart says

    I would choose the black eyeliner shade.

  4. Christina O says


  5. Melissa Storms says

    I would like brown eyeliner if I win.

  6. Lyndsey R. says

    I would like the black color if I won. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Megan Wilson says

    I would love the black eyeliner, thank you for the chance!

  8. Antoinette M says

    I would love to win the brown.

  9. I would love to win the brown shade. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Ladonna Wilson says

    I have always wore black eyeliner, tried a different color once and didnt really like it I guess because im so use to the black

  11. Sandy Pincombe says

    I need to wear black as I just don’t feel that I look good in brown.

  12. I would want the black eyeliner!!!

  13. Marilyn Nawara says

    I would like to win the black

  14. Tom Bellamy says

    I would choose the black.

  15. Brown please. KVD is amazing stuff! Thunderstruck is discontinued too! I was thrilled to find some at TJ Maxx recently.

  16. I would like to win the black one!

  17. I would like the black one.

  18. I’d choose the brown one. I have so many blacks that a brown one would make a nice change.

  19. I would love a black liner

  20. jennifer cervantes says

    I would love the black liner if I won.

  21. Jeanna Massman says

    I would love to try the brown.

  22. Sandra Dufoe says

    I would love the black

  23. I would like the black if I win.

  24. Laura Rubenstein says

    I would pick black if I won.

  25. I would like the black if I win.

  26. black would be great

  27. Robin Creager says

    If I won I’d prefer the brown eyeliner over the black.

  28. nicole brown says

    oh i love her products. the black one would be amazing

  29. Black ?

  30. Paula Pennachio says

    If I would win I would want brown

  31. I prefer the black…Thankyou.

  32. Laura DeLaRosa says

    I would choose the black eyeliner.

  33. Amanda Hoffman says

    I would love black

  34. I would choose the black eyeliner.

  35. I’d like the black

  36. Kristen Joiner says

    Brown would be nice. I have a decent black but not a brown

  37. Emma Shetler says

    I would choose either. Brown liner makes your eyes look bigger!

  38. Dorothy Boucher says

    I would take either but black liner is the one I would choose for myself.

  39. Jessica Gronau says

    Black please

  40. I go with browns more myself when I do my eyes and I always have a lot of fun.

  41. Charlene S. says

    I want the brown eyeliner.

  42. I’d love brown

  43. I think Brown looks nice.

  44. Terra L Heck says

    I would like the black shade. Thanks.

  45. I would love to win the black one! Thanks

  46. polly keintz says

    I would love the black one please!

  47. I would like the brown one. THank you

  48. Tara Woods says

    If I win, I would like the black shade.

  49. Christie Roberts says

    brown 🙂

  50. Pauline Milner says

    I would choose black. It is my favorite go to product. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.