2 more from Suns Out! KBShimmer Tri-Thermal Nail Polish Collection Reel Good Time and Pool Shark

KBShimmer Suns Out Collection – photo from KBShimmer website

Summer is here and so is the latest KBShimmer summer nail polish collection – the Suns Out Tri-Thermal Nail Polish Collection. This is a fabulous set of nine stunning polishes that change colors based on temperature. Each polish has three main shades that it shifts through, making your nails a fabulous indicator of just how hot it is in here! As always, the KBShimmer nail polish names are adorable. The polishes feature shifty aurora shimmer and are truly gorgeous.

Last Sunday we reviewed four shades: Slay La Vie, Aft Backwards, Just Glow With It, and Best Buds.  Today I have two more for you: Reel Good Time and Pool Shark.

KBShimmer Reel Good Time Tri-Thermal Nail Polish
KBShimmer Reel Good Time Tri-Thermal Nail Polish
KBShimmer Reel Good Time Tri-Thermal Nail Polish
KBShimmer Reel Good Time Tri-Thermal Nail Polish

Reel Good Time is a good time indeed!  It’s tons of fun watching the major changes in this fabulous polish.  It starts out an eggplant burgundy with coppery red and green aurora shimmer.  As it gets warmer, the eggplant gets more purple, then it turns a very light, feminine orchid pink.  This is different from Aft Backwards which is grape to hot pink…Reel Good Time’s shades are a little more subtle, although the contrast between the shades is still mighty.

KBShimmer Pool Shark Tri-Thermal Nail Polish
KBShimmer Pool Shark Tri-Thermal Nail Polish
KBShimmer Pool Shark Tri-Thermal Nail Polish
KBShimmer Pool Shark Tri-Thermal Nail Polish

Pool Shark starts out as a deep ocean blue with beautiful silver, pink, green, and gold aurora shimmers.  My tips get really dark blue which is so pretty, especially when further down my nail warms up and it turns lighter blue.  The blue goes as light as sky blue when it gets really warm, which just makes me think of a gorgeous welcoming swimming pool…I can’t wait! Pool Shark was a real surprise to me – it looks on the green side in the bottle, but on my nails it’s nothing but blue skies.

These are $11 each and can be purchased on the KBShimmer website as well as at Amazon. They are 5 free and 100% vegan and cruelty free.  Stay tuned because Marcia will soon have the remaining three in the collection to share with you: Grow With the Flow, Aloe There, and That’s S’more Like It.  – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 7th Jun 19

    The pinks and purples that they make are really spectacular!

  2. Jen Mathews | 7th Jun 19

    Oh I love Reel Good Time! I have been wearing thermals lately and they’re so fun!

  3. Courtney | 7th Jun 19

    I worked hard to try to capture the tri color shifts with these polishes. I love this collection.

  4. Jen Walker | 7th Jun 19

    Pool Shark is my favorite from this collection, and it was the one my 6 year old insisted on wearing on his nails.

  5. Kathryne | 7th Jun 19

    These tri thermal nail polishes are so stunning to wear

  6. Never Say Die Beauty | 7th Jun 19

    I haven’t really gotten on board with thermals, but these pretties may make me change my mind. They are really intense looking at all stages!

  7. Nancy Jachcik | 7th Jun 19

    Love the pink to purple hue It reminds me of an ombre effect Really fun to wear in the summer

  8. Kristina | 8th Jun 19

    I’ve yet to try thermal nail polish. I love Reel Good Time though!

  9. monique s | 8th Jun 19

    Love the look and shimmer of these polishes. Great shades for a color pop in summer

  10. Krystal E | 8th Jun 19

    I can’t speak highly enough about the quality KBShimmer puts out. It really makes me happy that she does her research and puts out GOOD products, not just a LOT of products.

  11. Cindy Ingalls | 8th Jun 19

    These thermals are beautiful!

  12. 25 Sweetpeas | 10th Jun 19

    All of these polish look SO so fun!

  13. Mai | 10th Jun 19

    Pool Shark is definitely what I like the most, the blue tones are perfect for summer

  14. Dawn Ransom | 15th Jun 19

    Love these

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