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Yup, I need a break. Yup, I’m happy to take it at the beach. And I am also happy to wear one of the nine gorgeous shades in the KBShimmer Beach Break Collection at the beach and everywhere else. It’s a lovely summer collection that will transport you to the waterfront every time you admire your gorgeous nails.

Beach Break Collection (Photo from KBShimmer)
KBShimmer Knot Today (photo from KBShimmer)
KBShimmer Water Relief (photo from KBShimmer)

I have five of the shades in the Beach Break Collection for review and Marcia has the remaining four. Today I am going to take you to the shore with two shades, Knot Today and Water Relief. Tuesday I will have my other three shades for you – Turtley Awesome, Sun Kissed, and Where My Beaches At?

Knot Today is a nod to white caps made from cruising along in your motorboat. This crelly nail polish has a creamy white base with super pretty metallic flakes of various sizes in pink, green, blue, and gold. KBShimmer says that this shade is like a big white ship with colorful little passengers. I find that it is best applied in three very thin coats. I had to fish around a bit for all the flakes but once I had them I must say I loved this color way more than I expected to! It is a lovely summer shade, soft and refreshing looking.

My second shade today, Water Relief, is also a very refreshing shade – a pale mint crelly with tons of flakes that vary from lime to gold to copper. Just looking at this polish makes me feel so relaxed…I can feel all the tension draining from my body. In fact, this shade really reminds me of the perfect beach spot in Michigan, Torch Lake. It’s Michigan’s deepest inland lake and the color of the water is incredible. It’s so clean you can see right to the bottom.

Michigan’s Torch Lake

Water Relief has a thinner consistency than Knot Today so it’s easy to do three thin coats. One coat and the pale mint looks more pale than mint. The true beauty really comes out in the second and third coats. I absolutely love this Flakie Crelly and plan to wear it next on my toes.

Knot Today and Water Relief are only the beginning of this beach adventure! On Tuesday I will have my review of the magical shimmery Turtley Awesome, the sunset perfect Sun Kissed, and the tri-thermal Where My Beaches At? So stay tuned, and check out the Beach Break Collection before shades start selling out! – Lisa


  1. Debra Branigan | 7th Jun 20

    I adore some of these shades and they would be perfect for the beach. Thank you for the sharing the product.

  2. monique s | 8th Jun 20

    I love the colors and the speckles in this collection. It is fun and very summery

  3. Dana Rodriguez | 8th Jun 20

    These are really pretty. I love the Water Relief shade!

  4. Barbara | 8th Jun 20

    I haven’t tried their polishes before, but am definitely interested now!!!

  5. Polished Hippy | 8th Jun 20

    These are so pretty! I love these kind of flake polishes

  6. Lola Seicento | 8th Jun 20

    Wow, these are really gorgeous. I especially love the one in the very center!

  7. Helga | 8th Jun 20

    What fun and exciting shades and textures! Love this company.

  8. Kathryne | 8th Jun 20

    I love the second shade! I bought like 15 nail polishes from KB Shimmer during the entire lockdown. I love every single shade

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 9th Jun 20

    This is a really pretty collection!

  10. Miranda | 9th Jun 20

    I only recently discovered KB and tried it for myself and I’m obsessed! THe most gorgeous colors!!!

  11. Nina Kasper | 9th Jun 20

    I love Water Relief!!! So stunning and exactly what I need right now!

  12. Glamorable | 9th Jun 20

    oh my word, these are simply stunning! I love this collection and would totally pick up a few shades to try!

  13. Jen Walker | 10th Jun 20

    This whole collection is fabulous! I’m not generally crazy about white polishes, but I have a fondness for Knot Today.

  14. PolishGalore | 10th Jun 20

    I keep telling myself to buy Water Relief! It’s so pretty and unique!

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