MinxNY has added clean fun to my life – and this giveaway could add it to your life


Have you heard of MinxNY? They have a new Spa Collection that makes getting clean fun! Not only are these products fun but they are so reasonably priced that having them will make you one thrilled lady. And it keeps getting better because MinxNY Spa Collection is currently on sale for 20% off.

There are 3 items that they sent – one for me and one for our giveaway winner.

MinxNY Spa Collection

MinxNY Spa Collection

The SPA SHOWER CAP is the cutest and most substantial shower cap I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I only wash my hair a few times a week so a shower cap is a necessity for me when taking a shower. How great is it to get out of your shower and see yourself saying HELLO GORGEOUS! Ain’t that the truth.

Minx Spa Shower Cap

Minx Spa Shower Cap

Minx Spa Shower Cap

Minx Spa Shower Cap

Outside you have a waterproof protective covering while inside you’ll find a soft cotton-polyester terry lining. The terry cloth helps wick away any moisture so you come out dry and gorgeous!

MinxNY Spa Shower Cap

MinxNY Spa Shower Cap

It even comes with a sturdy travel bag so you have no excuse not to take it on a vacation.

WIPE OUT! MAKE-UP REMOVER CLOTH is a Kissable product! Everyone will want to kiss your soft skin after you’ve used this. And you’ll want to feel how soft your face is after the gentle exfoliation.

MinxNY Kissable Make-Up Remover Cloth

MinxNY Kissable Make-Up Remover Cloth

This 2-in-1 cleansing cloth is available in pink or blue and does double duty. Use it to remove makeup without cleanser and/or you can use this as an exfoliator cloth. The steps are easy.

MinxNY Kissable Make-Up Remover Cloth

MinxNY Kissable Make-Up Remover Cloth

Wet the cloth and rub it outwardly across your face and neck. Rewet the cloth, squeeze and let the cosmetics go down the drain. Keep doing that until the water runs clear.

MinxNY Kissable Make-Up Remover Cloth

MinxNY Kissable Make-Up Remover Cloth

Now to exfoliate turn it to the other side and repeat but this time add your facial cleanser onto the Wipeout Cleansing Cloth. Now use it going INWARDS on your face. So you’re going in the opposite direction to very gently exfoliate. There’s nothing harsh about it. When you’ve squeezed out the water just hang it to air dry.

MinxNY Kissables Exfoliating Mitt

MinxNY Kissables Exfoliating Mitt

Let’s not forget your body and for that there’s the KISSABLES EXFOLIATING MITT. While this can be used on your face too it’s your body that’s going to love this gentle but efficient exfoliation mitt.

MinxNY Kissables Exfoliating Mitt

MinxNY Kissables Exfoliating Mitt

I love this and love that I can use this over and over again. The mitt fits securely but not tightly over your hand. You have the option of using a cleanser or just lukewarm water. Rub it over your skin and you’ve quickly exfoliated. You’ll be surprised how many layers of dead skin will be removed without you feeling uncomfortable.

MinxNY Kissables Exfoliating Mitt

MinxNY Kissables Exfoliating Mitt

The mitt itself is 100% Viscose and feels gentle against your skin but don’t worry since it has a job and it does that job well. If you have ingrown hairs expect them to be long gone after this Exfoliating Mitt.

MinxNY Spa Collection

MinxNY Spa Collection

I’m excited that I’ve been introduced to MinxNY and their Spa Collection. There’s nothing like a beauty day at home and they’ve contributed to mine for sure.  —  Marcia

Now for the good news! MinxNY has sent me a second set just for one of our subscribers. The winner will receive all three of these products to have their own Spa Days at home. US only. You m.u.s.t. be a Beauty Info Zone email subscriber and you must comment. I seem to say that every other day but some people don’t follow those simple rules and they always get disqualified! Don’t let that be you. This giveaway is open through 5/25/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. All directions are in the Rafflecopter.

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*products sent for consideration and to facilitate review


  1. Teresa L Koedyker says

    I love the 3 things you received!! Definitely going to be checking there page out!!

  2. Teresa L Koedyker says

    I commented on the Ysaline wrinkle cream!! It looks wonderful!!

  3. I have a cleansing cloth that I bought a while back and I have to say is something I totally enjoy! But, how cool is it that this one has an exfoliating side? Absolutely want one of those. I would be most excited about the cap since I really need a good one and since it comes with its own travel bag it would be perfect.

  4. the wrinkle cream looks fantastic

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  6. gloria patterson says

    I think MinxNY Kissables Exfoliating Mitt looks like I would really love it the most

    Of course no favorites are aloud 🙂

  7. Vicki Wurgler says

    I would like the WIPE OUT! MAKE-UP REMOVER CLOTH

  8. Never heard of this product line so thanks for the review. I think the MinxNY Exfoliating Mitt would be a great product to try!

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  10. Oh my gosh…I love these products! Funny as it sounds, I Love the hair cap…it looks so comfortable with the terry cloth inside…not your grandma’s cap!

  11. I could use something less rough than the pumice stone I currently use for exfoliation. The pretty pink exfoliating cloth would be my fave to win here. They all look fun to collect.

  12. Jennifer b says

    I would love to try the cleansing cloth

  13. janetfaye says

    I like Wipeout Cleansing Cloth.

  14. Michelle Castagne says

    I like the Exfoliating Mitt My skin would love this.

  15. The exfoliating mitt would be great for my skin and I’d love another shower cap so I can stop using my cheap plastic ones.

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    My favourtie would be the makeup remover. I’m always so lazy with that. Bad, I know, but this would make it so much easier.

  27. Nora Grahe says

    I love it all yet have to say my fav is the KISSABLES EXFOLIATING MITT!

  28. Nora Grahe says

    I have left a few “Comments” on IT Cosmetics and Ysaline Cream! Thank YOU so much for the chance to Win! I need some good luck a lot right now!

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