Bouncing my way to beauty with Beauty Junkees

I’ve been a devoted bouncer ever since the first pink makeup sponge became available. At the time I was the editor of a beauty forum and we’d talk at length about this sponge and wonder who would spend $20 on a sponge. I wasn’t the first to take the plunge but I was the second and it converted me to a believer. I bounce my foundation on for a perfectly smooth and blended application.

I no longer have to spend $20 for one sponge though because Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge set was sent my way and I’m in bouncing heaven. Beauty Junkees sponge set gives me 4 uniquely shaped sponges to use for … hold onto your seat … $14.97. I was amazed by the price but what amazes me more is the quality of these sponges.

Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge Set
Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge Set

There are 4 sponges so there’s even enough for the person that “borrows” your beauty items (and doesn’t return). But you might just fight for the right to use them all.

Beauty Junkees makeup blending sponges
Beauty Junkees makeup blending sponges

Starting with the basics, this is the best way to use these blending sponges:

  1. Get the sponge wet by holding it under water while softly squeezing the sponge so it absorbs the water. You’ll notice that it doubles in size and becomes soft.
  2. Now gently squeeze out the excess water since you don’t want this drenched. It’s recommended to dry it with a soft towel too so that the sponge feels damp.
  3. It’s application time – apply the product onto the dampened sponge and bounce, aka stipple, the product onto your skin. Do NOT rub back and forth or you take away to specialness of using the sponge.
  4. There are so many products you can use with a sponge so having a variety is an ace in the hole. Try skincare, concealers, blush, and foundation.
Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponges
Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponges

Let’s start with the Pink Teardrop since that’s the standard one that everyone wants. To me this is the perfect sponge. I use the bottom for foundation on my entire face. The curve allows it to blend well along my jawline while the point is great for the area around my nose and eyes.

Beauty Junkees Pink Teardrop
Beauty Junkees Pink Teardrop

The Purple Pear can be used for all of the above areas but because it has an ergonomically designed shape it helps with grip. It’s great for the wider areas of your face.

Beauty Junkees Purple Pear
Beauty Junkees Purple Pear

The Green Oval is the slimmest one and helps with more exact application. I like to blend cream blush with it since I can erase errors when I go too wide and I can blend the edges so that there’s no harsh lines.

Beauty Junkees Green Oval
Beauty Junkees Green Oval

The Blue Sculptor is the most versatile of the 4 brushes and the one I like to use dry at times. The flat bottom works well to dip into a loose transparent powder and bounce on my skin. It doesn’t pick up too much powder and once I’m done I can go over it to soften the look even more.  It’s also a great one for applying moisturizers, SPF, neck creams, and night creams.

Beauty Junkees Blue Sculptor
Beauty Junkees Blue Sculptor

When I was reading the directions I learned how to clean these the best way. I never thought to do this but it works and you can do this with brushes too. Use olive oil along with soap and water. The rationale is that oil will clean oil. The first time I did this I was amazed at how clean my sponge came out. Use warm water to moisten the sponge, use a dime size amount of olive oil along with a gentle soap. Massage the sponge under running water until there’s no makeup residue coming out. Then squeeze out the excess water and let it air dry. I love this method.

Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge Set on Amazon
Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge Set on Amazon

4 sponges, 4 + uses and 4 beautifully bright colors can now make up your sponge wardrobe from now on. Beauty Junkees is sold on Amazon with free shipping if you have Prime or have the minimum Amazon order to receive free shipping. At $14.97 currently it’s a total steal ($3.74 per sponge!). The quality is excellent and the uses many.

Are you a bouncer? Beauty Junkees can make you one!! — Marcia

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  1. Destany | 8th Apr 16

    I might need to check these out! I have one sponge and really need to expand my collection.

  2. Lola Seicento | 8th Apr 16

    These are such great sponges! I am always amazed by the great quality and affordability of their products!

  3. Babi | 8th Apr 16

    I think I might pick up this set! Such an affordable price point!

  4. Stacie | 8th Apr 16

    Ok, I need this set! I have the regular beauty blender in a variety of colors, but this is such a great deal! I need to use your suggestions on applying different products with the sponge. I never thought about those, nor did I ever consider using oil to clean a sponge. I learn something new every day!

  5. Julie | 8th Apr 16

    I’m loving the purple pear, it fits so nicely in my hand!!

  6. Polarbelle | 8th Apr 16

    Olive oil to cleanse out oil products!!!! That’s genius!!!!!!! I have the Beauty Junkees black sponge that comes in the highlight and contour set and it’s the best I’ve used

  7. Sandy Pincombe | 8th Apr 16

    Thanks Marcia. Never thought of using olive oil but it makes sense.

  8. Linda M | 8th Apr 16

    I had no idea there were so many different shaped sponges.

  9. Nidia - Lit From Within | 9th Apr 16

    I have gone back and forth between sponges and brushes, but the unique and useful shapes of these makes me want to try them all. This brand is getting such great buzz, too!

  10. Zoey | 9th Apr 16

    Do the sponges get moldy after a while from being wet and sitting out?

  11. Christine Wagner | 9th Apr 16

    I need to check out these sponges, I have one large and one mini , and they are starting to look sad.

  12. Laura Sorvillo | 9th Apr 16

    I’m going to re-try my sponge after reading this. #BOUNCE 🙂

  13. Anastasia | 9th Apr 16

    I think I’ll stick with my beautyblender, but it’s nice to know there are more affordable alternatives 🙂

  14. Honeygirlk | 9th Apr 16

    I totally need to check out this set because I love beauty junkees. I use coconut oil for everything and I love that it keeps my brushes soft… I use a little with my beauty blender and it works great.

  15. beautyin | 9th Apr 16

    @Zoey, I’ve never found them to get moldy. I wring out the sponges well with my hands and then on a towel before I set them out to try. It’s recommended to replace sponges every 3 months which is why this price level is so great. Actually the set could last a year if you only used one at a time.

  16. Justina | 9th Apr 16

    I never thought to clean these things with oil, soap and water. I can never get mine clean. Totally trying that!

  17. Bailey | 10th Apr 16

    These look so great! I love the price point too.

  18. Terri S | 11th Apr 16

    These sponges sound fantastic! I will definitely be added them to my shopping cart on Amazon! Thank you for your great review!

  19. Lisa Brown | 11th Apr 16

    fun shapes and a good price.

  20. Cybele Parsignault | 11th Apr 16

    I just bookmarked these in amazon to pick up next time I place an order. Thanks for the heads up!!

  21. Laurie Nykaza | 12th Apr 16

    So glad to read your review I love the price and how you have shared which one works best for what task your doing thanks now i know what to buy and how to use it.

  22. Shilpa Shetty | 12th Apr 16

    Waaw, awesome,…

  23. Kat Dinges | 13th Apr 16

    I am such a makeup sponge noob still. I have a beauty blender still in its original packaging.

  24. Maryann D. | 16th Apr 16

    Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge set seems wonderful. The price is terrific and I do like the shapes and colors and I bet they really are terrific to use.

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