The Beauty Spotlight Team wants to know ‘What’s in Marcia’s purse’

Welcome to our new series on The Beauty Spotlight Team. Every other week one of the bloggers from our team is going to show you what bag they carry and what’s inside. As you can see I’m first.

My Stella & Dot Crossover bag

My Stella & Dot Crossover bag

I’m a big purse lady. Not quite a BAG LADY but sometimes I feel like I’m carrying everything but the kitchen sink around. My everyday bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs that I bought from Shopbop. After my summer accident though I wasn’t comfortable carrying around the world so I’ve been carrying this STELLA & DOT bag that I bought in the spring. It’s smaller and lighter but it doesn’t hold everything. Let me show you what I have crammed into it though.

side view when unzipped

side view when unzipped

front when the sides are zipped

front when the sides are zipped

Luckily the sides unzip so I can get more in there. To load it up I’ll unzip, fill and then, using all my might, rezip.

Purse contents

Purse contents

1) The most important item is my iPhone (it should be my wallet but I’m more lost without my phone). I have a 4S and this is the case I reviewed over a year ago, I’m not tired of it yet. The phone is my bestie.

2) My Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet is fabulous! I love it so much. I bought it at Shopbop and it looks as good after a year as when it was new. Of course it’s loaded to the gills with credit cards, gift cards, papers, pictures of my two little ones and even a little money.

3) In my big purse I carry a key chain that weighs as much as my granddaughter. I have a big hot pink caribiner with two sets of car keys, my home keys, my mother’s keys, and all the little reward cards. But when I carry this bag all that can fit in is one set of car keys, my home keys and half of the Mont Bleu heart key ring.

4) A small brush, old habits die hard, and a pen.

5) The small beaded lipstick case (a gift from a lovely friend) holds any pills I take.

6) A cosmetic bag which is one of the many I have from Ipsy.

My cosmetic bag

my cosmetic bag

No self respecting Beauty Blogger would go out without a cosmetic bag and I’m no exception. I should probably carry a smaller one but I get the necessities in this.

an inside peek

an inside peek

daily makeup

daily makeup

The contents of my cosmetic bag:

– my favorite small mirror (it has hearts on it!!!)

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm since my lips are perpetually dry

Eddie Funkhouser liquid eyeliner which is my favorite black liquid liner ever. I have another one in my bathroom. Even if I wear another shade of eyeliner I can always go over it with black.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 535  a glossy mauve MLBB shade for me

E.L.F. Pink Lemonade blush stick, my $2 bargain product that’s great for on the go

MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW15, a concealer I can count on

Too Faced Melted Peony Liquified Long Wear Lipcolor for a change of pace

– an eyeglass cleaning cloth, a hair tie and some Poise Microlinerspurse closed

This Stella & Dot bag is only 10″x 7″ so it can’t hold the Matchbox cars, crayons, 3 more pens, business card case, full set of keys, oodles of papers and coupons, iPad mini and other products I just can’t stand being without.

What do you have in your purse? Can you neatly fit it in a smaller one? I’m looking forward to future “what’s in my purse” posts and I hope you enjoyed mine. — Marcia


  1. I love your choices, Marcia! I love your Marc Jacobs Zip Around Wallet! I have a couple of Zip Around Wallets and love them so much! I somehow expected that you would have carried far more lippies, and have to say that I am completely impressed that you really took a much more sensible approach to your makeup bag than I do. I actually was planning on going through mine this weekend because i am carrying far too many things in it. Like you, I switch up the bags that I use depending on where I am going or what I am doing. I have small purses for the times that I don’t need to schlep tons of stuff, and bigger purses for the times that I decide to bring the kitchen sink along with me. Then I have my big bag for the days that I am on campus teaching, and it’s those times that I carry more teaching materials and fewer personal things. Even then, I carry far more lippies than any “normal” human being needs to carry! I love this post, and can’t wait to see what everyone else carries around with them!

  2. My purse is a total mess, haha! I have at least a dozen lip products in there, my Kenneth Cole wallet and my cell phone, plus a bunch of papers.

  3. Chris from The Makeuptrain – my larger Marc Jacobs bag is usually like digging in a well. That’s why the small Stella & Dot purse is so great.

  4. Lola, sometimes I’ll find 8 lipsticks in my larger bag. It’s always surprises me because I forget I put them there. This Marc Jacobs wallet is the best one I’ve ever owned. I never had a zip around before and it is a pleasure. Plus I adore the blue shade.

  5. Hey Marcia, wow I am amazed by the amount of stuff you can actually fit in this tiny bag! I always carry a medium-sized bag because I need my water bottle and umbrella with me. Smaller bags just won’t do! I can’t wait to do my post. I’ve never done this because I can never decide if I want to do a “sanitized” version or just show people all the random stuff I have in my bag, but now I know I want to do “all the random stuff” thing!

  6. It’s impressive you can fit all that into the little bag. Usually I use a medium-sized tote with my Michael Kors wallet, cosmetic bag with the essentials, my iPhone, key ring (car, home, work, parent’s house, grandparent’s house), a tin of breath mints, a chico bag for last minute shopping, a small hair brush, hand sanitizer, a pen, a nail file, a packet of tissues, an EOS lip balm, and hand cream. I keep more private things hidden in the pocket inside my purse such as sanitary pads, pain killers, glasses wipes, and eye drops. On the weekends, or trips, when I know I am going to be doing a lot of walking a change over to a small crossbody and I downgrade to just my car and home keys, iPhone, hand sanitizer, tissues, lip balm, and whatever lip color I am wearing for the day. I made it my resolution this year to organize all my store discount cards since I had so many; I use an app called Key Ring which is great.

  7. Your handbag is very organized. I carry a large one and it’s very messy. Lots of coupons and old receipts inside it. I do a clean up everytime I change bags but it somehow gets cluttered again.

  8. ūüėÄ I just love how you have an extra lipstick for a change of pace! I do exactly the same thing, with maybe *cough* 8otherlipsticks *cough*, although I see form the comments that I’m in good company there ^_^.

    I’m so impressed at how you fit all of these things into such an elegant little bag. Truly, you have the power. For me one of the biggest advantages of carrying around a smaller bag (when I do) is that the Wizard can’t utter those classic words ‘Can I put this in your bag?’ (having, of course, rolled his eyes at the size of the bag in the first place…)

  9. Sylirael, I usually have 8 lipsticks but I’m so careful with this smaller bag.

  10. Iris, my bag is only organized because it’s crammed. My big purse seems to multiply papers and receipts.

  11. Thanks for the suggestion of Key Ring Kelly. Those tags get in the way so I keep them in a change purse in my larger purse but that’s so crammed that I have to take them all out. You could be saving me time. I almost always carry tissues too, if I’ve got this small purse though I keep them in my coat pocket.

  12. Thanks Sunny. I’d be embarrassed to show all the junk in my everyday purse. With grandchildren around twice a week it’s like I’m a mommy again. I come prepared even though I’ll carry a backpack with their things inside too.

  13. I have tried and tried over the years to pare down the contents of my purse, but I never succees. I would love to carry a smart little crossbody bag and feel like I have everything I need. I dump my bag out with the though of de-cluttering and as I start to add items back into the bag, the only thing left is a couple of gum wrappers, a gas receipt and maybe a crumpled kleenex. I guess I’m a packrat. Oddly enough, I don’t carry much makeup at all with me.

  14. Judy H, I’m totally a pack rat. It’s in my genes. I usually dump my big purse on the bed and can’t believe what I’ve thrown in there.


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