Pick just 5 products from Pixi Beauty? Ooh that’s hard.

It’s Marcia’s turn to be Queen for the Day with the Beauty Spotlight Team. We’ve each chosen a brand that we love to showcase for our readers. You’ve read Never Say Die Beauty’s Too Faced picks along with Justina’s Clinique favorites. Now that it’s my turn I’m picking Pixi Beauty because I wear something from Pixi every single day.pixi-favorites-all

Pixi Beauty is in a class of its own. It’s an independent beauty company that has reasonable mass market prices with department store quality. You can buy most of their line by going to your closest Target or by ordering online through Target.com or on Pixi’s website where you’ll find even more products from them.                                                                       press samples, personal products

Choosing just 5 was a chore since I easily could have chosen a dozen but I narrowed it down as I’m a rule follower. All of my choices are so reasonably priced that your wallet will barely weigh less after picking these up.

Pixi Beauty Summer Glow palette
Pixi Beauty Summer Glow palette

Pixi by Petra has many great palettes so why did I choose the Summer Glow palette (Palette Bronzette) when summer is coming to an end? Two reasons – 1) it’s a great quality palette with eye shades and face shades and 2) it’s being discontinued so I wanted you to get in on the fact that this $28 palette is now only $14 while it lasts. With 12 shadows and liners and 3 facial products this works all year round. “Gilded bronzes, taupes & peaches for eyes + matte bronze, golden beige highlight & pink sheen for complexion.” I have gotten more use out of this Bronzette Palette than any of my Pixi Palettes. Perfect for travel and at $14 you don’t want to miss out.

Pixi Beauty Brow Powder Palette
Pixi Beauty Brow Powder Palette

This brow palette is my most used item from Pixi and I’ll soon be buying a backup. I’ve tried so many brow products and liked most but I love the Pixi Brow Powder palette. As you can see from this recent picture there are two shades that get tons of love while the others get used once in a while but those two shades are perfection for me. It’s hard for me to believe that this 6 color palette is only $12. My hair color changes every 3-4 weeks so it’s easy for me to vary the color of these powders. They are thick enough to stick around, they aren’t powdery meaning no fallout, and this removes easily with water which means less hair to lose. If I had to pick just one item of the 5 this Pixi Brow Powder Palette would be my keeper.

Pixi Multibalms
Pixi Multibalms
Pixi Multibalms: top Baby Petal, Sheer Sculpt, Soft Strawberry; bottom Watermelon Veil, Wild Rose
Pixi Multibalms: top Baby Petal, Sheer Sculpt, Soft Strawberry; bottom Watermelon Veil, Wild Rose

Pixi Multibalms are my newest love from Pixi Beauty. (Be sure you enter my giveaway to win them!) I’m a huge fan of cream products and almost always pick a cream blush over a powder blush. I’ve been wearing one every day since I received these. There’s one for every color wardrobe and one for every mood. If you twist my arm to ask my favorites I’d pick Watermelon Veil and Wild Rose. At $12 each you can have several for the price of one from a different brand. The Multibalms are great for an easy on the go lip color too so you’ll look coordinated. These are infused with aloe vera, shea butter and rose hip oil adding to my love for these.

Pixi Skintreats Nourishing Lip Polish
Pixi Skintreats Nourishing Lip Polish

Picking out just one lip product from the many wonderful ones that Pixi Beauty has was the hardest task of all. I love the shea butter lip balms, tinted brilliance balm crayons and Mattelustre lipsticks. But the product that gets used daily is the Nourishing Lip Polish. Another $12 product that is a 2-in-1 lip exfoliator and nourisher. Not only does it protect my dry lips but it has a circulation factor with the unique applicator. You massage the sweet nutrient rich formula onto your lips with the applicator. You’ll want one in every bathroom, your purse, and nightstand.

Pixi by Petra Nail Colours
Pixi by Petra Nail Colours

Nobody ever talks about Pixi’s Nail Colours and I don’t know why. They are terrific. They are 3 free and chip resistant. There are 42 shades for only $8 each. These slim bottles last for many manicures yet take up a small amount of space in my collection. Shown above are Gilded Garnet, Amethyst Amore, Fuchsia Dew and Sweet Strawberry. I’ve found some on sale at my local Target so I’m always checking for them. Like all products from Pixi they are cruelty-free. A Pixi polish is always a fun addition to my life.

While these are my favorites they are just at the top of a long list of products I recommend from Pixi Beauty. What about you? Any favorites from Pixi? Any you know you need to add ASAP?  —  Marcia

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  1. Lola Seicento | 10th Sep 16

    What great picks, Marcia! I immediately went to buy that Palette Bronzette, and it has already sold out! 🙁

  2. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 10th Sep 16

    I so agree on all of these. PIXI is a fabulous brand across the board! IDK if I could even pick just 5! =O

  3. Joyce Chitwood | 10th Sep 16

    I want to try those cheek balms so bad. They look Beautiful. I have the Blush and Cheek palette in Summer Glow. So happy to know I have it already. I would be scrambling to buy it. Not that I don’t have a coupon from the Target Box that’s burning up lol. Thanks so much for sharing b

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  5. Amber | 11th Sep 16

    These are such great choices! I agree, Pixi nail polishes are awesome! That brow palette is something I need to pick up. I love that it has a variety of shades to mix.

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  7. Marcia from the Beauty Spotlight Team shares 5 Favorites from Pixi Beauty | | 11th Sep 16

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  8. Destany | 12th Sep 16

    I really like the look of those Multi balms!

  9. Never Say Die Beauty | 12th Sep 16

    The Summer Glow palette certainly is a bargain for $14 for everything that you get! Pixi is a brand I need to get to know better

  10. Nancy Reyes | 12th Sep 16

    we would love these in our house, My niece loves getting makeup, She can start her own store.

  11. CosmetopiaDigest | 12th Sep 16

    Gosh, I could never restrict myself to just five products from Pixi. I love their lip balms, the palettes, the eyeliners, the skincare… everything, really!

  12. Phyrra | 12th Sep 16

    I need to give the multibalm a try

  13. Erika | 12th Sep 16

    I need to try this brand. I just wish that they were available locally so that I could see before buying.

  14. Aleya Bamdad | 12th Sep 16

    I have their shadow palette and love it. I’ve been wanting to try those lippies forever though. They look so nice.

  15. Liz Mays | 12th Sep 16

    They really do seem to have some nice products. I’d probably like their multibalms a lot!

  16. Elizabeth O. | 12th Sep 16

    I’m not much into make-up but I do like having the basics around in case I need to put some on. I think that palette is lovely and it’s packed with colors that I normally use!

  17. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 12th Sep 16

    I really want to try the multibalms!

  18. Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com | 12th Sep 16

    The brow palette would definitely be on my list too.

  19. Kath Thefabzilla | 13th Sep 16

    My number one favorite from them is the lip exfoliator

  20. Anastasia | 13th Sep 16

    PIXI has some seriously amazing products! I think I might steal this idea for a future post because I just have so much of their stuff here.

  21. Jessica Scull | 13th Sep 16

    Awesome picks! I love Pixi!

  22. victoria | 13th Sep 16

    What a great picks! They are all lovely. I would love to try the multibalms

  23. Travel Blogger | 13th Sep 16

    Those shades are super cute. I can see why you struggled to pick 5.

  24. Rose Pingol | 13th Sep 16

    Oh, this is really hard! I like cosmetics too and I can’t live without any of them!

  25. Ryan Escat | 13th Sep 16

    These are not my things but I am so sure that my son and my sister will love this post. I will share this with them.

  26. Rose Ann Sales | 13th Sep 16

    I like the Watermelon Veil lipstick shade. Anything just pink! I can’t live without it!

  27. Nicole Escat | 13th Sep 16

    Oh my gosh! I can’t pick my favorites! I love all these products, I am a huge fan of beauty essentials.

  28. Nicole Etolen | 13th Sep 16

    I haven’t tried products from Pixi but they look so irresistible! I would like to try them all, I love the lips shades most!

  29. Julie | 13th Sep 16

    The multibalms are so nice!!

  30. Honeygirlk | 13th Sep 16

    I need to get my hands on some Pixi palettes, these are gorgeous for sure.

  31. Louise Bishop | 13th Sep 16

    I hate being given choices lol It feels impossible to choose, like a life-changing decision!

  32. NORAH | 13th Sep 16

    The lipsticks look very nice, believe it or not, apart from a highlighter, I haven’t tried much from Pixi

  33. Bailey | 13th Sep 16

    I need to find somewhere to order Pixi that doesn’t cost a fortune to ship here. My want list keeps growing!

  34. Nidia - Lit From Within | 13th Sep 16

    I just wore a Pixi polish earlier this week – a lovely dark purple..something Dahlia. They are so nice, but I admit, I only pick them up on sale because it’s such a little bottle for $8 at my Target. My Pixi needs to get more love from me – every time I use it, I love it, but it does get lost in my vast makeup collection sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

  35. Aziel Morte | 15th Sep 16

    Oh my gosh. I like it the Pixi’s Nail Colours. I’m excited to put it on my nails so that I can be fabulous and gorgeous girl in my campus.

  36. Justina | 15th Sep 16

    Great picks! I just tried some of their mascaras and I was impressed!

  37. Joyce Chitwood | 18th Sep 16

    I have the Palette. Yeah!! Someone gifted it to me and so happy they did. I just posted a pic of what Pixi products I have which isn’t many. I took advantage of the Iosy offer with two matte Lustre lipsticks and brush. They r really nice lipsticks. One of Hiney Bare and the Other is Berry? Can’t remember right now. Been trying them out and they r very comfortable. I really would like to to try the multi balms. I want to to try a stick colour. Always up for blushes. Thanks so much for sharing.

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