Beauty Junkees Side by Side Part 1: Powder Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkees pro Powder Makeup Brush Set

Not much makes our hearts go pitter-patter faster than the sight of gorgeous makeup brush sets, and Beauty Junkees has the BIZ all a flutter with some great brush sets that really good quality and very reasonably priced.  The bristles are synthetic and they are soft yet firm, so they pick up color and blend beautifully.  It’s good stuff that all beauty junkies will love!

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Beauty Junkees pro Powder Makeup Brush Set

Today I have the Pro Powder Makeup Brush Set, and tomorrow Marcia will have the Duo Fiber set for you.

The 3 piece Pro Powder Makeup Brush Set ($20) comes with a pink satin lined zippered pouch.  Inside are three brushes with synthetic bristles:  the Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush, the Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush, and the Pro Setting Powder Brush.  These are brushes are for loose and pressed powders for face and body, and they work with mineral powders, blushes, contour powders, and highlighters.

Left to right: Pro Setting Powder Brush, Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush, Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush

A few general details about these brushes:

  • High Density Synthetic Taklon Bristles – Vegan Friendly
  • Solid Wood Handle
  • Double Crimped Copper Ferrule
  • Does Not Shed
  • Works Best with Powders & Minerals
Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush

The Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush is a nice big fluffy brush for loose finishing powder.  It’s flatter than some finishing powder brushes – I have a few that are like big round balls that are fun, but they certainly don’t travel well.  This one does the job and is a little more practical.  I like how it’s soft enough to make you super sensitive folks happy, but firm enough to hold onto that powder so it’s not flying around the room and up my nose, making me cough and sneeze all over.

Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush

The Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush is a favorite because it is a great mulitasker.  It’s wonderful for blush, highlighter, contour, mineral foundation…this baby does it all, and does it all well!  It blends and buffs like a dream.  Love it.

The Pro Setting Powder Brush gets the least amount of play from me.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice…but it’s not really a necessity.  This is meant for applying loose powder over concealer under the eye to set the concealer and prevent creasing.  Nice, but…not really necessary.  Beauty Junkees also recommends spraying the bristles with some setting spray then dabbing under the eye to really guarantee no creases.

Inside the zippered bag – the Beauty Junkees pro Powder Makeup Brush Set

Overall, this is a terrific set.  I would pay the $20 for the Large Powder Brush and the Brush Blush alone anyway, and the zippered case is wonderful.  I love my set and I can’t wait to read what Marcia thinks about her set tomorrow!  – Lisa


  1. Gabrielle | 23rd Sep 17

    I have a set of Beauty Junkees eyeshadow brushes and I adore them. I am not a bit surprised that these are excellent as well.

  2. Lynne B | 23rd Sep 17

    I like everything I’ve been reading about Beauty Junkees makeup brushes! I think I’m going to get the set of eyeshadow brushes for my daughter for Christmas!

  3. Shilpa Shetty | 24th Sep 17

    I love makeup brushes,.. These look absolutely stunning,..

  4. Never Say Die Beauty | 25th Sep 17

    I love the BJ brush sets that I have. I have a number of these brushes in other sets from Beauty Junkees and I love them

  5. Lola Seicento | 25th Sep 17

    I love their brushes, and these look great!

  6. CosmetopiaDigest | 25th Sep 17

    I’ve been seeing a lot of these brushes. They look very soft and dense!

  7. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 25th Sep 17

    What a great set and at such a great price!

  8. Kathryne | 25th Sep 17

    Yes, I have this set as well. I love the set as always

  9. The Beauty of Life | 26th Sep 17

    Those brushes look lovely!

  10. Bailey | 26th Sep 17

    These brushes look incredible, especially for the price.

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