Bye Bye Beauty Army – I’m done with you

Beauty Army mailer

Beauty Army mailer

Beauty Army is a monthly subscription service that I’ve been buying on and off for a few years. What I like about it is that you can skip a month without a problem. But that’s about the extent of what I like. Let me show you my latest box to see if you agree with me.

Beauty Army box inside

Beauty Army box inside

Number 1 reason to quit: The price of Beauty Army has been raised to $12.99 and they now charge shipping. It used to cost $12 a month with free shipping but not now.

Number 2 reason to quit: Beauty Army used to put the items in the cutest small cigar style box that you could use to store items. Now it’s just the outer mailer. That wouldn’t be bad if the items had improved, but have they?

The storage box it USED to come in.

The storage box it USED to come in.

Number 1 reason to stay with Beauty Box: You get to pick your samples. You fill out a questionnaire, which you can change at any time, and they generate 9 samples for you. You can pick up to 6 (I always picked 6).

Number 3 reason to quit: Beauty Army has samples and rarely anything more. This month I did get a full size item as a choice and that’s why I decided to try it. That was before I knew they raised the price.

Number 4 reason to quit: You have a window of 5 days to pick your samples. If you don’t pick within those 5 days, they’ll pick for you and not necessarily from your questionnaire. I missed the email one month about making my selection and they sent me a package with nothing I could use.

Number 5 reason to quit: Unlike most services there’s no perks like earning points towards more products, no discount on full size items if you bought them and not even a referral credit.

Here’s what I received in my January 2015 Beauty Army. What do you think of it?

Beauty Army for January 2015

Beauty Army for January 2015

Cosmetics included beauty army cosmetics

– a mini nail polish from Pretty Woman in a bright summery pink cream. Nice shade at least but it really is small.

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands. Now this is the reason that I decided to order. I’ve been wanting to try Burt’s Bees lip crayons and the color is right up my alley.

Burt's Bees Sedona Sands lip crayon

Burt’s Bees Sedona Sands lip crayon

Burt's Bees Sedona Sands lip crayon swatch

Burt’s Bees Sedona Sands lip crayon swatch

The rest is skincare since there were no other cosmetic choices.

Skincare samples

Skincare samples

– deluxe sample size of L’Oreal Revitalif Anti Wrinkle & Firming Eye

– sample pump of AminoCare moisturizing cream

– sample tube of Skin + Co Truffle Therapy Serum

Michael Todd samples

Michael Todd samples

– 4 packets of Michael Todd True Organics products (Cleanse & Tone, Hydration Boost Facial Serum, Wild Rose Petal Creamy Body Wash, and Citrus Cream Moisturizer)

Would you pay almost $15 for this? I am using the Burt’s Bees lip crayon but everything else is going in the contest pile as extras for BIZ giveaways. The skincare samples feel like ones that Sephora lets you pick as freebies when you order. What’s your take on this? — Marcia

*nothing to disclose – check my Ipsy January package later today to see the difference



  1. Wow, that’s quite a bummer! Sounds like there are much better boxes to subscribe to!

  2. This is a terrible value! It looks like you paid $15.00 for a Burt Bees lip crayon! All the little samples are just freebies that companies give away for free! Please let them know your disappointment and cancel ASAP!

  3. I’m glad that Carol and Amber agree with me. I should have known better. One month they actually sent full size items but not since.

  4. that’s why I rarely do subscription boxes. I never feel I break even.

  5. Denise, I’d probably stop if I weren’t blogging. Beauty Army is going no matter what. But I’ll keep Ipsy and Glossybox.

  6. I don’t blame you for quitting. Wise choice.

  7. Those are some tiny samples, apart from the Burt’s Bees crayon and the box doesn’t make sense for the price. Ipsy was very good this month.

  8. Renu, I found out that the Skin & Co Truffle Serum is an expensive product so I guess the sample isn’t that bad but I just can’t bother with spending the money on this again.