Putting it all together – my skincare regimen

It has to be confusing to read blogs and see the variety of products that a blogger uses and reviews. I know I’ve asked myself “well what does she really use”. This is a summary of the skincare I’ve been using for at least the last several months. I’ve tested a few things too but this review shows what I’ve gone back to. At the moment I’m very happy with the way my skin is looking. I’m not having the dehydration and dryness that I experienced last winter and I know that’s the result of these products. I’m about to test out a new line of products that I’m excited about and can only hope that they will help me continue with a better complexion. In the meantime here’s what has been making me happy.


I wash with ENZOSKIN Rinse Off Cleansing Cream.

Next I tone with ENZOSKIN Rose Silk Facial Toner.

For serum I’ve been using Marie Louise Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC.

The sunscreen I’m using is by Rodan & Fields.

My daytime eye cream is Senna Lift and Lighten Eye Cream which I sometimes mix with concealer.

My moisturizer is also from Marie Louise,  Crème a-VC. Unfortunately, as you can see by my photo, I’ve finished up this moisturizer but I’ll be purchasing it in the future since I love what it’s done for me.

All of these products (except the sunscreen) have been reviewed and you can click on the links to see the reviews rather than my repeating what I love about these. I’m 100% sold on every one of them and not only recommend them to you but my plans are to buy them when I run out.


I’m mostly using Marie Louise Cleansing Clear Gel for cleansing  and Marie Louise Restoration Clear Gel for exfoliation. I have used others when I’m in the mood to use my Clarisonic  but I especially love Cleansing Clear Gel if I have foundation on since it really gets my skin clean.

Toner again is ENZOSKIN Rose Silk Toner plus about twice a week I use one from Rodan & Fields for skin lightening.

Now for the products I haven’t mentioned before: BEAUTISOL 99% Pure Peptide Rescue, Eye Want and Eye Bright. Lisa reviewed these products and it created a want in my life so I purchased them in December and have been using them since. Directions for the 99% Pure Peptide Rescue suggest using it twice a day but I’m so happy with my morning routine that I just use this at night. They also suggest using Eye Bright twice a day but I’m just using it at night. With 99% Pure Peptide Rescue I’ve noticed a much clearer skintone. The unevenness that plagues me is reduced though not gone. My skin is more radiant with this. I use one small pump for my entire face and neck. There’s a fragrance with it that’s a little medicinal but once my moisturizer is on I don’t notice it.  I joined Club Sol and chose a 90 day autosend with it. This gave me a better price ($105 instead of $120) and entitles me to take advantage of any specials they have.

I’m not on the club with the two eye products since that was one of their specials and I was excited to take advantage of it on the half price offer they had shortly after I joined Club Sol. Eye Want retails for $55 and Eye Bright for $45. Eye Want is a serum to be used only at night. It’s very lightweight and a little goes a long way. It helps with firming skin and softening lines, it’s been great for my crow’s feet. It’s a little sticky after putting it on so I need to wait about 2 minutes prior to using anything else. Eye Bright is a lightweight that can be used twice a day and helps with moisturization and brightening. These two are loaded with wonderful ingredients (see Lisa’s review for those) and after 2 full months of use I’m seeing the benefits promised. I love the packaging of Beautisol because I feel it’s so hygenic.

My favorite product comes last, ENZOSKIN Pure E Moisturizer. I raved (and raved) about it here so you can see all the reasons I love it. I can only use this at night because it’s too slick for me to wear under makeup and I do use it every single night.


I don’t want to forget about a few other things I’m using. First is also by ENZOSKIN and it’s the Rejuvenating Facial Oil. I have a lot of Rodan & Fields items since I sold it for a while and I really do like the line even though I’ve chosen not to continue being a representative. I like their Night Recovery Cream and I like it even better with the ENZOSKIN Rejuvenating Facial Oil under it.

In the last few weeks I’ve added a wonderful new eye cream into the mix and switch it off with Beautisol Eye Bright. The new eye cream, which will get a full review, is Exuviance Age Reverse. This adds in another level of hydration to my undereyes.

So there you have it. What I’m using and loving. Between Marie Louise, Senna, Beautisol and Enzoskin I’m happy to have found a regimen that works so well for me and products that I can recommend with a clear conscience! — Marcia

Disclosure: some items were sent for PR consideration while others were purchased by the reviewer. The original reviews of PR items have the disclosure if necessary.


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you like the Exuviance eye cream–can’t wait to read your review! As beauty bloggers, we really put our skin through the ringer trying all the products we do, so it feels sooo good when you find the right combination of skincare that works!

  2. Sally Lesley says:

    you are right, i was wondering.

  3. This is a great article and I hope you do more like this one. For instance, what would be your makeup for a daytime look?

  4. Knowing what kind of skin care product is best for your skin can a bit like finding a needle in a hay stack. When I was younger I did not know what products where what and how to even used them. I have found that using a facial cleanser at night dramatically improved my skin. And exfoliating it kept it glowing. Adding to it of course a light moisturizer for me was key. I also think buy organic skin care products as much as you can. This I believe truly helps.


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