Beautisol Self-Tanning Magic Mitts: are they really magic?

You know me, if there’s a product with the word ‘magic’ in the title I have to try it.  As I am a faux-tanning addict, it was inevitable that I would check out the Beautisol Self-Tanning Magic Mitt ($6.00). 

So is it really magic?  In a word…YES

Why do I love to self-tan?  It’s slimming.  It makes my somewhat sallow complexion look vibrant.  And it’s way better for the skin than baking in the sun, chancing wrinkles and skin cancer. 

What isn’t so great about self-tanning?  It is time consuming to do a whole-body application.  Streaks are embarrassing and difficult to remove.  It seems impossible to self-tan your whole body by yourself, and it’s not always easy to find someone willing to help.  I find it often seems like way too much hassle.

Beautisol has a great new product that comes to the rescue.  The Beautisol Self-Tanning Magic Mitt is a spongy applicator mitt for your hands.  Instead of wearing latex gloves, you put this over your hand, squeeze the self-tanner on the mitt, and then smooth the product over your body.  Pictured above is the fabric side of the mitt, this goes on the back side of your hand.

Here is the front side of the mitt, this is the part over your palm.  The self-tanner goes on this side.  I tried this mitt with lotion, mousse, and even spray tan ( sprayed it on my body then smoothed it with the mitt), and got truly amazing results.  The mitt spreads the self-tanner so evenly and so quickly it was incredible.  What normally would take me a half hour took me only 10 minutes.  I did also use this great tool, Beautisol’s Back Applicator ($10), for my upper back:

You can read my review of the Back Applicator here.

I always have such a hard time getting an even, streak-free application on my feet and ankles, and the Magic Mitt gave me a perfect, even tan every single time.

I also don’t like using latex gloves, they feel weird to me and it’s difficult to smooth in the self-tanner.  The Magic Mitt fits over your hand:

so there are no dirty palms.  I also found that it washes clean very easily.  Just be careful if you use a product with a dark tanning guide.  You need to wash the mitt right away or it will end up with stains.

Here is a close up of the spongy material.  It’s very soft and pliable, and I just can’t believe how quick a full body application is with this baby.  Plus it’s only $6!!  I am totally impressed.

Yes, the Beautisol Self-Tanning Magic Mitt  really and truly is magic. It’s holy grail material for anyone who self-tans!  – Lisa 


  1. That is perfect I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before

  2. I need this STAT! Thanks for the review!


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