Missha M BB Cream – you’re gonna love it

What would you do if every single day your best friend emailed you and said “Oh I just love this BB cream!”?? Every single day! How long would you last until you too decided you must have it. Then to make matters worse she mails you a small sample packet. Even though the color was wrong I could tell right away that she knew what she was talking about. Do I blame my friend Ammie or do I thank her?

I’m talking about Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. Everyone is talking about BB creams – at least in the blogging community. They’ve been around for a while but it’s only recently that they’ve hit the US in force. Now you can order a variety from Sephora instead of relying on ebay. I bought my Missha BB Cream from Amazon in shade 21. My sample was shade 23 and while it worked it wasn’t quite light enough for me. The second best part of Missha M BB Cream is the price. I paid $16.98 for the full size (and added something in to receive free shipping). I received it about 10 days later and have been using it since.

Now to the first best part of Missha BB Cream – I like it, I really like it. My friend was right. I need more coverage than she does which is why I was hesitant plus she doesn’t suffer through my hot flashes. But now that I have it, I find myself liking it more and more every day.

BB Creams are known because they are a jack of all trades – they have a high SPF, help whiten skin (which is why they became so popular in Asia), prime, moisturize, act as an anti-aging compound and in some cases give good coverage. Missha seems to cover all the fields with this one. The SPF is 42 and has UV blocking. The packaging talks a lot about the whitening effects of the product; I haven’t used it long enough to know if that would happen with me. This gives me a great slightly dewy coverage which lasts well throughout the day. Even when I’ve been drenched with my own personal showers for some reason I still see some coverage on my face. It’s lightweight too which I love during the summer and it doesn’t settle into fine lines. Plus it’s one step. Unless I have super dark under eye circles, most days I can just use the Clinique roller serum I recently reviewed and Missha M and I’m done. I rarely even use powder.

I have to apologize for the swatch picture – I opened this and immediately put some on my hand for my picture. What I ended up getting out was more than enough for my entire face. I need such a small amount but I didn’t want to waste anymore making a new swatch picture. You can see the dewy finish though even if it’s way too heavy.

According to Audrey Dao’s blog Missha M is unusual because it’s not “one shade fits all”. I knew already that there was a shade 21 and 23 (see my photo for the comparison of those two) but I wasn’t aware that there was #13 and #31. Shade 21 is usually described as Bright Beige or Light Beige while 23 is  described as Natural Beige.

The texture of Missha M Perfect BB Cream is closer to a foundation than a tinted moisturizer in my opinion. Because it’s a good color for my complexion it gives me a nice amount of coverage without it ever being too much.

The last thing Ammie talked me into was my first Rouge Bunny Rouge which ended up costing me a fortune (like it was hard – NOT). I’m thrilled that she found an inexpensive love for us both to enjoy. — Marcia


  1. LOL!!! I do have my uses.

  2. That Ammie is a wonder isn’t she??? Now you have me wondering about this!!

  3. This was a good use Ms Ammie. I really love this BB Cream.

  4. I’ve tried a few I’m less than thrilled with so maybe this is the one!

  5. I have a sample of Dr. Jarts and it does nothing for me. But I like the Missha a lot.

  6. What exactly IS a “BB Cream”?

  7. I have yet to find a BB cream to work with my skintone! Oh poop!

  8. I believe it stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, and I understand that in this case Blemish doesn’t necessarily mean acne, but anything on your skin that you might consider a “blemish”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The #21 and #23 seem rather yellow for your skin. However, the #13 & #31 look perfect. How do you feel about the shades?


  10. The #21 & #23 seem too yellow for your skin but the #13 & #31 seem perfect. How do you feel?


  11. In person #21 looks perfect. My picture has 5X the amount of color it should have. I use a small amount of the Missha and it blends in perfectly. Lisa has seen me wear this and so has a makeup artist and both said it looked great.