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This week the Makeup War bloggers have decided to take on foundations again. It’s not a new subject for us, or any bloggers, but since we are such fickle pickles most of us change our minds more often than the typical pickle. I have a box filled (or overfilled) with foundation, BB Cream and CC Cream. Choosing which to share was actually easier than I thought since I looked at my vanity and saw 6 bottles and tubes that I’d been switching between for the last several months. So that’s what you see here (along with my laundry room!).

Makeup Wars Heavenly Foundation picks February 2014 @beautyinfozone
Makeup Wars Heavenly Foundation picks February 2014 @beautyinfozone

There are 3 foundations that have been in heavy rotation. These are the items I’ve used the most in January especially.

Makeup Wars foundations: Senna Lasting Illusion, Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation, Lancome Teint Miracle
Makeup Wars foundations: Senna Lasting Illusion, Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation, Lancome Teint Miracle

Senna Lasting Illusion Satin Matte Foundation – I recently reviewed this and to be honest it’s been on my face almost constantly the last few weeks. I’m crazy about the finish of this foundation. It’s the fullest of the three I’m sharing but it’s not so full that it’s mask-like. It covers my imperfections beautifully and lasts wonderfully even in the harsh weather we’ve had in Michigan. I can’t get over how much I like it. I have new items to review but I don’t want to put this away.

Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Revitalizing Foundation – I need to write a review of this soon. This is the lightest weight, sheerest of the foundations shown but some days that’s exactly what I need. You can build this up to give a fuller coverage though. It’s a beautiful luminizing finish. It comes in 6 shades and it’s only $14.99.

Lancome Teint Miracle – I’ve had this particular bottle at least 3 years but it’s just as good as ever. I know some people wouldn’t keep it that long but as a blogger I am constantly switching and testing. Yet I come back to Teint Miracle often. If I’m asked about Lancome this is what I recommend too. It’s available in an amazing 31 shades so there’s something for everyone here. When I first reviewed it (January 2012) it was available in 16 shades. They’ve since doubled the amount of shades and raised the price $6. I will most likely rebuy this with the right gwp some day.

Makeup Wars Foundations - CC Cream version with It Cosmetics, Kate Somerville Illumikate CC, Pur Minerals
Makeup Wars Foundations – CC Cream version with It Cosmetics, Kate Somerville Illumikate CC, Pur Minerals

My BB creams are all put away for now but 3 of the CC Creams I have are still playing a big part in my rotation. I use these often when I’m in a hurry because they contain skincare elements and SPF but I also use them because I love the finish of them.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC+ Cream has been mentioned by me so often that you are probably tired of the repetition. But when something is this good, it’s worth me telling you over and over. As much as I love this brand and want to recommend it all to you, this is my absolute favorite product from them. This fickle pickle has told you other products were her favorite but this is the true favorite. When I first reviewed it was summer, now it’s winter and it’s still just as wonderful.

Kate Somerville IllumiKate CC Cream is my newest CC Cream and it’s another winner. This only comes in 4 shades though. I was sent this in Fair to review but it’s still a little dark. The solution for me is to take some of my tarte maracuja concealer and mix them, about 1/3 concealer to 2/3 IllumiKate. That color works and I have this beautiful glow that has SPF 50. Look for a full review very soon on this.

Pur Minerals CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is another favorite that works for me year round. I’ve worn this in all seasons except spring and my skin loves it in all of those seasons. The consistency is mousse-like and spreads so easily.

This fickle pickle is officially declaring these 6 products her favorite foundation picks. But don’t be surprised to hear of more later though since I have a few more products to review for you. Fickleness can be delightful!! Have you worn any of these 6? If not which would you most want to try? — Marcia

Please read what these other lovely ladies have decided to share with us. Sharing is caring!

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*some items sent for review purposes


  1. Phyrra | 3rd Feb 14

    Great choices! I love that you included It Cosmetics 🙂

  2. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 3rd Feb 14

    I adore Kate Somerville! I need to check out that CC Cream!

  3. Laura | 3rd Feb 14

    Love how we all basically love IT COSMETICS! 🙂 the EF looks interesting!

  4. Perilously Pale | 3rd Feb 14

    Teint Miracle is on my must try list. I can’t believe I still haven’t!

  5. Cosmetics Aficionado | 3rd Feb 14

    I haven’t tried the Lancome foundation yet, but I really want to soon.

  6. Justina | 3rd Feb 14

    I own the It Cosmetics CC Cream, the Pur Minerals CC Cream, and the Teint Miracle. I love them all! I would love to try the Kate Somerville one.

  7. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 3rd Feb 14

    Ooooh now I want to try the Kate one!

  8. Bailey | 3rd Feb 14

    So many of these posts are reminding me of how much I love it Cosmetics CC Cream! I’ll definitely be pulling it out tomorrow. Great favorites!

  9. Retrodiva | 3rd Feb 14

    I think I need more CC creams in my life – you have a great collection!

  10. beautyin | 3rd Feb 14

    Hi Retrodiva – I have a few more CC that are more for summer than these. I really have fallen hard for that category.

  11. beautyin | 3rd Feb 14

    Hi Bailey, the IT CC Cream is amazing. I’ve gone to buy it twice but my color has been sold out. I’ll buy it again though.

  12. beautyin | 3rd Feb 14

    @Justina, I’m glad we’re on the same wave length with foundation. It sort of validates me!
    @Cindy – the Kate Somerville is great since it’s loaded with her skincare!

  13. beautyin | 3rd Feb 14

    @Cosmetics Aficionado – I was so pleased to find that the Lancome didn’t have fragrance.
    @Perilously Pale – you do need to fulfill your must try list with Lancome Teint Miracle.
    @Laura – IT Cosmetics is an amazing company. You can’t help but love them.

  14. jbrobeck | 3rd Feb 14

    I finally places an order for the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I can’t wait till it gets here!

  15. Pammy | 3rd Feb 14

    I am so intrigued with the Senna and Eddie Funkhouser foundations you included! I have not tried either of these. I am a fan of Eddie Funkhouser’s line. However, I have not tried his foundations. Senna is a brand that I have not explored yet….but, I know you are a fan! Can’t go wrong with IT Cosmetics either!

  16. Lucy | 4th Feb 14

    what a great list! I have freckles – and love how sheer the EF foundation is – doesn’t feel cakey at all – quickly becoming one of my favorites!

  17. beautyin | 4th Feb 14

    @Lucy, I’m glad to find someone else loving that Eddie Funkhouser foundation. I know in the warmer weather it’s really going to be a great one for me.

  18. beautyin | 4th Feb 14

    @Pammy – I’m surprised you haven’t tried these. I know you’d like them since we have similar taste.

  19. Erika | 4th Feb 14

    These are some great choices. 🙂

  20. Lisa Chakan | 4th Feb 14

    YAY, Makeup Wars!!!! <3 Confession: I'm fickle too, when it comes to foundation. I've so many, and rotate among three of them. I want to try the It foundation, so it may end up being a foursome. LOL.

    Thanks, Marcia!

  21. Amber | 4th Feb 14

    Great list Marcia! I love the IT CC cream (ahem, I believe it was you that introduced and by that I mean enabled me with IT!). I need to try the Senna foundation. It sounds lovely. I didn’t realize there was a CC Cream from Kate. A def must try!

  22. Miranda | 4th Feb 14

    I love the It CC+ cream. It’s pricey but great for full coverage

  23. Lisa Heath | 4th Feb 14

    Love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream! It’s what I have on now

  24. Kim | 4th Feb 14

    Great list. I haven’t tried any of these

  25. Aleya Bamdad | 4th Feb 14

    it Cosmetics is one of my favorites. Great list.

  26. Honeygirlk | 4th Feb 14

    I don’t use foundation anymore – but if I did – I would love to try the one from it. Great choices.

  27. BeautyJudy | 4th Feb 14

    I want to try that It Cosmetics CC Cream in the worst way! 🙂

  28. Sheila (Painted Ladies) | 4th Feb 14

    I am the last person who hasn’t tried IT Cosmetics – would love to try them and Eddie Funkhauser.

  29. Ange | 4th Feb 14

    I definitely need to try out the it cosmetics! It seems to be on everyone’s list!

  30. Kimberly | 4th Feb 14

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these. I have been considering a couple and Senna is now on the list.

  31. Citizens of Beauty | 4th Feb 14

    I totally want to try the Kate Summerville suggestion.

  32. Farryn | 4th Feb 14

    I don’t wear foundation but these all seem like great products!

  33. Anastasia | 4th Feb 14

    Never tried anything by Eddie Funkhouser, but now I’m curious to try out their products after reading your post.

  34. Kath TheFabZilla | 5th Feb 14

    I can’t wait to read your review of Eddie Funkhouser foundation. I didn’t realize he has that!

  35. Nidia | 5th Feb 14

    These posts make me want to BUY ALL THE FOUNDATIONS! It Cosmetics, Eddie Funkhouser, and Senna are on my list!

  36. beautyin | 5th Feb 14

    @Kath, I am going to work on the review and get it up soon. I love the price point of his line.

  37. beautyin | 5th Feb 14

    @Nidia – I love these foundations. I’m so happy to have these in my arsenal.
    @Anastasia – Eddie Funkhouser is such a fun line. I’m eager to try more from the line too. I have a few reviews up for products.

  38. beautyin | 5th Feb 14

    @Citizens of Beauty, a full review of the Kate Somerville is on its way.

    @Farryn – you don’t wear foundation? Lucky girl.

  39. beautyin | 5th Feb 14

    @Kimberly – you won’t be sorry with Senna.
    @Ange and you won’t be sorry with It Cosmetic’s CC Cream. Both wonderful products.

  40. beautyin | 5th Feb 14

    @Sheila – I think you need to start checking out IT Cosmetics!

  41. Mai | 5th Feb 14

    I saw the Senna foundation at IMATS LA and thought it was so cool!

  42. shelley | 6th Feb 14

    well, shoot. I really need It. I can only put It off for so long. I’ve got to try It.

  43. Betzy Carmona | 6th Feb 14

    I really want to try a few of the ones you mentioned specially the senna foundation

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