Boscia B.B. Cream vs Missha M BB Perfect Cover – is there a winner?

Back again with another BB report. To the uninitiated BB Creams are an all in one product – usually moisturizer, primer, sunscreen and foundation in one tube. BB can stand for Blemish Balm or for Beauty Balm. I’ve previously reviewed Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream which I really like. But I usually don’t stop at one of anything so I’m back now with a review of Boscia’s B.B. Cream.

I purchased this at Sephora during one of those midnight orders. Insomnia can be dangerous on the wallet. Boscia’s B.B. Cream is oil free and has an SPF of 27 PA++. It is loaded with botanicals to help nourish our skin while at the same time giving us moisture and color.

Since I’ve previously reviewed the Missha I can’t help but compare the two.

Boscia – comes in one self adjusting shade. You can see by the following pictures that the two shades are dramatically different. When I first put on the Boscia I feel like it’s too dark for me, but within a short time it does self adjust and gives me a nice glow. Even though the color is darker than I normally pick, it works just fine. Actually I look a little healthier with more color on my face when wearing this. (Boscia is on top and on the right, the swatch is darker than it is on my face.)

Missha – comes in 5 shades but the most popular ones seem to be 21 and 23. I wear this in 21 which is a light beige and matches my skin extremely well.

Boscia – The SPF is 27 PA++ . The term PA is new to me so I searched and found this explanation from another website.

Newer sunscreens in the market also contain UVA-filters and their protective effect against UVA is measured with PA. PA stands for Protection Grade of UVA. There is currently no uniform measure of UVA absorption, so PA is only a rough indicator of the amount of UVA protection the suncreen offers.

There are three grades, namely PA+, PA++ and PA+++. PA+++ offers the most protection. PA+ is adequate for most activities. If you’re staying out in the sun for long hours, go for PA++ or higher.

I haven’t used another SPF with my BB creams and have found them to be adequate sun protection for me. The box tells me that this contains Titanium Dioxide 6.4% as the sunscreen. Boscia’s B.B. cream is a physical sunscreen as opposed to a chemical sunscreen, helping to reduce reactions to the SPF.

Missha – Since this is an Asian company I can’t find quite the same information that I can with Boscia which is made in the US. The SPF in this is higher though at 42 PA+++ and has UV blocking.

Boscia – This is $38 at Sephora. Both have the same amount of product.

Missha – I paid $16.98 on Amazon for Missha M. On the Missha website it appears to be $29.95 

Boscia – this is oil free. When I apply it that becomes obvious to me. It’s a much drier feeling and doesn’t spread quite as easily on my face. In spite of me saying that, it isn’t hard to spread and it wears great in heat and humidity.

Missha – I find this to be much more moisturizing than the Boscia. Even though it’s said to be good for people with problem skin I think it might be a little too moisturizing for some.

Now that I’ve compared these two I should say which I prefer… but I won’t. They both have positives with almost no negatives. Even though the price on the Boscia is considerably more I’m not sorry I spent the money since it works so well on hot days. Boscia is easier to get since it’s available on Sephora’s site so you can have it within days. At Amazon I did have to wait at least 10 days to get my product and I was very impatient. What can I say! When I get something into my head, I want it NOW and I want it often. — Marcia


  1. Great review!

  2. Trying BB creams can become addictive!

  3. Don’t tell anyone but I have another one on order. Shh, it’s a secret. 🙂


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