Winning is wonderful with a Humboldt Soap Co. Giveaway

As Beauty Info Zone’s 9th Anniversary celebration continues we have an extra special prize for 2 winners. The Humboldt Soap Co. is helping us celebrate by offering to give away two special boxes of products.

The two of us have raved so much about Humboldt. Some of our favorites are discontinued but new fabulous body creams have taken their place.

Humboldt Soap Co. Strawberry Pear Body Mousse
Humboldt Soap Co. Strawberry Pear Body Mousse

There’s a new collection of Body Mousse that we are crazy about. The body butters are light as air yet more efficient than a heavier cream. They are wonderful to slather on your body after your bath/shower or any time you notice you need extra moisturizing.

Humboldt Blackerry Coconut Body Mousse

Other products from Humboldt include Smoothie Bath Bombs

“HSC “Smoothie” Bath Bombs are wonderful for your skin and make bathing so much more relaxing and aromatic. We call them “Smoothie” Bath Bombs because they are colored with natural fruit, veggie or cocoa powders. Each bath bomb is handcrafted and will infuse your bath water with natural skin nourishing ingredients. These huge bath bombs are over 7oz. each and can be broken in two (probably with a hammer) for a couple of soaks or used whole.”

Humboldt Soap Company Banana Mango Smoothie Bath Bomb

and soaps “HSC handcrafted soap is made with 8 natural oils and butters which all contain their own skin conditioning attributes. Lather your soap and wash your body and feel the difference REAL soap makes!”

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Babassu Butter, fragrance, mica colorants, sodium lactate, biodegradable glitter.

Humboldt Soap Co. Banana Mango Handcrafted Soap

Now for the good news – this giveaway will bring two lovely US Beauty Info Zone subscribers all three of these products with one person winning this Banana Mango box and another winning the same box but with Strawberry Pear products in it. Which is your choice?

Humboldt Soap Co. Banana Mango prize

You’ll win this gift box sent by the Humboldt Soap Co. if you are one of the two lucky ones. The giveaway is open through April 2, 2019. Be sure you have subscribed and commented on the Rafflecopter before you do more entries. Sending luck and delicious aromas to you.  —  Marcia

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  1. Marilyn Nawara | 24th Mar 19

    I’m hoping to win the Banana Mango

  2. Chris L | 24th Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear

  3. Susan Gillam | 24th Mar 19

    I have a banana lotion from the Body Shop, so I would pick the Strawberry Pear.

  4. adriana | 24th Mar 19

    Banana Mango

  5. Jeanne Coulombe | 24th Mar 19

    Banana Mango

  6. Cindi | 25th Mar 19

    Strawberry pear is my pick.

  7. Cindi Overstreet | 25th Mar 19

    Strawberry pear.

  8. Paula Pennachio | 25th Mar 19

    They both sound amazing but I pick the banana mango

  9. amybelle2001 | 25th Mar 19

    I’d love to win the banana mango. Thanks!

  10. Jeanine | 26th Mar 19

    I’d love to try the banana mango.

  11. Heather Kaufman | 26th Mar 19

    I want to try the strawberry pear.

  12. Tabitha | 26th Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear

  13. Lindsey Tanberg | 27th Mar 19

    The prize I’d love to win is the Strawberry Pear box.Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  14. Katie | 29th Mar 19

    Strawberry pear

  15. Vikki Billings | 29th Mar 19

    I would love to win the Banana Mango box. I can just smell it now….Thank you for the chance!

  16. Becky Sell | 30th Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear!

  17. Edye | 30th Mar 19

    strawberry pear! 🙂

  18. Paula | 30th Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear

  19. Bainbridgita | 30th Mar 19

    Strawberry pear!

  20. Darlene Carbajal | 30th Mar 19

    Banana Mango!

  21. kb | 30th Mar 19


  22. Cindy Peterson | 30th Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear sounds lovely.

  23. amber kolb | 30th Mar 19

    The strawberry pear sounds delightful!! I would love to try it out. I love soaps!

  24. Kristina | 30th Mar 19

    I’d like to win the banana mange. I love tropical scents!

  25. Jessica W. | 30th Mar 19

    I an hoping to win the Strawberry Pear box.

  26. Sarah Butler | 30th Mar 19

    I would love the banana mango as I have made many a smoothie with these two and they are delicious together!

  27. Rebecca Weiss | 30th Mar 19

    I would like to win the strawberry pear box.

  28. Sunnymay | 30th Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear sounds like a delicious combination. The Humboldt Soap Co Body Mousse, Bath Bomb and Soap offer a spa luxury treatment that you can do at home.

  29. Kriss K | 30th Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear sounds heavenly.

  30. Susan Florio | 30th Mar 19

    The Strawberry Pear is calling my name!

  31. Angela Saver | 31st Mar 19

    I’m hoping to win the Banana Mango! Sounds wonderful.

  32. Jessica Peeling | 31st Mar 19

    Strawberry sounds great!

  33. Pauline Milner | 31st Mar 19

    They both sound great but I am excited about the Banana Mango. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  34. Deborah Smith | 31st Mar 19

    I would love to win the Strawberry/Pear. I am allergic to bananas so the other one, if it has anything at all from a banana in it would not be good

  35. christina Moore | 31st Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear sounds great

  36. Anita Jude | 31st Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear would be awesome

  37. ae minx | 31st Mar 19

    Strawberry pear sounds yummy!

  38. Susan Smith | 31st Mar 19

    I want to try the strawberry pear.

  39. jennifer bowen | 31st Mar 19

    the strawberry pear sounds really good

  40. Anita Duvall | 31st Mar 19

    Strawberry Pear would be my first choice.

  41. YVONNE WOODSTOCK | 31st Mar 19

    To be honest, both of these scents sound so deliciously indulgent to me that I consider them both exciting and fun to try so I would be equally excited to win either one of them!
    Thank you for the chance to you and the sponsor!

  42. Jessica Staley | 1st Apr 19

    The banana mango sounds different. Would love to try it.

  43. Gia Welch | 1st Apr 19

    Strawberry pear or banana mango please.

  44. Lynne | 1st Apr 19

    I would love to win the Strawberry Pear, but the Banana Mango would be fine too.

  45. Jennifer H. | 1st Apr 19

    I would choose the Banana Mango.

  46. John H. | 1st Apr 19

    My wife would like the banana mango.

  47. katie k | 1st Apr 19

    Strawberry pear sounds awesome!

  48. Jill Jeffrey | 1st Apr 19

    OOh strawberry pear sounds so good!

  49. kathy m | 1st Apr 19

    while they both sound wonderful i would love to try the Banana Mango please

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