Mmmm, smelling so good with Bodycology Island Coconut!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely crazy about coconut scents.  I am picky, though – I don’t like fake scents, or coconut scents that are overly sweet.  I like real, true coconut fragrance, coconut that smells like it’s been warming in the sun on a tropical beach.  I have found some truly fantastic coconut scents in the past few years, and my latest discovery has me totally geeked.

I wasn’t expecting to love the smell of Bodycology’s Island Coconut products.  Now, I love Bodycology products and find them to be very high quality – but historically I have found that larger brands fall short in the coconut scent category.   Coconut scented items are typically way too sweet and cloying, so I usually prefer high-end lines or etailers for interesting, complex yet realistic coconut scents.  Imagine my surprise when I smelled Island Coconut and fell head over heels in love!!

I started with the Shower Gel & Bubble Bath ($4.00 for 16 fl. oz).  This lathers up beautifully, cleans and moisturizes the skin, and it smells DIVINE.  You have to admit, the price is absolutely right, too!!  After my shower my skin was lightly scented, not overpowering but definitely still some scent there.  So I thought, awesome, but the other products can’t be this good.

Next, I smoothed on the Island Coconut Body Cream ($4.00 for 8 oz.).  This is a thick, luxurious cream that just melts right into the skin. The fragrance amazed me – fresh-cut coconut with heavenly cream, delicious but not too foody.  It did not smell fake, plastic, or cloyingly sweet.  And my skin was so soft, smooth, and touchable!!  After putting on the body cream, the scent was noticeable, and it lasted all day long.

Then I tried the Island Coconut Body Mist ($4.00 for 8 fl. oz.).  My trick with a body mist is to spray it in front of me, then walk into it.  That way, the fragrance is pretty evenly dispersed, and I don’t put on too much.  Oh, I also give myself a tiny spritz at the back of my neck, a tip I read in a magazine a long time ago.  I was pretty sure that all of those products together – the shower gel, the body cream, and the fragrance mist, would be way too much.  But it really wasn’t.  You can use any of them alone – with the shower gel there is a faint scent that stays throughout the day.  The body cream alone gives a very nice, noticeable scent.  The fragrance mist is about the same strength as the body cream by itself.  Pair it with the body cream and it’s a perfect coconut fragrance that inspired people who sat next to me to say, “You smell so good!!  What is that?” 

You know what really sold me, though?  My husband.  He is very, very picky and usually doesn’t much like any perfume that I wear.  But the first time he smelled me wearing Island Coconut, he said, “Wow you smell delicious!!” and I have been fighting him off ever since. 

Between that and the price, what’s not to love??  Be sure to sample it the next time you are at Walmart, Meijer, Walgreens, Ulta…you can find it pretty much everywhere.  This scent will not disappoint you!!  – Lisa


  1. This sounds like the best of their scents. It’s the next one I’ll buy now.

  2. I’m with you Lisa, I LOVE coconut but it’s so hard to find a coconut scent that isn’t synthetic or plastic smelling. I’m putting this on my Walmart shopping list!