Eye can see you

I am eyeliner obsessed. Even when I find ones I just love I can’t resist getting others that I’ve heard raves about. Here’s the latest that I couldn’t resist.

Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Diamonds Eye Liner: These were on sale for $2.99 (regularly $6) and I had just read a blog post raving about them. Once I found a good code for free shipping I ordered them in 4 shades: Twilight Sparkle, Sugar Plum, Black Ice, and Smokey Diamond. These are skinny eyeliners that are 5 inches long so they easily fit in a cosmetic case.  Glimmersticks don’t have to be sharpened since they roll up and are retractable which is another cosmetic case plus. The one problem is if you like a very sharp point you won’t get it after a while but they are so thin that I don’t find that to be a problem. Each of these has a  bit of shimmer to them. I think they are beautiful! Twilight Sparkle is more of a cobalt blue than a navy. I like this shade the best since it’s not like other blues I own. I like wearing it when I wear browns on my eye because it makes the color really pop. Black Ice is a deep dark black with silver shimmer, Smokey Diamond is charcoal with silver shimmer, Sugar Plum is a bright plum. These glide on and they wear beautifully. They also come in Brown Sugar and Emerald Glow. This is a rave!

At the same time I bought a regular Glimmerstick  in Cosmic Brown since the site didn’t have Brown Sugar in the Diamonds Eye Liner. It goes on just as smoothly and is great for everyday since it doesn’t have the glitz of the Diamonds Eye. Watch the catalogs for sales on these.

Milani Liquif-Eye is another  I couldn’t resist after reading about them. Milani is carried at CVS and I had some CVS bucks so it was a true bargain for me. I’ll go back for more. They retail for $5.49 and CVS often has specials. Liquif-Eye comes in 5 shades. I bought it in Brown. Even though it’s called a Metallic Eye Liner Pencil I personally don’t see the metallic in the color. But it’s a beautiful rich brown that applies so smoothly. Once it’s set it lasts beautifully on me. A lot of times with pencils I’ll find that they disappear on my bottom lashline during the day but Milani’s lasts wonderfully. It’s called Liquif-Eyes but it’s not a liquid, it just applies as smoothly as a liquid would. It’s also 5 inches long so another great one to carry with you. It comes in 5 shades: Brown, Black, Silver, Gold and Aqua.

Julie Hewett “Too Good to be True” Soot eyeliner is a very dark black eyeliner. It sharpens to a very precise point so it’s easy to get a thin line with it. When it’s freshly on it’s easy to smudge this eyeliner but it sets well and lasts well on my upper lashline. Since my eyes water often I don’t find this perfect for my lower lashline but that’s not a problem since I often use a lighter shade or eyeshadow on the bottom. If you are looking for precision than this is definitely one to consider.  Her eyeliners ($15) are available in Dahlia, Smudge, Fig, Patine, Aurora (white) and Soot. When ordering from Julie Hewett if you aren’t sure about the colors of these items, just call them. They are very happy to help describe shades.

Graftobian Eye Pencils are a bargain and a half. These are longer eyeliner pencils and are only $3.49. Graftobian makes theatrical makeup so you know these are made to last. I wear this in dark brown and it’s a great basic brown eyeliner. They also make some fabulous Luster Pencils for $4.49. These are so much fun to use. The colors are gorgeous: Silver Sparkle, Gold Glimmer, Copper Class, Lovely Lilac, Azure Blue.  Both the regular line of Eye Pencils and the Luster Pencils come in lip shades for the same price.

This is just an example of the many eyeliners I have and am obsessed with. I know you’ll hear from me again about eyeliners, maybe I’ll even share my nightmares about me and eyeliner some day! — Marcia

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