Top Ten Sunscreens for 2015 – eyes, lips, body and face

Welcome to the 2015 version of favorite sunscreens. I’ve done both a Makeup Wars in 2013 on favorites and a Top Ten Tuesday in 2014. You’ll see some products that remain the same and some new ones. We can’t forget any part of our body and I didn’t want to forget children since I go through more sunscreen for them than I do for myself. — Marcia
1435625486_1115290AVEENO® Natural Protection Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 A lot of Aveeno products have fragrance so when I am sent one that is fragrance free I’m over the moon. I find myself using this for my body all the time. It’s $10.99 but I often find coupons or specials for it. This has become a staple for both my husband and myself.
1435625420_serum_510x600SUPERGOOP CITY SERUM is the one I want for my face. I buy this every summer. This is fragrance free and gentle on my skin. It wears really well under foundation and provides anti-aging benefits and SPF 30.
1435625218_eyecream_510x600SUPERGOOP ADVANCED AGING EYE CREAM* is another product that was on last year’s list. This SPF 37 sunscreen is a great undereye protectant. The applicator makes it easy to apply and is cooling at the same time. Supergoop is really a top notch brand.
1435625098_murad-invisiblur-300x259MURAD INVISIBLUR PERFECTING SHIELD* isn’t a sunscreen per se but with SPF 30 it’s great under foundation. It gives a totally clear sunscreen protection while also blurring imperfections. There are many days I use this and not an additional SPF protect.
1435625029_algenist-tmALGENIST REPAIRING TINT RADIANCE MOISTURIZER with SPF 30* is one of the foundations that I’ve been using a lot lately. Recently a friend blogged about it and how it totally changed her skin so out it came again. I’d forgotten just how wonderful it was. It comes in 4 shades and I wear it in Light. I love getting amazing skincare benefits along with hiding my redness and sunspots.
1435624971_6062_lg_1LATHER BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 LIP BALM is what I discovered after I started using the Lather Tinted Lip Balms. I like the spearmint the best but it’s great to try the 3 pack with citrus, spearmint and unscented since I need lip balm in every purse or pocket.
1435624891_balmfamily_510x6001SUPERGOOP FUSION LIP BALM SPF 30 is the one I like when I’m at the pool or splashpad with my babies. Even though I try not to be in direct sunlight, they love it. This squeeze tube comes in 2 flavors (mint and acai) with mint being my fave.
1435624812_1115092 AVEENO® Baby Natural Protection Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 50* is one of my main sunscreen for the kids. My granddaughter is 20 months old and she adores running around after her brother outside. I need sunscreen for them and this Aveeno is a pleasure to use. She doesn’t squirm when I apply it on her and it spreads easily. Bright sun or overcast days still need sunscreen and this is a great reasonably priced alternative.
1435624755_broad_spectrum_spf50_mineral_sunscreen_2015MUSTELA BROAD SPECTRUM MINERAL SPF 50 SUNSCREEN* is new to me and from the minute it arrived I knew it was perfect for my two little loves. This has both UVA and UVB protection in a mineral base and no fragrance.
1435624704_broad_spectrum_spf50_sun_stick.jpg.pagespeed.ce.dats3hfv_sMUSTELA BROAD SPECTRUM MINERAL SUNSCREEN STICK with SPF 50* is the one I let my grandson use. He loves rubbing the stick on himself and I finally have a way of applying sunscreen on him without a big struggle. Of course I sneak the Mustela lotion on the parts of his body he can’t reach. This is a win-win situation.

* denotes sent for editorial consideration, some products have been personal purchases and repurchases. I am an Aveeno ambassador.


  1. Lola Seicento | 30th Jun 15

    What a fabulous selection of sunscreens! I need to try the Algenist!

  2. Tashina | 30th Jun 15

    Enough people don’t slather on the SPF daily. Thanks for sharing so many options to help people protect their skin!

  3. [email protected] | 30th Jun 15

    Excellent suggestions! I often buy Aveeno sunscreen, and I am adoring the Supergoop Eye Cream with SPF – I wish I had discovered it ages ago!

  4. Kiss & Make-up | 30th Jun 15

    I will have to look into the Murad Invisiblur!! It sounds like it’s exactly what I need.

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 30th Jun 15

    Great picks. I see your a big fan of Supergoop, which is such a great brand.

  6. Jamie | 30th Jun 15

    I’m obsessed with Supergoop!

  7. Teri | 30th Jun 15

    How did I not know about this Algenist Tinted Moisturizer? ORDERED!!

  8. Nancy | 30th Jun 15

    I need to try that Supergoop Lip Balm!

  9. Phyrra | 30th Jun 15

    You know of my love affair with Supergoop! Happy to see you featuring them

  10. Kath TheFabZilla | 30th Jun 15

    I love your choices, esp the ICE CREAM graphics you included!

  11. Shipra | 30th Jun 15

    Awesome sunscreen choices! 🙂

  12. Chelsea | 30th Jun 15

    I’ll have to look into the one specifically for the eye area!

  13. Heather | 30th Jun 15

    Great picks, some of these are new brands to me!

  14. Anastasia | 30th Jun 15

    Supergoop products are my faves! And I literally just ran out of that eye cream a few days ago, time for another re-purchase 🙂

  15. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 30th Jun 15

    I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Supergoop, but it’s kind of pricy. Aveeno has always been one of my favorites!

  16. Nidia - Lit From Within | 1st Jul 15

    Melting ice cream is too sad, and melting me, too! lol. I want to try the Murad, it sounds like a great multitasker. I just bought a spray sunscreen from Neutrogena I want to try, but I know I have to make sure to spray it evenly and heavily enough to get protected.

  17. Jess Scull | 1st Jul 15

    Great picks! I love the supergoop brand!

  18. Bailey | 1st Jul 15

    Love this post! I need to get the Supergoop lip balm. I’ve been having a hard tine finding lip balms with SPF higher than 10-15

  19. Pammy | 1st Jul 15

    We have a lot of love for Aveeno baby sunscreen at my house! 🙂

  20. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 1st Jul 15

    Supergoop is awesome–another one I forgot to put on my list!

  21. Honeygirlk | 1st Jul 15

    Awesome choices…. I have been loving the Aveeno.

  22. buffy888 | 1st Jul 15

    I wanted to try the Supergood serum, but it has silicones which make me break out. I am interested in their Defense Refresh Setting Mist since I know my moisturizer with SPF wears off sometime during the day.

  23. Mercedes | 1st Jul 15

    Sunscreen is so important, Ill admit sometimes I forget about protecting my lips.

  24. Lisa Heath | 2nd Jul 15

    Aveeno and Supergoop are my go to sunscreens!

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