The Aveeno Be An Active Natural $10,000 Challenge

Beauty Info Zone is proud to announce this challenge from Aveeno for their ACTIVE NATURALS®. This is an opportunity to make a difference in your community as well as earn $10,000.

The AVEENO Brand is THRILLED to announce that our BE AN ACTIVE NATURAL™ Fund program is officially LIVE on The Brand is launching the Be An Active Natural Fund as a continuation of last year’s launch in which established the Be An Active Natural™ program to continue to inspire people to embrace the spirit behind ACTIVE NATURALS®. As INGREDIENTS, ACTIVE NATURALS® nurture skin and hair to make a healthier and more beautiful difference; as PEOPLE, ‘active naturals’ care for their communities to make a healthier and more beautiful difference.


This year, the AVEENO® Brand is launching the Be An Active Natural™ Fund to award more than $300,000 in grants to individuals and organizations that create positive change in their communities.


o   Consumers can also  enter to win one of eight $10,000 grants that will be awarded in 2012 by creating positive change in one of the following ways:

§  INSPIRE – Inspiring others to see their natural and inner beauty

§  EDUCATE – Educating about the values of an active and healthy lifestyle

§  PRESERVE – Preserving, restoring and improving the local environment


o   Go to the AVEENO® facebook page ( for full program details to vote for the Active Natural who inspires you


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