Makeup Wars goes to the SPA

This is going to be an especially interesting Makeup Wars for me since I’ve never been to a spa. I’ve seen them in movies and on TV but I’ve never had the experience. Therefore I’m explaining what I like to do on days I consider “spa” days. Ones that relax me and help me do some beauty treatments I wouldn’t normally do. Some of these products were sent for review purposes* and each are used with love.

First off I’d start with a shower. My hot water doesn’t last especially long so this is going to be a two step shower. I’ll wash my hair with DermOrganic Argan Hydrating Shampoo* and follow that with DermOrganic Intense Hair Masque*. I love how DermOrganic’s products leave my hair so shiny and silky. The Hair Masque adds in much needed moisture. I’ll then put on my trusty polka-dot shower cap to let it all soak in.

DermOrganic line

DermOrganic line

Next is my body and I’d use Argan Magic’s Zesty Orange Body Scrub*. I’m amazed I still have some of this left but I have been savoring it. I love the smell and feel of this since it’s not gritty plus it has Argan Oil in it and my winter skin needs this added moisture.

Argan Magic Zesty Orange Body Scrub

Argan Magic Zesty Orange Body Scrub

I wish I still had the Argan Magic Bloomin’ Body Wash but that’s long gone. I’ll use a muslin cloth to get off all of the scrub and then I’ll hop out of the shower to work on my face and let my hot water refresh itself. I’m going to put on my BrokeDown Bath Wrap that was in my February PopSugar Must Have Box.

Broke Down body towel

Broke Down body towel

I’m going to do a facial mask next and the one I’m picking is from Somme Institute* and it’s called Boost. This is one of my favorite masks. It’s a self-warming mask and works wonders in under 10 minutes. It doesn’t harden and make my face tight so it’s great using prior to makeup.

Somme Institute BOOST

Somme Institute BOOST

I’d also do an eye mask like the one by Biobliss*. A full review of this is coming up soon so you can see how great this is. I did it last week along with several other things already in this review to prepare to write. My eyes were thanking me for days.

Biobliss Anti-Wrinkle Patch for Eyes

Biobliss Anti-Wrinkle Patch for Eyes

I'm in bliss with Biobliss

I’m in bliss with Biobliss

After removal of the Biobliss I’m back in the shower and will finally shave my legs. I’m lucky that I don’t have to shave my legs often but when I do I almost always reach for Shave With Benefits*. This gentle shaving foam protects my legs from cuts and in addition acts as a body wash. It’s gentle enough for face and body as well as shaving. Off comes the shower cap and my hair gets totally rinsed out.

Three steps left that are all moisturizing. First I’m slathering up my body with Aveeno Positively Nourishing Energizing Body Lotion*. My favorite scent in this is Pomegranate+Grapefruit. I was sent my first one as an Aveeno Ambassador but have since bought this as it’s a scent I enjoy and that doesn’t overpower me.

Aveeno Energizing Pomegranate + Grapefruit

Aveeno Energizing Pomegranate + Grapefruit

Next I’m using Miracle Foot Repair. I share this with my husband actually since we both have very dry feet and find this to take care of the cracks and discomfort we often feel. For spa time I’m going to definitely put socks on so it will sink in.

Miracle Foot Repair

Miracle Foot Repair

For my final act I’ll use Hand Perfection’s Anti-Aging Hand Care System*, specifically the Nourishing Day Cream SPF 15. This is another upcoming review. Not only does this system have the Nourishing Day Cream but it also contains Rejuvenating Night Cream and a Nail and Cuticle Treatment Pen. It’s a wonderful system plus there’s no fragrance to the creams so I love it all the more.

Hand Perfection Day Cream

Hand Perfection Day Cream

Well for someone who said it would be difficult to write about this, I am my typically wordy self. All of these products, whether sent for a possible review or purchased myself, are keepers and belong in my Spa day and just about any day. Please use the links to read what the other Makeup Wars bloggers have done for their spa day. I’m eager to find out about new products and exactly what I missed. Any special spa items you love? — Marcia

*starred items are pr samples sent for review consideration


  1. I love your picks! It makes me want to run into the bathroom and pamper! Too bad these wonderful brands don’t also provide spa-like babysitting services!!!

  2. I’ve always wondered about the Somme Boost mask!

  3. Miracle Foot Repair is SO good. It’s not quite strong enough when I let my heels go too long, but it is good for my toes and the tops of my feet on a more regular basis.

  4. Oooh! I love eye masks too! Great selections! 🙂

  5. beautyin says:

    @Paula, actually I bought Miracle Foot Repair for my husband first and he liked it so much that I tried it too.

  6. beautyin says:

    @Perilously Pale, I have a slew of masks but Somme Institute Boost is the one I’ve been drawn to lately.

  7. beautyin says:

    @Brooke, what a great idea about baby sitting services but they’d have to be free!

  8. beautyin says:

    @Pammy, there’s nothing like an eye mask to take away the stress on your face.

  9. That patch thing looks interesting, I want to try it! I love all sorts of face mask products!

  10. @Eugenia the Biobliss looks funny but works well.

  11. I have the Biobliss eye mask somewhere, I need to try it I guess!

  12. The Biobliss looks interesting!

  13. I always forget about Biobliss!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  14. beautyin says:

    @Phyrra, Kelly and Cindy – shame on you. Biobliss is a great eye mask. If you have it, use it!!

  15. I love body scrubs, especially after a cold winter, but I have not tried Argan Magic Bloomin’ Body Wash or Argan Magic’s Zesty Orange Body Scrub. I am definitely going to have to give these a try! Thanks for the great info.

  16. beautyin says:

    Hi Loren – Argan Magic is a fabulous line. Some products are carried at drugstores but some only online. They are reasonably priced which makes it all the better.


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