Will you KISS me if I bring you a Kiss lash and nail giveaway?

Kiss Impress and Lash Couture for giveaway

Kiss Impress and Lash Couture for giveaway

It’s time for a KISS. Or 3 kisses as it may be with today’s giveaway. We were sent a variety of products from KISS to share with our readers. Kiss nail products are ones we’ve used before but the lashes are newer to us and oh so pretty.

Among the many products that KISS makes are the imPRESS PRESS ON MANICURE SETS. There are so many to choose from. I was shopping at Rite Aid and the variety is so much fun. You name a color and you’re sure to find it either in the store or online.

imPRESS One Step Gel sets

imPRESS One Step Gel sets

What you’ll like about these is that there’s no glue that’s needed and they are easy to apply. Since they aren’t too long they are an easier fit. The directions on the back are easy to follow and once you do 1 or 2 nails the rest will be a breeze to apply. Each set has 30 nails which includes 6 accent nails. You don’t need glue and it comes with a prep pad and mini file in each set.

imPRESS Boogie Nights

imPRESS Boogie Down

Wouldn’t Dream Weaver be perfect for 4th of July?

imPRESS Dream Weaver

imPRESS Dream Weaver

Kiss imPRESS directions

Kiss imPRESS directions

To add fun to a manicure you’ve done yourself there are Accents to help create designs for people like me who have no nail art skills. Two of the different types are Jewel Accents and Real Crystals accents.

Kiss Real Crystals and Jewel Accents

Kiss Real Crystals and Jewel Accents

These stick-ons go right over your current manicure. Make sure your nails are clean and dry, peel off the designs, place them and VOILA you have some fun going on. In each of the Real Crystals packages there are 30 crystal designs and in the Jewel Accents there are about the same. Real Crystals doesn’t need a top coat but Jewel Accents does to make them adhere for longer. At $2.99 each these are fun to have around to punch up your nails and toes.


KISS LASH COUTURE is the latest and greatest from Kiss. There are 6 styles and we were sent three. At $5.99 these faux mink lashes make for some sensational looks. All have knot free lash bands, come with glue and have multiple lengths, curls, and angles to make them look more natural. These are reusable if you take care of them.

Kiss Lash Couture

Kiss Lash Couture

NOIR is the most dramatic of the three.

Kiss Lash Couture Noir

Kiss Lash Couture Noir

GALA lashes are full but not as long as Noir.

Kiss Lash Couture Gala

Kiss Lash Couture Gala

BOUDOIR are the flirtiest of the ones I have for you. These are my favorites.

Kiss Lash Couture Boudoir

Kiss Lash Couture Boudoir

Another that appeals to me is Little Black Dress as it seems the most natural. These all feel so soft and give a more expensive appearance.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: At last I can offer an international giveaway since they aren’t too heavy. We pay postage ourselves which is why WW are few and far between. What you need to decide is if you want to win Lash Couture or imPRESS and accents for nails. I’ll have 3 winners: lash winner gets all three pairs, nail winners each get two sets of imPRESS and 1 set of accents. If you enter for nails you might want to mention which are your favorites of the imPRESS that are in my photos (Sets in the giveaway are Swept Away, Boogie Down, Harlem Shakes, and Gossip Girl.). The giveaway goes through 7/6/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.  Good luck on this fun summer giveaway.  —  Marcia

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products sent by Kiss to facilitate this giveaway

Look for Kiss at drugstores like RiteAid, Walgreen, Walmart, Meijer, and stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Perfectly primed with Decorte Priming Essence

Decorte Priming Essence

Decorte Priming Essence

I am a little weird when it comes to primers.  Ok, so that’s not my only area of weirdness…but it’s definitely one of them.  I have probably bought and tested more primers than any other cosmetic product.  My skin does not hold onto product without a good primer – blush and foundation are gone within an hour.  It’s bizarre.  A primer makes all the difference, and a great primer does even more than keep foundation and blush in place.Decorte Priming Essence

I was recently sent the Decorte Priming Essence ($65) to test, and I am going to have to go back and update my article on my top ten favorite primers to add this one (check out my top ten list HERE).  I have used this every day since I got it, and am dreading the day I run out.

Decorte is sold only at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Saks says, “Always air-light, the Priming Essence creates an endlessly even and uniform pre-surface to extend and make the most of the foundation experience. Rice emollients gently hydrate as self-optimizing color technology neutralizes redness and off-tones for a newly transparent illumination. Skin-loving infusions are embedded within. Composed from the Japanese White Birch, Shirakaba Tonic lends exceptional antioxidant activity. Its generous calming properties are known to both protect and renew. Disappears instantly.”

Decorte Priming Essence

Decorte Priming Essence

The Priming Essence is a light primer that immediately sinks in and doesn’t leave skin sticky or tacky.  It has a opalescence that gives skin an instant glow that looks natural and wonderful.  On days when I don’t want to wear makeup, I still put this on to even my skin tone and give my skin some brightness.   On days I do wear makeup, it keeps my foundation in place all day long.  My blush lasts and lasts, and looks vibrant and fresh after 7 hours of wears.  I don’t have to powder my nose every hour, probably because of the rice powder, but it doesn’t dry out my skin at all.  It’s just wonderful.

Decorte Priming Essence

Decorte Priming Essence

So far everything I have tried from Decorte has been a total home run.  You have GOT to stop by Saks to check out this fabulous import from Japan, and if you are in need of a primer put the Priming Essence on your list pronto.  – Lisa

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Vie Collection Wrinkle Dimension Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate

Vie Wrinkle Dimension

My adoration for the Vie Collection line continues…I got hooked when I started using Chrono Eyes and Mesopeptide Decollete Replenishing Cream (read the review HEREand I’ve been a fan ever since.  I’ve been testing the Wrinkle Dimension Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate ($100) for almost four weeks now, and my skin has never been happier.  Let me tell you all about this fabulous half fluid/half lotion serum that makes fine lines, wrinkles, and crepey skin go buh-bye!                                     sample

Vie Wrinkle Dimension

Vie Wrinkle Dimension

I know, when you hear ‘hyaluronic acid’ it sounds bad – like something that will burn the skin.  Actually, this ingredient does the opposite – it holds water into the skin under deep layers, sort of like deep inside a sponge, which gives the skin firmness and that youthful look.  As we age, we lose our supply of hyaluronic acid, which is why our skin sags and wrinkles.  Wrinkle Dimension helps give back some of what we are losing.

  • Encapsulated High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: encapsulated in spherulites and acts both in the epidermis and dermis. These spherulites maximize skin penetration and enable the hyaluronic acid to reach the dermis. The different layers of the spherulite gradually open for controlled release of the ingredients and an extended effect. The hyaluronic acid expands on contact with water in the dermis to volumize hollow areas.
  • Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: This hyaluronic acid has a low molecular weight—between 15,000 and 50,000 Daltons—which enables it to act on very fine lines often related to lifestyle (smoking, sun and pollution) and dehydration. These small molecules of hyaluronic acid penetrate the skin layers, swell on contact with water and accumulate to fill out fine lines. They also limit transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by strengthening the tight junctions. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid thus improves the cohesion of the skin barrier.
  • High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: High molecular weight hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in regulating skin hydration thanks to its strong water-retaining power. Like a reservoir, it forms a non-congesting moisturizing film and retains water on the surface of the skin.
Vie Wrinkle Dimension

Vie Wrinkle Dimension

The texture is a cross between a serum and a light lotion, and it sinks in very quickly.  It doesn’t have a discernible scent, and it comes in a perfect airless pump container.  I put one pump in the morning before my moisturizer, and one pump at night after cleansing.  I find that it makes my skin super smooth, plumps up my fine lines and wrinkles, and my skin really looks terrific.  I am impressed.

I recently had a pretty bad bout of the flu, and I was too sick to even wash my face.  The only thing I could bring myself to do was slather on a little serum, so I used my Wrinkle Dimension.  I looked in the mirror after a few days and while I had some very dark circles under my eyes, I was really amazed at how firm and hydrated my skin looked.  It was pale…and it was thin…but it was pretty!

If you are in the market for an excellent hyaluronic acid product, this has your name on it.  You can find Wrinkle Dimension and other Vie Collection products at select spas in the United States and at www.lespausa.com.  – Lisa

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A Touch O’ Tatcha Polishes Your Skin

Tatcha is a luxurious Japanese skincare line that I was anxious to try. The line is based on “Japanese beauty secrets passed down by generations that took a different approach to skincare – that less is more.” Scientists from Japan and the US have worked together to create the perfect blend of anti-aging superfood for our skin.

Tatcha Dry Skin Ritual (image courtesy of tatcha.com)

Tatcha Dry Skin Ritual (image courtesy of tatcha.com)

I ordered the Dry Skin Ritual kit and while all the products performed well, the Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder was the stand out for me. There are four versions of this powder for regular, sensitive, dry, oily skin.

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder

You use this powder as a second step in a two step (using the cleansing oil first) cleansing ritual. I use it in the morning (you can use it twice a day) on water-moistened skin. Into my wet hands, I shake about 1/2 teaspoon of powder and rub my hands together to get a lather and massage it into my face and neck. Rinse off and you’re done but your skin looks polished and clean.

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Power (image courtesy of sephora.com)

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Power (image courtesy of sephora.com)

I am going to buy this in the full size as the kit came with a smaller jar.  Tatcha, I gotcha in my skin care ritual.  — Phyllis

Formulated without:
Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Sulfate Detergents, Parabens, PEGs, PPGs, Urea, DEA, TEA or Phthalates.

A Travel Size of this is available for $15 and the full size is $65. Available at Tatcha’s website, Sephora, full size on QVC.

*This item has been reformulated with cellulose (plant fiber) beads instead of polyethylene.

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REALHER- A natural alternative to standard liquid lipsticks

Real Her Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Deserve the Best (image courtesy of realher.com)

Real Her Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Deserve the Best (image courtesy of realher.com)

Liquid lip products are immensely popular now as I’m sure you all know.  I was very pleased to get this certified cruelty free and paraben free REALHER matte liquid lipstick to try along with an Expert Advice lip liner. Both products have natural ingredients and are infused with shea butter, jojoba seed oil and hyaluronic acid. The company offers eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses and brushes too. I love the promise which is “RealHer was founded on the idea that, with each application, it can help to inspire the wearer: to be herself, to love herself, to be powerful, to rule the world. It doesn’t ask us to be perfect, to be a mother, to be a CEO, to be the perfect beautiful doll, but rather invites us to continue being ourselves, and that which defines us as an individual—and it’s liberating.” What’s even nicer is the birth of the daughter of the company’s founder influenced him to develop this brand with her in mind.   And- get this- the company donates 20% of all proceeds to charity.  

Marcia sent me I Am Loved lip liner and I Deserve The Best matte liquid lipstick that she’d received in a Boxycharm sub box. The website describes I Am Loved as a plum color and I think that description is right on the money. It glides onto your lips smoothly without any skipping. The color is very pigmented and can easily be worn as an all over lip color without an accompanying gloss or lipstick. It goes perfectly with I Deserve The Best lipstick. The website describes the color as a deep mauve. In the container the color looks more like a medium toned brownish pink. It looked that way when I first applied it to my lips. In fact, the liner was darker than the lip color upon initial application  REALHER recommends you apply the lipstick to bare lips with the wand. Allow up to 5 minutes for it to dry to its matte finish and avoid oily foods.

Real Her I Deserve The Best

Real Her I Deserve The Best

Real Her I Deserve The Best

Real Her I Deserve The Best

I have pretty dry lips so after application, I was able to see the product settle into some lip lines. Even after lining my lips with the pencil, I found it hard to ‘color within my lip shape’. I had better success when I used a lip brush and smoothed the color that way, waited the requisite 5 minutes and the product did become matte but it also became sticky. I felt it particularly if I rubbed my lips together which I tend to do. If you don’t have this habit, you won’t notice the stickiness at all.  

Real Her I Am Loved lipliner

Real Her I Am Loved lipliner

Real Her I Deserve The Best liquid lipstick and I Am Loved lip liner

Real Her I Deserve The Best liquid lipstick and I Am Loved lip liner

Real Her I Deserve The Best liquid lipstick and I Am Loved lip liner blended

Real Her I Deserve The Best liquid lipstick and I Am Loved lip liner blended

The color seemed to darken on me to a deep mauve (just as the website stated) and matched the liner perfectly. I did avoid oily foods for lunch and there was no transfer onto my smoothie cup.

REALHER keeps their promises.  –  Phyllis

Super Sunday Scoops’ Giveaways

juneToday’s post is not quite complete since I’m without service while my move is completed but I’ve found as many giveaways as possible to share with you. Once I’m back online I’ll come back and update so visit again on Tuesday or Wednesday to see what else I’ve found. Have a great week  —  Marcia


6/18  SOFTSOAP –  2 winners, US



Winner’s circle: 2 winners for Salon Grafix are Holly T and Susan P, our Hermetise skincare winner is Crystal F


every Sunday through 7/9 an Antonym Cosmetics Brown Eyeliner will be given away

6/18  Beauty in the Bag  –  5 winners, ZO Skin Health Oclipse Daily SPF 50, US

6/18  New Age Mama  –  $50 g.c. to NeoCell, US

6/19  Beauty By Miss L  –  $100 Sephora g.c., WW

6/19  Moms Own Words  –  YFB Beauty Gelus Eyes 5 piece eyeliner collection

6/19  Dave Lackie  –  Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Set, WW

6/20  Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog  –  Tree of Life Serum Combo Pack and Ultimate Nightime Serum, US

6/20  Beauty Minly  –  Chrissy Teigen Becca Glow palette, UK/Ireland/UE

6/20  Reviews by Spacey  –  Seabuckthorn Hand Cream, Berry Essence Soothing Salve, and 3 in 1 Shampoo Bar, Canada only

6/20  Shop With Me Mama  –  MEG21 Top of Hand Treatment, US

6/21  Phyrra  –  set of UD Vice Lipsticks

6/21  She Is The One  –  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, WW

6/21  Walking in Memphis  –  Physicians Formula Bundle and $25 Walmart gc, US

6/21  Cirque Colors  –  5 winners,  Vice 2017 polish collection and We Trippy Holographic Top Coat

6/21  Beauty Brite  –  $200 Sephora, US

6/21  HSI Professionals  –  hair products: dryer, flat iron, brushes, curling wand, Argan shampoo/conditioner/leave-in treatment/thermal spray, US

6/22  Beauty Junkies Unite  –  $25 Sephora, US

6/22  Supergoop  –  500 winners! Supergoop Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF50

6/23  This n That with Olivia  –  Beauty Counter SunCare Protection package, US

6/23  Premiere Extensions  –  mink eyelashes, US

6/24  Fashionista Budget  –  Sephora Collection, Blush 101 Face Palette, WW

6/25  The Celution  –  Pixi Peel & Polish, 2 winners, WW

6/25  Girl Loves Gloss  –  huge giveaway, WW

6/25  Pink Frenzy Miss L  –  Too Faced palette, WW

6/26  Ahleesa 4 Real  –  NYX Cosmetics, WW


6/18  Travel Mamas  –  Eagle Creek Expanse 2 piece luggage set, US

6/18  Deliciously Savvy  –  Capresso MT900 10 Cup Rapid Brew Coffee Maker, US

6/19  Cloud Mom  –  Helen Ficalora necklace, Tara Wilson silver boxes, $100 gc to Onzie Yogawear, $50 Amazon g.c., US

6/19  Nuts 4 Stuff  –  Eattiamo Italian Food Subscription box, US

6/19  My Style Spot  –  Birthstone Necklace and Moonglow Charmed Simplicity Necklace, US

6/19  Michigan Savings  –  Kingyou Bluetooth Headphones 4.0 Wireless Magnetic, US

6/19  Powered by Mom  –  Power AirFryer XL, US

6/20  My Style Spot  –  Fourth of July Inflatable, US

6/20  We Heart This  –  $50 g.c. to 7 Charming Sisters (jewelry), US

6/20  Giveaway Guy  –  Komax Tritan Pitcher, WW

6/20  Pawsitive Living  –  Fuji Instamax Mini 9 Camera, Canada only

6/22  Deals Among Us  –  Simple Earth Monthly Essential Oil Recipe Box, US

6/22  Hip Mama’s Place  –  9 children’s books, US

6/22  Two Classy Chics  –  TravelWise Packing Cube System, US

6/23  The Mad Mommy  –  Mad Mommy Survival Kit (coffee mug, Starbucks gc, chocolate, more money) US

6/23  Katherine’s Corner  –  Striped Tote Bag, picnic recipe book, monkey peeler, $25 Amazon or paypal, US

6/24  Mail 4 Rosey  –  Pink Polaroid SnapTouch Digital Camera, US

6/25  Budget Earth  –  Amazon Echo, US

6/25  Money Can Buy Lipstick  –  Gucci Marmont Mini pink handbag, US

6/26  Thrifty Jinxy  –  prize pack of 2 Fidget Spinners

thru 12/17  Kleenex  –  win Kleenex for a year, US


6/18  ColorinGo  –  $25 Amazon, US

6/19  Dorky’s Deals  –  $200 Visa or paypal, WW

6/19  Modern Mom  –  $100 Visa and 3 Captain Underpants books, US

6/19  Pawsitive Living  –  $425 paypal, WW

6/20  Silver Dragon  –  $50 Amazon g.c.

6/20  Budget Earth  –  $25 Target or paypal, WW

6/20  Ice Fairy’s Treasure Chest  –  $500 Amazon and 5 other $100 Amazon prizes

6/21  Modern Mom  –  $100 Visa and Wonder Woman swag, US

6/21  Kathmandu Valley  –  $50 Amazon and Nepali Traveler Leather Journal, US

6/21  Royal Legacy  –  grand prize $500 Amazon, 5 other winners of $100 Amazon, US

6/22  Deliciously Savvy  –  $25 paypal and Viter Energy Mints, 3 winners, US

6/22  Mom Does Reviews  –  $50 Visa, US

6/23  giveaways  ||  Generations of Savings, $20 Amazon or paypal, WW  ||  Rats and More, $20 paypal, WW  ||  Utterly Amazing, $25 Walmart, US  ||  Susie’s Reviews, $25 Walmart, US  ||  The Bragging Mom, $25 Visa, US  ||

6/23  Roadside Travels  –  $100 Amazon, US

6/25  NYC Single Mom  –  $50 Visa, US

Giveaway – Theragrow Hair Regrowth Helmet

We’ve been offered another giveaway for one of our US readers and we can’t resist knowing that one of you could win this Theragrow Hair Regrowth Helmet worth $495.


Information from Press Release

Over half of women experience hair loss by the age of 50. There are many women out there who experimented with hair color, straightening and other styling methods that involve chemicals that weaken hair. Also stress is also a culprit for hair loss plus hormonal changes. To fight the battle of thinning hair women typically turn to topical products which don’t deliver the results they hope for. Also, most women are not candidates for hair transplants.

For the many women who suffer with hair loss and the self-consciousness it leads to; finally, there is a discreet FDA cleared at-home product designed strictly for women called Theragrow™ $495

Theragrow is a helmet that harnesses the power of laser light to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth. It delivers the same precise wavelength and dosage of energy proven to rejuvenate hair follicles and effectively regrow hair.


Click the link to see video: http://theragrow.com/

Theragrow allows the necessary wavelength between 670 and 686 nanometers to penetrate deep enough to reach the base of the hair follicles and stimulate growth; a depth of 3 to 5 millimeters. No other light source, including devices using LED light, can achieve this.

By treating the base of hair follicles, Theragrow’s proprietary cold laser technology ensures the mitochondria, the energy generator of hair cells, is reactivated. The mitochondria then produce cell energy that is absorbed by hair follicles stimulating new hair growth.

The lightweight Theragrow helmet houses 40 individual lasers. It provides maximum scalp coverage to treat all areas affected by androgenetic alopecia, the condition suffered by most women reporting hair loss.

After the first treatment, the process of halting hair loss and rejuvenating your hair follicles to grow healthier, stronger, thicker hair begins. Laser light therapy targets the stem cells at the base of hair follicles. It’s working deep beneath the surface even before you see visible results.

The inventor of Theragrow, Tamin Hamid Ph.D, who is a former NASA scientist and Biomedical Engineer, is excited to provide a viable, cost- effective solution specifically for women who haven’t seen adequate results from topical treatments. She explains, “women cannot take the only prescription drug available because it is only FDA cleared for men so this is a solution for women that will deliver results. More than 90% of women in a recent user group reported positive results from treatments delivering the precise weekly amount of laser light energy you get with Theragrow.”


Low-level laser light technology has been proven to repair, improve and grow hair in women. Within the first three months Theragrow leads to reduced hair loss and increased thickness and density. Within six months there’s a fuller appearance and feel to hair with more body, there’s also visible new hair growth at the top and crown of the head. At that nine month mark hair regrowth is significant.


Theragrow is used for 20 minutes, 4 times per week and you can read, watch TV, work on the computer while wearing it. It’s quiet and cordless FDA cleared over the counter medical device to promote hair growth in women. It is not to be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or have been diagnosed with cancer.

Low-level laser light technology has been proven to :

Repair, improve and grow hair in women.

1-3 Months

  • Reduced hair loss
  • Increased hair thickness and density

2-6 Months

  • Thicker hair
  • Fuller overall body

6-9 Months

Visible new hair growth on top and crown of head

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q. How often do I have to use Theragrow™?

A. 20 minutes 4 times a week and you can watch TV, read, and work at a computer while you are wearing it.

Q. Does Theragrow™ make noise?

A. No it is quiet and cordless.

Q. Is Theragrow™ right for me?

A. Theragrow™ is an FDA-cleared, over-the-counter (OTC) medical device to promote hair growth in women with androgenetic alopecia, having Savin hair loss scale classifications I and II with Fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 4. Hair growth in skin tones 5 and 6 has not been documented. Hair growth in levels Frontal III, and Advanced has not been documented.

Q. What comes with my Theragrow™?

A. You get everything you need to start regrowing your hair right away, including a Quick Start Guide, instructions for use, foam pads to adjust for comfort and fit, and a micro-USB cable for charging.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Yes! Numerous studies confirm that low-level laser light therapy has no harmful side effects. However, we do not recommend using Theragrow™ if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have been diagnosed with cancer. Consult your physician if you are concerned about underlying medical conditions.

Q. Can I use other treatments simultaneously?

A. Yes, you can use Theragrow™ while also using minoxidil or undergoing hair transplant procedures. You’ll find complete instructions and details in your Theragrow™ User Guide.

Q. How many times do I have to purchase Theragrow™?

A. It is a one time purchase. Owners will simply have to replace the batteries after 18-24 months.

Q. Do I have to keep using Theragrow™?

A. Yes, as with any low level laser therapy for hair growth, if you stop doing it, the problem will return. However once optimized results have been reached (generally accepted as a year of use) it is possible to reduce usage to two times per week for maintenance purposes.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: This giveaway is open through Wednesday, June 28th at 11:59 p.m. EDT. You must be an email subscriber and comment. All other entries are extra. If you’ve won this previously on another blog you aren’t eligible to win this one.

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Prize will be sent by the Theragrow team to the winner. Nothing to disclose.

Theradome™, the maker of Theragrow™, is a medical therapy company located in Silicon Valley focused on developing the world’s most technologically advanced Laser Phototherapy (LPT) devices along with complimentary, superior scalp products. Tamim Hamid, Theradome President and developer of Theragrow™, is a former NASA Scientist and Ph.D. Biomedical Engineer. Our company is committed to restoring health and confidence in people all around the globe by bringing affordable, clinical strength hair rejuvenation therapies into the home.