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3 Sprays to make your day starring Static Schmatic, Touch, and Pure Brush

Static Schmatic, PUREBrush, Touch

There are 3 companies that make sprays that have enhanced my time lately. When I first received these I was looking forward to trying them but honestly didn’t expect to like them quite as much as I do. It’s great to have the opportunity to introduce you to these so that you can learn to love them too.


Statis Schmatic for hair and clothes

Let’s start with Static Schmatic because I totally love the name. This is an all natural company started by a mother and daughter team to solve the problem that static was messing with their lives whether it was their hair, their clothes, or even their pets. Once you try one of their products you’ll see why this all American company has taken off.

Static Schmatic for Hair – ooooh! smooth!

Since this is a beauty blog I’ll start with Static Schmatic for hair. This is an all natural anti-static spray that helps smooth down those flyaways whether from static, weather, or just your hair misbehaving. It’s so incredibly easy to use since all you have to do is shake it and then spray it onto a brush or comb, or even your hands, to work it through.

Static Schmatic for Hair – don’t be so clingy!!

What’s to love about it? (insert heart emoji here) There’s no fragrance, there are no ingredients to weigh your hair down, there’s no stickiness at all. I fell in love with it the first time I used it and continue to fall back in love every day that I spray this onto my hair. The ingredients are simple but effective: distilled water, plant based soap, coconut oil, glycerin & salt. The only way you’ll know this is on your hair is by the way you look without those flyaways and with extra shine! It’s become a regular in my life.

Static Schmatic for Clothes

Static Schmatic for Clothes is such an improvement on the product I used to use when teaching. There’s no aerosol to destroy the environment, there’s no disgusting plastic smell to destroy my nose. While Static Schmatic for Clothes does have a light outdoorsy fragrance at first, it’s gone in seconds. My husband didn’t notice the scent at all and the company calls it fragrance free. This is what I needed back in the days that I had to wear a slip under my skirt/dress. Oh I’m so glad those days are gone.

Static Schmatic for Clothes

There are exactly 5 ingredients and they are all natural. Anything that has layers can use a spritz of Static Schmatic in between to keep them separated. Those sexy clingy clothes can look unsexy if they cling awkardly. Just spritz and it’s your secret. Since there are no chemicals there’s nothing to build up any residue. While it won’t take the place of a washing machine, it will help your clothes look and feel fresher.


The next item that you really truly need in your life is PUREBRUSH, a dry shampoo for your cosmetic brushes. It’s genius. We use dry shampoo all the time and now there’s a product that will clean your brushes but more importantly sanitize them. This uses Germblock technology to sanitize in minutes.


Another easy peasy product to use. Shake, hold the can about 2″ from your brushes (I lay them on a towel first) and spray. You want to coat the brush fibers thoroughly but that only takes a few seconds. Then tap it onto the towel and stroke your brush to remove all the bacteria, germs, and excess color. If you haven’t washed your brushes in a while you’ll probably have to do this twice but with 250 sprays in the can that’s not a problem.


Right now it’s available on the PUREbrush website but will be available at Ulta soon. You know I have to talk about fragrance – it’s just how I am. Well it does have a very slight fragrance that’s very pleasant. I can smell it when I spray it but it doesn’t make my brushes smell at all. And you know I sniffed them a lot!

Touch Sanitizing Germblock

Speaking of Germblock Technology let’s learn about Touch Sanitizing Germblock Hand Protection. We’ve all tried Purell and other gels to help sanitize dirty hands but it’s being found out that they aren’t as effective as we were told. Touch is a unique hand sanitizing mist that is clinically proven to remove 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This gentle mist dries in seconds without your hands feeling sticky one bit.

Touch Sanitizing Germblock Unscented

Touch not only sanitizes but it has essential oils to soften your hands. There’s no alcohol in the formula so it’s safer for you and for young ones. My 3.5 year old fights me now on anything to do with the bathroom but she’s happy to open her hands for this spray.

Touch Sanitizing Germblock

With 4 fragrances to chose from (Mint Green Tea Aloe, Tropical Breeze, Ocean Mist, and Unscented) you’ll be able to find a favorite easily. This retails for $5.99 and is available at CVS, Meijer, and Walgreens so add it to your list.

Touch™ packaging

Now that you know my 3 sprays that save my day, which will you be wanting first? It’s hard to recommend just one since they all have a place in my life and routine. Great products that I know you’d love.  —  Marcia

Here’s a bonus for you. On the Static Schmatic website you can enter your email in the pop up box and you’ll receive a coupon for a free bottle of Static Schmatic for clothes. Free is always good!

Scooping and scoping out the giveaways on the Sunday Scoop


I hope you have a lot of time this week because the end of the month has brought giveaways that aren’t to be believed. There are so many big money prizes this time that I don’t usually find. Plus there are giveaways I’d love to win so I’m pretty sure you will too. Gather up your sustenance because you’ll be sitting at the computer for quite a while. Lots of luck  —  Marcia






Winner’s Circle: The 2 Zest Fruitboost winners are Tabitha W and Gia W. Last week I mentioned that someone was eliminated and I want to explain more. If Rafflecopter picks your name the first thing I do is check to see if you’ve subscribed by email, then I check for your comment. If those show up I’ll go to the source you’ve won through (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) to make sure you did what you said on your entry. If I can’t find your subscription and comment then I check no further. Those are the two things we require. Rules are rules and so many people look for an easy way out. We don’t require you to jump through hoops so please understand.


Alana Mitchell  –  entire skincare line, US

Conair  –  TWO interchangeable 1’’ and 1¼ ’’ titanium ceramic curl chambers of the NEW Infiniti PRO by Conair Curl Secret 2.0, US

7/24  Refinery 29  –  $300 to Makeup Geek, Hask Haircare line, $250 to KL Polish (Kathleen Lights), US

7/24  Love Maegan  –  L’Oreal makeup, Garnier Beauty, Fendi sunglasses and more

7/24  Lionesse  –  3 winners, Interchangeable Pro Curling Iron Set, WW

7/24  Beauty Junkees Unite  –  Avene Sunscreen Prize Pack, 3 winners, US

7/24  Blue Lizard  –  $50 Walmart gc and Blue Lizard sunscreen prize, US

7/24  Parenting Healthy  –  Aurorae Aromatherapy Spray and towel (another giveaway above it on the page too), US

Beauty Undercover  –  20 winners, 6 pack ORLY Breathable polish, US

Beauty Undercover  –  30 winners, Image Skincare Sunscreen Spray, US

7/25  Hello Subscription  –  Fab Fit Fun Summer 2017 Box, US

7/25  Realizing Beauty  –  Live Clean products (skincare, hair, bath/body), Canada only

7/25  Jen’s Fun Finds  –  MelodySusie Travel Makeup Kit, US

7/25  The Queen of Style  –  Golden Door skincare Try Me Kit, US

7/26  Poshly  –  Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette

7/26  Mom Does Reviews  –  2 sets of bath bombs from Oliver Rocket, US

7/26  Never Say Die Beauty  –  Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam for fine/medium hair, US

7/27  Dave Lackie  –  Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Cream, WW

7/27  Extra TV  –  5 winners, Bare Minerals products (Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lip colors, Externalixir Serum) and a $60 gift card, US

7/27  A Very Sweet Blog  –  Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel and Tint & Silk Glosses

7/27  NYC Pretty  –  3 Farmacy skincare products, US

7/28  Little Crunchy  –  My Real Earth Body Butter, US

7/28  Allura Beauty  –  Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

7/29  Fashionista Budget  –   KatVonD Mother of All Lipstick Duo, WW

7/29  Hello Subscription  –  Boxycharm from June 2017, US

7/30  Missy Product Reviews  –  Dove Beauty Bars

7/31  Painted Ladies  –  Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion Exfoliant, US

7/31  Kniepp’s  –  9 winners, Kniepp’s bath products and Shinola Detroit Arrow Bike, US

7/31  Love Brigette  –  anniversary giveaway, 7 winners, 7 prizes

7/31  De Nouveau Review  –  Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and 2 other runner up prizes, US

7/31  Frog Reviews and Ramblings  –  ERA Organics Elixir 16-in-1 Natural Face and Body Lotion, US

7/31  Inspirations and Celebrations  –  big giveaway with Chi Onyx Ceramic Crimping Iron, Dr. Brandt, Hairmax Hair Fibers, Madam CJ Walker Coconut Oil, Michelle Phan Makeup Book, Rodial Snake Mask, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick and more. US/Can

7/31  Barielle  – Caslon Tie Dye Tassel Wrap, Sunnylife Luxe Havana Mesh Beach Tote, Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler Base Coat, Barielle Mate-inee Top Coat, Protective Hand Cream and Total Foot Care, US

7/31  Beauty Stat  –  5 winners, Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, US

7/31  Influence Nation  –  5 winners, Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, US (I’m pretty sure these are different giveaways)

7/31  The Homespun Chics  –  5 facial masks and a Boca Terry headband, US

thru 8/4 weekly giveaway Gladja  –  Organic Skincare Collection


7/24  Mom Does Reviews  –  3 Bright Endeavors glass candles, US

7/24  Powered by Mom  –  Instant Pot, US/Canada

7/25  Jen’s Fun Finds  –  trio of umbrellas from ShedRain, US

7/26  Miki’s Hope  –  Power Pressure Cooker XL, US

7/26  Queen of Reviews  –  2 Yankee Candles from the Sea America Collection, US

7/26  Boss Beauty Babes  –  Prize includes 3 shirts, 1 hoodie, 1 pair of sunnies, 1 set of makeup brushes, a makeup bag, 5 pairs of mink lashes and more.  WW

7/27  My Style Spot  –  ERGO Chef Kitchen Essentials, US

7/27  Mom Does Reviews  –  Bestek Juicer, US

7/28  Deals Among Us  –  Simply Earth Monthly Essential Oil Recipe Box, US

7/28  Alicia Tenise  –  Gucci Marmont Mini Bag, WW

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7/31  Specter Wireless  –  Specter Wireless Headphones

7/31  Jokari  –  5 winners, Paula Deen Holiday Collection, US

7/31  Mustela  –  bundle of Mustela products tailored for the baby’s needs, US

7/31  Beauty Brite  –  2 winners, AMIR Natural Himalyan Crystal Salt Lamp, US

7/31  Sue Parks  –  Floating Comfort Pillow from Mediflow, US/Can

7/31  Tortoise and Blonde  –  pair of Tortoise and Blonde sunglasses of choice and prize package from Byrd and Patchology, US

7/31  –  5 winners will get 2 Starbucks signature double-walled travelers, 2 Starbucks signature cold cups, Starbucks lunch bag, notebook, pencil pouch and keychain pouch; 45 winners will get 1 Starbucks signature double walled traveler and 1 Starbucks signature cold cup. US

7/31  Family Focus  –  $100 to Isabelle Grace Jewelry, US


7/23  The Fashionable Wife  –  $100 Nordstrom

7/23  Strange Deeds Indeed  –  $50 Amazon or paypal, WW

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7/31   ||  Still Blonde, $25 Amazon, US  ||  Susie’s Reviews, $25 Walmart, US  ||  Surf Sand and Sons, $15 Bath & Body Works, US  ||  Rockin Book Reviews, $15 Amazon, WW  ||  Parenting In Progress, $15 Amazon, US  ||  Here We Go Again, $20 paypal, US  ||  Drop the Spotlight, $15 Amazon, US  ||  Kicking It With Kelly, $25 Amazon, WW  ||  Still Blonde, $25 Paypal, US  ||  Broken Tepee, $25 paypal, WW  ||  Savings in Seconds, $20 Amazon, WW  ||  Parenting in Progress, $20 Amazon, US  ||  The Review Wire, $20 Amazon, US  ||  Tammie’s Reviews, $25 Amazon, US  ||  Silver Dagger, $20 Amazon  ||

Eyeko is making us EYEMAZING in today’s Side by Side!

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Eyeko was probably the first brand to make us think about having a ‘wardrobe’ of eye products. We used to think one mascara worked for every occasion – but sometimes we just need defined lashes. Sometimes we want a little more drama. Sometimes we want drama the level of a highlight reel from COPS. The same for brows and of course for eyeshadow – just one product doesn’t cut it. Basically, we love lots of options when choosing what products to wear and Eyeko has given us some excellent goodies to play with!

Lisa’s eyes are wearing Tinted Brow Gel, Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner, and Lash Alert Mascara Wake Up and Go:

It’s been super hot this summer and I have been wishing for a great brow gel to take the place of my brow wax. I have nice brows but they need a little extra color boost and they definitely need some help staying in place. They tend to droop and look shaggy.  I absolutely love the Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel ($24)!

Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel

Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel

Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel swatch

It has a shorter, fatter spoolie, and the gel is tinted. It’s a medium brown with just a hint of shimmer in it. The spoolie really grabs the hairs and puts them in place, and the tint is perfect. It gives the right amount of color and a touch of brightness which opens the eye area. I love this!!

  • Tinted Gel
  • With vitamins, antioxidants, Keratin, Ginkgo Biloba and botanical proteins to promote growth
  • Natural, long-lasting hold without flaking or stiffness

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

The Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner ($22) is a great liquid eyeliner – it was inspired by calligraphy brushes – that goes on like a thin magic marker. It creates a very thin, precise line like a liquid liner, but without the mess. You can have shaky pre-coffee morning hands and still end up with a gorgeous line. This is especially good for cats eye looks, as well as very precise thick lines.

  • Contains Widelash with a tripeptide boost to promote lash growth for up to 3x more length and volume in 15 days
  • Japanese precision brush tip for single stroke colour
  • Waterproof, long-wear, fade-proof
  • Carbon Black

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Lash Alert Mascara Wake Up and Go ($26) is a fantastic mascara – this is a must have! The curved brush is excellent for picking up every single lash. It does take several coats to get the full effect, but three coats gives lots of drama that doesn’t smudge, flake, or smear. It thickens up lashes beautifully with fibers and gives tons of volume and definition. It also washes off easily, which is a big plus. I love this mascara and it’s been a heavy hitter in my mascara rotation!

  • Shea Butter to nourish
  • Caffeine to stimulate
  • Arginine to repair
  • Biotinoyl Tripepetide to regenerate
  • Biotin to thicken
  • Full contact helix brush to curl and volumise
  • Carbon Black
  • Award-winning Korean technology
  • Water-resistant tubing formula
  • Zero-waste squeezy tube
  • No running, smudging, crumbling or flaking
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Locks in colour and hold for 12hr+

Eyeko Black Magic Liner, Lash Alert Mascara, and Tinted Brow Gel

Marcia’s eyes are wearing Making Eyes 3 in 1 Brush, Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Eyeliner in Topaz, Charcoal, and Bronze:

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Liners and 3-in-1 Brush

Anyone that knows my taste knows I’m a huge fan of cream eyeshadows so the shadow eyeliners from Eyeko are a big hit for me. I have 3 of the 6 shades available (Topaz, Quartz, Taupe, Chocolate, Bronze, and Charcoal) and will need to be at least one more to get myself through the summer. Taupe is calling to me right now and it’s one of the shades that Ulta carries!

Eyeko Me & My Shadow in Topaz, Bronze, and Charcoal

While I will adore the Eyeko Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Eyeliners all year it’s in summer that these really make their mark. They are truly waterproof. These last all day and night until you remove them with eye makeup remover. Water doesn’t take off the color unless you scrub and scrub which you don’t want to do. Putting some remover on a cotton pad removes them so that tomorrow you can try a new combination. To test out these shadow liners I’ve used eyeshadow primer on one eye and left my skin alone on the other. There’s no creasing or fading either way so that saves a step.

Eyeko Me & My Shadow in Charcoal, Bronze, and Topaz

Topaz is a champagne shade that is on the verge of being metallic. It brightens my eyes whether I wear it on the lid or on my browbone. I crave this type of color so it’s #1 with me. Bronze is a bright shade that plays so nicely with my brown eyes. It seems to bring out my eye color. The blending of these is amazing since they are soft and silky. Charcoal can be worn sooty or you can blend it down to a softer gray and that’s where the beauty lies. It has teeny bits of sparkle that don’t travel but livens up your smokey eye look.

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Brush

What makes the Eyeko eyeshadow crayons stand out from the crowd is the brush on the opposite end. It is a great tool to blend these out or to smoke the colors out. The brush makes these liners so much more versatile and a great travel companion.

Eyeko Making Eyes 3-in-1 Brush

I am totally blown away with the Eyeko Making Eyes 3-IN-1 Brush. This is the best travel tool I’ve found in all my searching. Brushes are my thing and I never travel without favorites but Eyeko is going to replace that huge brush set in its compactness. I am loving not only the simplicity of this tool but the way it works. “Travel-friendly packaging ensures each brush is covered and hygienically capped to keep your makeup bag pristine.”

Measuring almost 6 inches long there are 3 brushes and all work beautifully. For the eyeliner brush you just pull out and there’s a nicely angled brush that works well with gel liner as well as the shadow liners. Pull off the the first cap and there’s a rounded blending brush that does its job like a pro. One more pull and you’ll find the define brush that reminds me of the MAC 242 that I use constantly. But this gives me everything I need for only $20. I can’t tell you how great I think this is. There aren’t enough words!

It’s pretty obvious that both of us are thrilled with our Eyeko treasures but what we didn’t tell you yet is about the brand. “Created by beauty veterans Max and Nina Leykind, their mascaras and liners are favored by celebs and hotshot make-up artists alike. With style icon Alexa Chung on board as Creative Consultant – she credits them with creating her favorite look – Eyeko give the definitive edit for eyes.” You can find Eyeko at Ulta as well as their own website (free shipping) and it’s a brand well worth seeking out.


RoC those wrinkles away with Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum, Eye Cream, and Multi-Correxion Chest, Neck and Face Cream!

Rowenta Steamer photo from

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could just steam away our wrinkles like a steamer? Just roll out of bed, grab our handy little iron, and steam those fine lines away? Maybe someday in the Jane Jetson future.In the meantime, I’m happy that I’m a RoC Ambassador because I get to sample some terrific products that help visibly reduce deep wrinkles and help with fine lines. I’ve got both so I need to reduce them and keep any new ones from forming.  

The three main areas of concern for me are my eyes, my neck, and my face – especially around my mouth area. RoC has me covered in all areas!

RoC Deep Wrinkle Serum

RoC Deep Wrinkle Serum

With RoC Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Serum ($23) the longer you use it, the happier you will be with the results. The silky serum feels great on immediately and plumps up skin right away and with consistent use your skin becomes extremely happy and wrinkles truly do dramatically improve. Ingredients include Roc Retinol along with magnesium, zinc and copper to bring renew skin and to help bring newer skin to the surface.

  • This anti-aging formula is clinically proven to help visibly reduce both fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • After four weeks, skin appears more radiant, fine lines are smoothed and skin firmness is improved
  • After eight weeks, crow’s feet are visibly reduced and discoloration is diminished
  • After twelve weeks, deep wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • The formula glides on easily and absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling smooth and velvety and is ideal for use under makeup



RoC® Retinol Correxion® Eye Cream ($23) is a great eye cream that tackles puffiness and dark circles, two problems that only seem to get worse for me the older I get. Regular use of this eye cream truly reduces the look of wrinkles and crow’s-feet. Another plus – this has no fragrance.  RoC® Retinol Correxion® Eye Cream is just one of the great eye creams that RoC® produces, but it’s my favorite and the one I choose over and over.

RoC Chest, Neck & Face Cream with SPF 30

RoC Chest, Neck & Face Cream with SPF 30

I know, I know, I am always on my soap box about paying extra attention to the decolletage. But that is the FIRST place that aging skin shows up! We take great care of our faces, but often forget our necks – that means no sunscreen, no treatment serums, no collagen support. The RoC Chest, Neck & Face Cream with SPF 30 ($28) is fabulous in several ways. It really is everything you need from your chest on up to your forehead. I see immediate results in terms of dryness and skin tone and after four weeks there is a definite improvement in sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. Ingredients include the famous RoC Hexinol Technology as well as tons of vitamin E, which specifically targets the 5 signs of aging:  discoloration, sagging, dryness, dull skin tone and wrinkles. Plus, it has an SPF of 30 so it protects against the harmful rays of the sun.  The cream itself is absolutely beautiful – thick and creamy, yet it absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft and satiny. The rich cream and the elegant formula makes the Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Chest, Neck & Face Cream a huge winner.

We are still a long way off from any miracle product like a Jane Jetson mask or a steam iron that takes wrinkles immediately away, but for great skin care that takes of you today and for the long haul I love RoC Skin Care.  – Lisa


How did 15 Minute Beauty pare down her favorites list? Curious minds want to know

15 Minute Beauty had a really hard time deciding which products to include. Today she’s sharing her favorite skincare products, but she’ll share more of her all time favorites all week long! Check back for products like her favorites for hiding undereye circles and the best mascara!

7th Heaven softens hands and feet with their great masks (giveaway time)

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I sure hope you don’t get tired of me and my obsession with masks (and with having mask giveaways!). I don’t seem to get tired of using masks so I keep sharing them with you. Today I have some totally different masks from 7th Heaven for you. You know I love the variety, convenience, and prices of 7th Heaven masks. Well how about masks for your feet, hands, and fingers? They are as great as they sound.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques, Soften Glove Masks, and Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

I’ve got to start with my favorite of these three, 7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

My feet haven’t felt as soft in months. It’s better than a pedicure to treat my feet and lasts much longer too. If it cut my nails then it would be the perfect item ever. But I’ll forgive it since it makes my feet feel soft and conditioned for about 4 days. Taking a shower doesn’t even take away the effect of the moisturizing of these foot masques.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

The booties are made of a thin plastic outer and a mesh inner which contains the softening ingredients. It has both Shea Butter and Almond Oil to nourish dry skin and help repair cracked heels. It contains Peppermint to refresh your feet as well as Soybean to rehydrate them so you’re left with soft and smooth tootsies.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

These take only 15-20 minutes to use but they are so comfortable (and I can walk in them with my slippers on) that I usually forget and wear them longer. 7th Heaven is a cruelty free company that uses natural ingredients, in this case pressed peppermint, ground shea nuts, and pressed soybeans. When the time is up, remove and massage the lotion onto your feet. These are going to be so perfect in the winter when my feet take a beating. To Walmart I’ll be going to stock up on these!!

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

Similar to the sock masque is the Soften Glove Masque. While wonderful at this time of year, you can imagine what these will do for dry winter hands! My skin becomes chapped easily in the winter so wearing the Glove Masques will be even better when your hands have taken a beating. If your hands are always in water these will be a savior too.

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

With pressed rose petals as one of their main ingredients they are fragranced which makes them not quite perfect for me.

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

They are very comfortable and actually I could do most of the things I wanted while wearing them for 15-20 minutes though typing is iffy. Like the Soften Sock Masque, massage in the rich cream to keep your hands soft as can be.

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques are a much better match for me and as much as I dislike winter weather I’ll be using these to save the skin on my fingers.

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

Each package comes with 10 finger masques. What’s great for me is that I can use as many as I need and save the rest for later. My left hand takes more of a beating since I use it more. It’s always drier than my right and my cuticles dry out more since I wash my hands so often. The Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques contain pressed argan seed oil and macadamia oils to help nourish the skin on your fingers and cuticles. It also contains juiced pomegranates for an anti-oxidant rich treat.

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

These are a great way to treat yourself before you do/have a manicure too.  After 15 minutes remove them and massage. Aaah what a spa treat. You really want these if you have damaged nails.

All three of these are available at Walmart stores and online for $3.94 a package. You can order them online and pick them up in the store if you want too. Like I said, the foot masques are going to be my besties come cold weather with the finger masques close behind. —  Marcia

Giveaway information: As much as I hate to give any of mine up there is going to be a giveaway for 1 package each of Soften Glove Masques and Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques along with 3 other 7th Heaven facial masks. This is open worldwide where permitted through 8/4/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. As usual if I can’t find your email subscription or your comment then you are eliminated. We don’t ask much of you on our giveaways but we do insist on that. Good luck and good tips and toes! – M

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