Getting clear, blemish-free skin with Artisan Naturals


Artisan Naturals is cruelty free, all natural skin care line that I have used for over five years now.  I try many skin care lines, but I always come back to Artisan Naturals.  I find the product formulations to be elegant, extremely effective and affordable, and the customer service is amazing.

As I get older, my skin gets crazier.  Do you find that to be true for you?  It just baffles me.  I am battling wrinkles, dark under eye circles, hyper-pigmentation, and blemishes.  I swear I have more hormonal breakouts now than I ever did!  I love the Artisan Naturals products that address the needs of acne-prone skin because they take care of business without giving me dry flakiness.  Trust me, I am flaky enough as it is.

Above is the Green Tea Clarifying Cleanser with AHA ($24).  Lovely stuff, it’s a gel cleanser that gives a bit of foam.  It cleanses the skin thoroughly without stripping, which can cause even worse break outs.  The AHA’s exfoliate, getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells.

After cleansing, I use the Willowbark Anti-Acne Clarifying Toner ($19).    This is a gentle toner that fights the bacteria that cause acne and also helps exfoliate the skin.  It has a spray pump so it’s extremely hygienic.

After toning, once or twice a week I use this – the Lemon Cypress Exfoliating Face Mask ($22), one of my ‘secret weapons’.

I think over the years I have gone through about ten jars of this.  I ADORE it.  Lemon and cypress exfoliate the skin, plus it has tiny jojoba beads that really tackle dead skin and clogged pores.  I put this on and leave it for about ten minutes.  Then, I massage it in, and those little beads feel amazing.  After it’s washed off, skin is bright and clear and radiant.  LOVE it!!  If I feel a breakout coming on, I use this mask, and most of the time it takes care of the problem before it even truly manifests.

I also use the Zinc and Aloe Anti-Acne Treatment Serum ($19).  The zinc kills the bacteria that causes acne, and the aloe soothes my skin and keeps it from getting too dry.  It’s a very effective yet gentle acne treatment.

I know I have thrown a few products at you all at once, and this is only one part of the great skin care items available from Artisan Naturals.  There are other products geared toward all skin types, dry skin, and mature skin.  I urge you to go to the website to peruse the products.  Everything I have tried has been nothing short of terrific.  This is, most definitely, a fabulous skin care line that is worth every penny!!  – Lisa


  1. This line looks very interesting. Thanks for the review.

  2. Is Artisan Naturals available in Asian countries? Thanks!

  3. Hi Agnes!

    Yes, Artisan Naturals ships to Asian countries. I believe there is an international shipping fee of $39, but right now there is a sale going on, 15% off your whole order so that would offset the fee somewhat. Let us know if you decide to order and what you think of the products! – Lisa

  4. I’ve had some troublesome breakouts too so this sounds great for my skin.

  5. I have wrinkles and breakout sometimes too. This looks perfect for me. I want to try that mask.


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