Limited Edition Artis brush sets on HSN that you don’t want to miss


Artis Elite Mirror Smoke Collection

Starting Sunday August 13th through August 26th HSN is featuring two ARTIS ELITE COLLECTION PRECISION BRUSH SETS. Of all the brushes I own Artis are the absolute most luxurious. I use one of my Artis brushes every day so these sets are very appealing.

Artis chose to focus on the smaller areas of your face: eyes, lips, and brows for example. Each of their two ELITE COLLECTION Precision Brush sets are going to be available in special metal Art Portfolio Cases. There are two variations that contain the same item, just the finish of the brushes are different.


Elite Mirror/Smoke, Linear 1

Elite Mirror/Smoke, Circle 1

Elite Mirror/Smoke, Oval 3

Elite Mirror/Smoke, Oval 4

Portfolio Box, Metal

Elite Mirror/Smoke Collection Booklet

Artis Elite Mirror Collection
Artis Elite Mirror Collection

If you don’t know about Artis brushes it’s time to find out. These luxurious brushes have been created by one of the makeup industry’s innovators and a former MAC Cosmetics senior executive. Founder Matthew Waitesmith has always had a unique and forward-looking perspective on makeup and application.  He was convinced a true makeup brush should be focused on the challenges of makeup “self-application”, and delivering superior cosmetic performance. Waitesmith pushes the envelope of what makeup brush design can be with Artis, offering a complete range of patented, Designer Cosmetic Brushes which combine ergonomics with design, function and performance.

My very favorite brush is the Oval 10 that I use for foundation. It makes applying makeup one of the best parts of the day. Soft yet plush, it’s heaven on earth.

Artis Oval 10 Brush

During the last HSN special I bought the Palm Brush. Basically it’s the same brush as the Oval 10 but without the handle. The Oval 10 takes a very long time to dry. I wash it about twice a week but I was miserable when it was out of commission. The Artis Elite Palm Brush was on sale with free shipping and no tax and I couldn’t resist. Call me happy!!!

Artis Elite Palm Brush
Artis Elite Palm Brush

Lisa has reviewed the Artis Elite Smoke Linear 1 brush and is mad about this.

Artis Elite Linear 1 Brush

Don’t miss out on these Special Edition (aka limited edition) “Precision” Elite Collection Brushes in Portfolio Case. While the winter holidays are months away I can’t imagine anything better than showing this to my loved ones and having it given to me then or now! —  Marcia

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  1. Deb E | 13th Aug 17

    I shop HSN for clothes and used to buy many hair products there but haven’t shopped too much for makeup/beauty items lately. These are unique brushes. I like their flex-pays, free shipping and generous return policy so it makes it easier to buy. Must take a look!

  2. Nora Grahe | 14th Aug 17

    I have been wanting these too much but can not get them! I can always dream… lol

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