Marcia vs Lisa – Armani Cosmetics

I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to think about what I was going to pick for my favorite Armani Cosmetics item. We talked about doing this brand so long ago but I just couldn’t decide. I think LSF foundation is a terrific foundation but I’ve already used foundation in our “vs” reviews. I also love Armani lipsticks and lipglosses but I haven’t bought any in so long so I don’t even know if the ones I use are current. But now Lisa I have found the crème de la crème of recent Armani (in my opinion) and I’m convinced I shall win this challenge.

My choice is Eyes to Kill Mascara. Actually we were shopping together the day I bought this. Plus it was the day that we decided we should write a blog so I think it stands out just for that reason. We were at Saks for an event and Armani had a gwp. You know me and gifts with purchase! If I love the brand it’s very hard for me to resist them. But that’s beside the point. The point is that I finally got around to wearing the mascara almost 7 months after I bought it.

Eyes to Kill really are “eyes to kill”. I am loving this mascara. Lush lashes – check! Lengthy lashes – check! Smudgefree lashes – check! Clump free lashes – check! Eyes to Kill – check! Reading the description of this online they talk a lot about volume. While I think the volume is good I wouldn’t consider this the tops in volumizing. Then again I often find that a mascara that gives me too much volume usually looks clumpy on me so it’s not usually on my list of choices. Definition, length and smudgeless are Marcia choices.

At $30 a mascara better be amazing and this one is. The tube is nice and hefty, the brush is full and easy to use, the mascara is a very dark steel black (it also comes in copper brown though). I didn’t think I’d like a mascara better than Dior Extase but this one just might be the one. Even if it’s not, it’s definitely a mascara to try out.  My vote for the best of Armani goes to – ta da – Eyes to Kill Mascara. — Marcia

Ah, interesting choice Marcia!  I do love this mascara too, it’s excellent.  And I love Armani lipsticks, I have tons and wear them often.  I also love the Armani eyeshadows…but I have to say, my MOST favorite items are the Fluid Sheers ($59).

Ok, I will admit, they are ridiculously expensive.  And the opaque bottles make it impossible to know when you are about to run out of product.  But they are so versatile!  And they last forever!!  And I use at least one fluid sheer every single day!!!  There aren’t many items about which I can make that claim.  I have every color Armani has ever come out with.  It is maddening that they seem to drop colors without warning, but then they always add new ones so I don’t complain much.  Some of the colors, like #8 and #3, are terrific liquid bronzers.  Other colors like #7 (pictured above) and #2 are great for highlighting and livening up liquid foundations.  Some are fabulous blushes, like #4.  And then there’s #0, which is a sheer white with a golden cast, perfect for lightening up foundations that are a shade or two too dark.

Here is a pic of some of my fluid sheers on a steel palette.  The top row, from left to right, is #0, 2, 4, then 7.

Bottom row, left to right, is #10, 11, 12, 13, then 14.

Here they are swatched on my arm:

Again, left to right, #0 (this is a color corrector for foundations that are too dark for your skin), #2 (great mixed into matte foundations to jazz them up), #4 (swatched heavy for color purposes, it makes a fabulous blush), and #7 (cool toned highlighter also great for jazzing up foundation).

Swatched here from left to right are #10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

I am not super thrilled at the way this bunch swatched – the first two, #10 and #11, are not actually that orange toned. #10 is amazing added to foundation, it gives you a fabulous healthy glow. It’s a warm golden with shimmers that don’t even begin to show up well in pictures.  #11 is essentially #10 with a rosy tone added to it. My very most favorite is #12, which is a cool light purple.  I find it color corrects my skin perfectly, and adds just the right amount of sheen to any foundation.  After that is #13, more brown than #3 and I find it’s best used as a bronzer.  Finally, #14 is a color correcting apricot with a bit of shimmer, so interesting and believe it or not it makes your skin look  glowy and gorgeous.

Check these out when you are at the Armani counter – I’ll bet you will find one – or five – that you just can’t live without.  – Lisa


  1. I love both of these products! I wear fluid silk, but it’s so funny because the other day I almost bought the mascara but decided against it — now I’m going to go get it!

  2. You’re tempting me to buy that mascara! So far I really love Armana LSF and the lipsticks that I have, so I’m pretty positive about Armani beauty already

  3. You make me want to buy everything you write about!!!!


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