Makeup Wars wants to know what your favorite mascara is

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If only all wars were like Makeup Wars! Life would be so civilized. The bloggers involved in this series of Makeup War articles are as excited to see and buy each others choices as they are to pick and share their own.
This week’s version is our favorite mascara. You’ve got to know that for me, and most likely my comrades in this, that means “of the moment”. Fickle is my middle name. I have a mascara that I love but that doesn’t mean I can’t love more than one (or two or three or ten).  I finally narrowed my favorites down to Armani Eyes To Kill and IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes. I was so excited to have an easy war to take part in. Two fabulous mascaras that I love wearing.

Armani Eyes to Kill

Armani Eyes to Kill Wand

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes (

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes wand

But ….. Cue the music….. Along comes Mary. And as a woman’s prerogative the situation changes. Mary aka Dior Iconic Mascara is now on my lashes and I like it, I really like it. But do I like it enough to win this challenge?

Dior Iconic (from

Dior Iconic wand

Dior Iconic is the newest addition to their line of mascaras. Just about everyone knows of DiorShow since that’s their most famous. One of my favorites is Dior Extase but I don’t have one at the moment so it didn’t make the cut. Iconic gives me lashes that stay curled all day long. I don’t find a lot of volume from it but I do find I get definition and curl. Plus I can layer it and it never smudges or flakes. I put a few coats on in the morning and then if I’m going out at night, I comb through my lashes and add a few more coats for some va-va voom.

Wearing Dior Iconic Mascara

Here’s what Dior has to say about this brush: “the Iconic brush features soft silicone bristles that spiral around the stem to lift, curl, and separate every lash.” The brush is plastic and comb like. The formula makes this mascara very long lasting.

the winner

So here’s the dilemma after all – do I go for definition with Armani Eyes to Kill or do I go for volume and definition with It Cosmetics Hello Lashes or do I go for curl and definition with Dior Iconic? Which would you pick? Would you pick It Cosmetics Hello Lashes like I’m picking? When I look at current pictures of my eyes and put on my memory cap I realize that the most striking lashes are It Cosmetics Hello Lashes. — Marcia

Come see what my fellow warriors are wearing – either click through with “previous” or “next” or click on their icons. Which is your favorite?


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  1. I definitely need to check out the IT cosmetics mascara. Y’all are killing me!

  2. I love the look of both of these on you but I can see a touch more oomph to the It. I need to buy it too.

  3. Beautiful long lashes! I have the Hello Lashes and love the little ball on the tip.

  4. Great choices! I, of course, have tried Eyes to Kill, but have yet to try the others. They look great!

  5. I’m gonna need to pick up the Dior during VIB!

  6. I love the look of that brush on the Dior mascara! Also, the it Cosmetics one looks intriguing too!

  7. Great look! I haven’t tried this brand yet.

  8. Hello Lashes made my top 2 also, but I have used Dior Iconic in the past and really liked it too.

  9. Hi Cindy, Iconic is a new one for me. I am impressed with it but I wish I had Dior Extase to compare it too. But that’s too decadent to have both of those open at the same time.

  10. Carleen, you need to get some It Cosmetics. It’s a brand that I can’t get enough of.

  11. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned the IT and I almost didn’t pick it because of the repetition but I do love it.

  12. @Kelly, I love Extase too but not everyone does. I was thinking of buying a tube during an event and the MA led me to Iconic instead. I’m glad she did.

  13. Armani Eyes to Kill is fabulous. Your review Perilously Pale was fabulous and mine would have “paled” in comparison.

  14. @Teri, I went to buy more Hello Lashes and was disappointed that doesn’t carry it anymore. I’ll have to reorder from QVC now. Thanks for the compliment.

  15. @susie, the best place to buy it is at QVC since you get 2 for $29

  16. Yes Brooke you do need to check it out. Cindy Prime Beauty and I insist!

  17. Love Makeup Wars… what I really like about Dior Iconic Mascara is the long lasting lift and curl I get! I have very straight eyelashes and don’t really like to use an eyelash curler and when I do the curl doesn’t last very long. To get the volume with Iconic, I use the Dior Lash Maximizer, which conditions, helps give mascara volume and is also a serum to help grow your lashes! This is a winning combination that works for me!

  18. Thank you Carol. I do love how long lasting it is. I’m wearing it layered over It’s Hello Lashes today and I’ve got a great combination going on.

  19. Love the length from Hello Cosmetics!!


  1. […] start with eyes since included in the TSV is the mascara that won my challenge for Makeup Wars for favorite mascara. I’m crazy about Hello Lashes and having it in the TSV makes me love this kit that much more. […]