Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows

I’m not going down without a fight. I don’t care how old I am. When I see a beautiful eyeshadow that makes my heart go pitter patter it doesn’t matter if it’s metallic or a little frosty, it needs to be mine. This is just a warning about what you’ll see in this review: gorgeous colors but metallic and sometimes frosty and sometimes shimmery. But I don’t care. I bought them anyway.

For the 2010 holidays Armani brought out 3 new cream/powder eyeshadows. I studied the blogs looked at all the pictures and swore I wasn’t going to buy them. Of course you know if I’m writing about this it means I did buy one. Armani has recently come out with 11 more of these shadows and instead of buying just one I bought three. Now you get to see these in all their glory. The stock pictures don’t do them justice.

Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadow ($32) is a new formula. I called them a cream/powder but they are somewhere in between. They feel creamy to the touch and can be applied with your fingers but they aren’t like any cream shadow I own. They also feel powdery. While I don’t know the science behind them I do know it’s a new technology for Armani. You can wear these alone or wear them along with powder eyeshadows. I find that they last and last. They are as gorgeous at the end of a long day as they are at the beginning. Actually I think they look even better as the day goes on. Even though they don’t crease on me at all, I believe that the natural oils from my skin gives them a softer sheen throughout the day. When you look at the Armani website you can see that the colors aren’t just one straight up shade, instead they are a combination of different shades to create that perfect color.

I started with #15 which is still available on the Armani Website.  This is a beautiful metallic bronze gold shade. The shades that are visible when you open this are black and gold which blend into the bronze. The website describes this as copper/black grey but mine doesn’t appear to have grey and it’s not as light as it appears online in the pot.

#4 is named Pulp Fiction online but the names doesn’t appear on the packaging, just the numbers. My Pulp Fiction is mostly a silvery grey with a blue undertone, the color blended into it is reddish but that’s not the predominant shade. I’ve worn this shade with charcoal liner and with purple liner and both look great with it. 

#8 (Champagne) and #9 (Rock Sand) are the two light shades I bought, these are the ones I think of when I think of them being frosty. I like to wear them very close to my lashline with a darker shadow in the crease and a subtle browbone. #8 Champagne’s predominant shade is coppery with a light blue/grey variation throughout and has a pinkish cast on my lids. #9 Rock Sand has a peachy base. Mine doesn’t have a lot of tones running through it though the website shows gold swirled through. While 8 and 9 aren’t terribly different they do have enough of a difference (cool tones vs warm tones) to justify my purchase (of course I’d find a way to justify them anyway).

Number 8 Champagne

Number 9 Rock Sand:

I like to apply these eyeshadows with a sponge tip applicator. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought some containers of these and they are great for me. I don’t want to wash a sponge tip so after a use or two I just toss them without guilt. Be sure you keep the inner lid to keep these moist and close the pots tightly.

Here’s a picture of some swatches I made when I was at Nordstrom:

Top: #8, #9, #13 (black), #4, #16 (moonlight)

Bottom: #5 (Gold Blitz), #11 (White Pulse), #7 (Sweet Fire)

I didn’t see #2 Lust Red or #6 Khaki Pulse unfortunately

I’m crazy about these shadows (and crazy in general). I just wonder if I’ll end up with #6 Khaki Pulse. I wouldn’t take bets against myself. — Marcia


  1. You go girl! I kinda wish I hadn’t read this post b/c now I want #15, #4 & #8. I’m putting on the boxing gloves.

  2. I can see why you love them so much.

  3. What lovely shades, I think I’d like all the ones you have! Thanks for the descriptions, they are really helpful. I can’t wait till these get released over here x

  4. Marcia thank you for the beautiful pics and swatches. These are gorgeous.

  5. Funny how one retains one’s love for the sparkly eyeshadow – me too! I bought the black one (#2) at the Nordstrom trend show a couple of weeks ago, and the copper/black from the GA site when they offered free shipping a couple of weeks ago.

  6. What beautiful colors. I think the dark ones are especially striking.


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