Hair magic by Argan Magic

By now, everyone has heard of the wonders of Argan Oil – it softens skin, works miracles on hair, and offers protection from the elements.  Argan Oil has “vitamin E, (twice the amount as Olive Oil), phenols and phenolic acid, squalene and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.”  Argan Magic is a really cool, extremely affordable line that has products made with 100% cold pressed Argan Oil, which is the ‘top shelf’ version of this ingredient.  It used to be that you could only get Argan Magic products at salons, but now they are so easy to find – you can get them at CVS!  I don’t know about you, but where I live it seems like there is a CVS on every corner.  If you don’t have a CVS near you, just visit the Argan Magic website, all the products are also available online.

I absolutely adore the Argan Magic hair products.  One favorite is the Restorative Hair Mask ($12).  My goodness, I was paying three times that much for my favorite L’Oreal Professional Hair Mask, and the one from Argan Magic is even better!!   The texture is like whipped marshmallow, it’s pretty fun to smooth this on your wet hair after shampooing.  It looks and feels good enough to eat, I kid you not.  Wait a few minutes, rinse it out, and your hair is super, super, super soft.  I LOVE this.

I also love the Argan Magic Nourishing Hair Cream ($11).    This gets rid of frizz, and it makes your hair easy to style, shiny, and healthy looking.

I mix a nickel size amount of the Nourishing Hair Cream with a dime size amount of the Intensive Hair Oil ($12).  The hair oil nourishes your hair, and cuts your blow drying time in half.  These two mixed together make the PERFECT styling combination.  After my hair is dry, I sometimes add just a little bit of the Intensive Hair Oil by itself to really make my hairstyle smooth and sleek.

I can tell you that since I started using these styling products, I get at least one comment a day on my hair.  It’s interesting, most people ask me if I just got my hair cut, because the edges are more precise – I have real definition when I straighten my hair.  And when I don’t, I have curls that hold.

I can’t get over how terrific these products are, and they are so easy to find as well as affordable.  Next time you are in CVS, do your hair a huge favor and pick these up!!  – Lisa

Disclosure:  items reviewed were PR samples


  1. No CVS stores where I live…. ;-(( Bummer, because I would LOVE to try this brand! The Argan oil I’ve been getting costs 3X as much as these products!!!

  2. Oh what a bummer…we have tons here in Michigan!! However, you can also buy the items direct from the company online. Even with shipping charges it should still be a bargain!

  3. Wow, these are at CVS? Definitely gonna be on the lookout for them. Thanks for this post! 🙂

  4. I love this product! I have naturally curly/ frizzy hair and this product is like magic. Takes away the frizz and leaves your hair super soft.

  5. Hi, I hope someone can help. I am from England, trying to buy the intensive hair oil, and cannot source it from anywhere. Even the websites have none in stock or in couple of cases, don’t deliver to England.
    Any ideas?!

  6. kate doherty says:

    Jayne, I’ve recently discovered this at T K Maxx and love, love, love it. I have really thick course hair and this works wonders. The only trouble with T K Maxx is once its gone its gone. I try to stock up and at least it last ages.

    Hope this helps.


  7. i have purchased these products before and i love them!!! The only sad thing is that cvs no longer carries them :-(. I hope i can find them at tj maxx in the future…

  8. I love this line! The mask is my favorite too. I’ve been buying from eBay (seller: craigsells) and it has been affordable and fresh! I think he ships internationally also!


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