Prepare to be wonderfully cleansed with Ao Skincare Prepare Cleanser

Is there something you do that is taking the lazy way out? Do you neglect to take off your makeup? Do you forget about finishing your face by adding in a polished brow? What about leaving off sunscreen since you’ve already put on your moisturizer? All of these are things you know you should change and now is the perfect time to do that.

Ao Skincare’s #1 Prepare Cleanser

I have to admit that I’m guilty of to often using Micellar Water to cleanse at night yet I realize that I’m not getting my skin as clean as I should. In my quest for better skin I’ve turned over a new leaf and am now using Step #1 from Ao Skincare, their Prepare Cleanser ($39.95 with free shipping).

Ao Skincare Prepare Cleanser


This is a cleanser unlike the others in my routine and that’s what makes me like it so much. It’s actually a Dry Cleanser – but that needs to be explained. You apply Ao Skincare Prepare Cleanser to your face as a first stop. Apply it before you use water. Then massage it gently in before you activate it with warm water. That transforms Prepare into a moisturizing cleansing milk.

Ao Skincare Prepare Cleanser

I find that it’s great on the days I’m wearing makeup and that I’m reaching for it every time I have on foundation because it really cleans my skin yet doesn’t strip it at all. There’s a very gentle fragrance that is so mild that no one would really notice it unless they were looking for it and the fragrance doesn’t linger in any way.

The outer packaging is a fun triangular shape but it’s the pump container inside that does the work.

Ao Skincare Prepare Cleanser

Ao Skincare is a company from New Zealand that uses rare botanical ingredients and includes Artesian water rich in trace elements. They use a cold process technology to combine the ingredients so that they remain as pristine and effective as possible.

Prepare Cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin since it contains a low level of surfactant (soap) in its formulation. It doesn’t strip skin of its natural oils.

Ao Skincare Prepare Cleanser

Directions say to apply two pumps of the cleansing gel to your face and use your fingertips to spread in a circular motion. I then apply warm water with my hands to create the milkiness and wash it off with a washcloth or muslin cloth. My skin feels well moisturized after and I’m comfortable even if I wait to put on further moisturizers and serums.

The key ingredients of this cruelty free cleanser are

  • Pure New Zealand Artesian Water  – this is sourced from one of the purest places on earth, an aquifer beneath the ancient Kauri forests in the lush far north of New Zealand.
  • Totarol  – an extract from the New Zealand Totara tree which contains powerful naturally sourced antioxidants which actively clanse the skin.
  • Phormium Tenax (Harakeke) Seed Oil  – this contains omega-6 lineolic acid.

and Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Seed Oil  – containing omega-3, alpha linolenic acid, which helps to maintain moisture in the skin and prevent drying and scaling.

What it doesn’t contain are sulfates, parabens, PEGS, TEA, Dea, mineral oils, petrochemicals or artificial fragrance.

I may never get to New Zealand but I trust that the country has some of the purest, untainted areas. The products in the Ao Skincare line all look wonderful and ones that would take 2018 into a new level of skincare for us. Taking care of ourselves is the perfect kind of goal and a resolution you won’t be tempted to break.  —  Marcia


  1. What an interesting concept! I’m still working my way into skincare and what I need to do for my dry skin but it’s so neat to hear about new products!

  2. I have never heard of his brand before, but your description of how to use this sounds very appealing to me! Sometimes when I am too tired I clean my face with micellar water or a non-alcohol toner, so I know just what you mean!

  3. Wow, it sounds great. I received a couple of products from Ao several months ago (I think from Step 2), but I still haven’t had a chance to try them yet. You are spurring me on to find them and get going!

  4. I have never heard of this product before, but it sounds like something I would love to try. What caught my eye is that it is cruelty free. That’s so great!!!!

  5. This is different from most products – thanks for explaining dry application. 🙂 I really like the cool shape of the packaging too!

  6. Lacquerexpression says:

    This cleanse sounds amazing. I recently started using a gel cleanser and love the concept.

  7. Yvette Price says:

    This is pretty cool especially for foundation wearers. I like the dry application.

  8. Mary Gardner says:

    I’d love to try this line of products. It is interesting to apply the cleanser before water.

  9. I am guilty of lazy girl cleansing, too. Sometimes, I just want to sit on my lazy ass at my dressing table, use a wipe and micellar water when I know that I should be at the sink! This sounds like a lovely cleanser. I love ones that don’t strip my dry skin, when I use them.

  10. gloria patterson says:

    I hear about new brand every day it’s nice to get a review of the product. This sounds like it would really take the makeup off. This is a total different way of using the product.

  11. I am so guilty of using micellar water most nights. I’ve slacked a lot in pregnancy, I’m anemic and it means I’m exhausted early at night. But no excuses, I’m joining you in making sure I take proper care of my face! This cleanser sounds great by the way!

  12. Ehmkay nails says:

    I use a watery type cleanser but this looks so rich and nice!

  13. This sounds nice and I love gel formula cleansers so this sounds perfect for me!!!

  14. It’s always nice to discover new brands. I am a clean freak, I need to constantly remind myself I don’t need multiple cleansing because it strips the skin of it’s natural moisture.

  15. Thanks for the review, I have this and haven’t tried it yet!

  16. I’ve never heard of this brand, let alone tried it. I’m guilty of using micellar water some evenings when I am exhausted and calling it good enough.

  17. It sounds pretty wonderful. I kept giggling as I read because remember the commercials for Olympia beer in the 70s…where they were searching for the Artesians? Lol

  18. Sounds very interesting. And I think not removing your makeup is a cardinal sin!

  19. Very interesting! A dry cleanser! Who would of thought!

  20. That packaging is so beautiful! And it sounds like an interesting product too. I always love a good cleanser.

  21. This cleanser sounds wonderful! I am guilty of all those things you mentioned in the beginning! Oops!

  22. I tend to use a more water type cleanser since I like a light cleanser best but this really sounds nice and I love the chic-ness of the packaging for sure.

  23. What an interesting product. It does seem like a lot of product to use for cleansing though.

  24. This sounds like it’s really nice to use. I love to use a cleanser over dry skin and/or makeup as my first step at night, so this sounds like something i’d enjoy.

  25. Thanks for introducing this product, I never heard of this brand before.
    I will try it soon and come back with my thoughts.
    All the best!!

  26. Wow.. This seems to be amazing.. Your description makes it very appealing..