Two eye creams from Kate Somerville – you’ll have trouble choosing just one!


kate somerville logoToday’s Kate Somerville review is going to make you a little crazy. We have two eye creams to tempt you with and when you are done reading you won’t know which to choose. But we are sure you will want to select one since they are that good. Kate Somerville is a wonderful line for those of us that want anti-aging products. Your eye area is usually the first place that show lines. We hear about women in their 20’s who are already concerned with fine lines and crow’s feet and that only increases as you get older. But you can help stave away the years with the Kate Somerville line.

As Kate Somerville says: Smooth and soften fragile skin to fight the signs of time.

The delicate contours around the eyes and lips are often the first to reveal fine lines. Yet, a little extra care – and the right blend of sophisticated ingredients – can yield remarkably renewing results. My highly effective eye and lip treatments utilize advanced anti-aging formulas that work hard to repair and revive.

Marcia’s eye cream:

Kate Somerville KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream
Kate Somerville KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream

I am so lucky that I have been able to test KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream. This is such a luxury product and one that makes me feel like my under eye area is more youthful appearing than ever. The KateCeuticals products are a particular segment of Kate Somerville. This is the creme de la crème of her already amazing line. KateCeuticals are age-defying products created to leave us illuminated and healthier looking. They contain high-performance ingredients and Anti-aging Actives to improve the appearance of firmness and combined them with luxurious Fruit Extracts and powerful Antioxidants to restore and renew skin.

I’m totally in love with the fact that Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream is able to lift the appearance of the skin under my eyes and make the area look less lined. I’m very critical when I take pictures of my eyes for the blog and have cut back on photos because of that. But I’m noticing a rejuvenation that is thrilling me.

the airless top
the airless top

This eye cream ($135) is in a wonderful airless container. I push down gently on the top and out comes the perfect amount to pat under both eyes. If I push too hard and get too much I’ll just use the excess on the driest sections of my face. I’m not going to waste a precious drop of this.

One push down is enough for both eyes
One push down is enough for both eyes

There are 6 powerful ingredients that make Multi-Active Repair stand out from the crowd. It is loaded with Peptides to prevent the breakdown of elastin as well as add major hydration to the eye area. 1) Commiphora Mukul Resin Extract (from an Indian tree well-known in Ayurvedic medicine) helps plump the skin from the inside. 2) Blackberry Leaf Extract inhibits the breakdown of collagen  3) Natural Sugar Beet Root Extract then promotes collagen production and adds moisturization. 4) Long term hydration is aided by a special blend of Soybean Lipid Extracts. 5) Natural Herbal Extracts improve luminosity as well as evens out skin texture and tone. 6) To help with undereye puffiness there’s caffeine in the formula. And as if that weren’t enough there are Color-Correcting Micro Pearls that minimize the appearance of dark circles.

KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream
KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream

This is an extremely smooth eye cream that works well both day and night. I like to put it on early in my skincare routine and find it doesn’t interfere with makeup. After it soaks in for a short time (less than a minute), my undereye area feels softer than ever and is ready for me to use a concealer. While this is an expensive product, I don’t believe in skimping on the skin under my eyes. I want to remain youthful looking for as long as possible and KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream is a product that I want in to use in my fight against Father Time and Mother Nature.

Lisa’s eye cream:

Well, I must say Marcia, your eye cream sounds pretty terrific. However, I am head over heels in love with the eye cream sent for me to review by Kate Somerville, the Line Release™ Under Eye Repair Cream ($125). Yes, it’s pricey, but the bottle lasts forever and this is an eye cream that really does what it promises.

Kate Somerville Line Release
Kate Somerville Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream

The Kate Somerville Line Release™ Under Eye Repair Cream firms the under eye area, reduces puffiness, and brightens dark circles. It is moisturizing enough to soothe dry skin and not so heavy that it won’t work for very oily skin. It has a silicone base so it’s wonderful to use before applying makeup. The packaging is absolutely perfect, with an airless pump that also had a really cool see-through strip on the side so you can actually see how much product is left!

Love the packaging!
Love the packaging!
You can see how much product is left
You can see how much product is left – I am about half way through my bottle after 2 months of use

The eye cream’s texture is nice and light, so it soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave the under eye area tacky or sticky.

Kate Somerville Line Release swatch
Kate Somerville Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream swatch

This elegant eye cream has no fragrance, which is a huge plus. The silicones leave skin super soft and the ingredients include tons of cell-communicating ingredients, antioxidants, and ceramides.

Kate Somerville says, “In a clinical test*, Line Release™ Under Eye Repair Cream instantly firmed, lifted, and smoothed the appearance of skin. This unbelievably lightweight formula diminishes the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is intended to make the eyes appear lifted and more contoured.
  • Tripeptide reduces the visible depth of expression lines.
  • Matrixyl™ 3000 is formulated to significantly reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles.
  • Light Diffusing Pearls help minimize the look of dark circles and illuminate the entire eye area.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E provide a powerful Antioxidant boost to skin.
  • Soybean protein moisturizes skin.
  • Cucumber Extract conditions and soothes skin.

* Results based on an independent Clinical Study.”

Based upon my independent testing, I would have to agree.  This is a terrific eye cream.

Now that you’ve seen these two and read about our individual love for them, which would you choose? Believe us, there’s no wrong answer!

*sent for editorial consideration


  1. Eugenia | 24th Feb 14

    Kate’s products are always amazing! I have not tried these yet but I will have to remember them next time!

  2. Carol | 24th Feb 14

    Wow! Both of these eye creams look excellent!

  3. Iris | 24th Feb 14

    That’s very innovative packaging for the Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream. I thought it was a simple jar.

    Both creams sound equally good!

  4. Sheila (Painted Ladies) | 24th Feb 14

    A good eye cream is definitely worth paying more for!

  5. beautyin | 24th Feb 14

    Thanks Sheila. I stopped using the KS for another review and I’m regretting it. I’m going to be using the KS in the evening with the new one in the morning since I don’t want to stop.

  6. beautyin | 24th Feb 14

    Iris, I love packaging like the Multi-Active. I have a DermaDoctor product with that packaging and it’s great.

  7. beautyin | 24th Feb 14

    @Carol, you know how I am with eye creams. Must have!!

  8. beautyin | 24th Feb 14

    Thanks Eugenia. I’m so impressed with the KS eye cream.

  9. Phyrra | 27th Feb 14

    I really like the packaging design.

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