Experience the light with reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy


The way to make me very happy is to send me a gadget, gizmo, contraption AKA skin care tool. My love of products like this comes directly from my father and brothers. We are all excited about new gizmos. Birthdays are never more fun than when one of us gets the newest toy and shares the opening with the group. I doubt though that my brothers will care much about my new favorite: reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy. My sister is reading this though and wondering when she gets a turn!!


reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy

This reVive Light Therapy apparatus was actually created in conjunction with supermodel Kathy Ireland to offer cutting edge technology. The reVive Light Therapy tools are all FDA cleared.

reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy

This very cool gadget contains 24 LED lights to help treat wrinkles and fine lines while also improving skin tone, color, and texture. I’m using this on the crinkles at the side of my eyes, otherwise known as crow’s feet. In the future I’ll use it on other parts of my face but my eyes are the area I’m not treating with other products.

reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy turned on
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy turned on

This is the most affordable FDA-cleared light therapy device on the market. The 24 LED lights are all powerful, medical grade ones. The machine comes with a pair of goggles, and power sources. I’ve chosen to use 3 AA batteries to power mine up since I have so many cords that I can’t keep them straight.

reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy with power cord
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy with power cord
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy battery case on the back
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy battery case on the back
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy - goggles
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy – goggles

As I said, I’m treating the crows feet by the side of my eyes. Since the goggles are optional I’ve tried them but have chosen not to use them. But I keep my eyes closed for 3 minutes on each eye. I even bought a mini timer to make sure I get my 3 minutes in. That’s all you have to do. No creams or serums are needed. Just clean skin and the handheld, lightweight Light Therapy gadget. Hold it 1/4″ away from the treatment area. (I did my picture blindly so it’s not as close as it should be.)

reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy
reVive Anti-aging Light Therapy

It’s extraordinarily easy to use, I get no redness from using it nor do I feel any heat.  I’m seeing improvement which is what it’s all about. reVive has many devices to explore that use light therapy. This $59.95 machine is helping me in my battle against aging skin. What has helped you?  — Marcia

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 20th Jul 16

    I love “gizmos” like this. So glad to hear that you’re seeing results!

  2. Lola Seicento | 20th Jul 16

    This sounds very promising, and the price point is definitely a plus!

  3. Erika | 20th Jul 16

    This looks very interesting!

  4. Destany | 20th Jul 16

    It reminds me of a Lite Brite 🙂

  5. The Beauty of Life | 20th Jul 16

    This looks awesome!

  6. Phyrra | 20th Jul 16

    I really want to give this a try!

  7. Renu | 20th Jul 16

    I’ve used light therapy for acne, with positive results.. Good to hear it helps treat fine lines as well. This device is so affordable!

  8. Carol | 20th Jul 16

    Yep, when do I get my turn???

  9. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 20th Jul 16

    I tried light therapy a few years ago but you had to do it for 20 min, each night and I didn’t stick with it. 3 minutes is much more doable!

  10. Joyce Chitwood | 20th Jul 16

    I’m with Carol. Want a turn? Lol. U have to keep us posted. I’m late 40s with oily skin they say is a blessing for less wrinkles. But I’m starting to see things. My eyes r pretty crepey under them. I just notice how much the last yr or so. I didn’t know about all this Great Beauty community existed till about 3 yrs ago. I have worn makeup since well for probably 35 yrs. think I was about 13. In the 80s at the beginning of the decade with an older sis from the 70s. So blue was a big beginning. Lol then came the blush and now they r brining back what they call draping which is using different levels of the same color of blush Covergirl was great with it. Enough rambling. Can’t wait to see how it goes. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Anastasia | 21st Jul 16

    I heard good things about these light devices!

  12. Polarbelle | 21st Jul 16

    I’ve used the one they have for pain and it’s really good. I’m glad to see the battery option so that you don’t have to be tied to an outlet.

  13. Bailey | 21st Jul 16

    So interesting! I’m not quite at the stage to need it, but I do love a bit of beauty gadgetry!

  14. Justina | 21st Jul 16

    I’m super into skincare gizmos too! This is really intriguing to me!

  15. Leelo | 22nd Jul 16

    This looks and sounds very interesting!

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