Anti-Aging with red light therapy by Sonulase review and giveaway


It wasn’t that long ago that having the technology to bring red light therapy and the power of a UV Light was too expensive for the average consumer. But thanks to SONULASE we can have just that at a price we can afford.

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SONULASE is the first device that combines medical grade age fighting Red Light with daily cleansing. It’s made to stimulate collagen production while strengthening sagging skin and wrinkles. It does it all while you cleanse. Sadly collagen production pretty much stops by the age of 25. Since collagen plumps facial skin it keeps it looking fuller and more youthful. Sonaluse wants to stimulate natural collagen growth with the effects of RED LIGHT therapy.


Sonulase looks like the sonic cleansing brushes that we are used to seeing and using but there’s a big difference. It’s to be used for daily cleansing as well as red light UV therapy.

Sonulase in action
Sonulase in action

Mode One is Daily Cleansing with RED Light Therapy. Not only are you cleansing and exfoliating but you are adding the power of red light.

Mode Two is Targeted RED Light Therapy. With Mode two you choose two days a week to target areas you want to work on to build collagen and increase volume from beneath skin surface.

Join Marcia and Lisa in learning more about this wonder anti-aging device and learn how to win one for yourself.

MARCIA explains the Daily Cleansing with Red Light Therapy:

Sonulase brush
Sonulase brush

The Sonulase brush isn’t unique looking when you first remove it from the box. We’ve seen this before and many of us cleanse with something similar. The difference though is when you use this for cleansing and can turn on the red light to add some collagen stimulation.

Sonulase cleansing brush
Sonulase cleansing brush

Using a sonic cleansing brush helps exfoliate your skin and cleanse pores better. The red light is new technology that is unique to Sonulase. This gives the collagen boost your skin needs to speed up cellular turnover.

Sonulase is also unique because of the UV Cleanlight Technology that is built into the charging system. When the skin care device is plugged in there is a cycle that starts cleansing the actual brush keeping bacteria and microrganisms that could grow at bay.

Sonulase in UV Cleanlight Mode
Sonulase in UV Cleanlight Mode

Now that I’ve explained Mode One let me give you my impressions. I like that there are two cleansing speeds and I advise you to start out with the Low speed. The first time I used the brush I was a little dismayed at the lack of softness. But I liked the way it cleansed, especially around my nose which is the area that gives me the most grief. The more I used the Sonulase, the softer my brush started to feel. While it still isn’t what I call a soft brush, it’s soft enough yet firm enough to really cleanse my skin.

I wet the brush, apply my cleanser to the brush head, put it up to my face and press Cleanse. I like turning on the red light button rather than using it on its own. When done I’ll use a wet cloth to remove cleansing residue. Sometimes I’ll precleanse with an oil or cleansing balm, but if I don’t have a lot of makeup on I just use the Sonulase for all my cleansing needs. The brush removes with a firm twist so that I can wash it separately if it has makeup stains on it.

Sonulase gets an A from me especially once you learn about the Red Light Therapy.

LISA explains the Red Light Therapy

This Red Light Therapy isn’t new…it was actually developed by NASA about 40 years ago to treat the damaged skin of astronauts in space! What is new is the ability to have this ‘space age’ treatment in your home instead of having to go to a dermatologist or medical spa.

Sonaluse Red Light Therapy
Sonulase Red Light Therapy

The Red Light is all about collagen. You know, the fibrous tissue that keeps skin plump and young-looking. Your body actually stops creating collagen at around age 25 – after that, it’s all downhill in the collagen department. Less collagen means deeper wrinkles. The quickest way to recreate the youthful, collagen-happy look is with injectable fillers like Restalyn. However, at $450 or so a syringe it gets very expensive, especially since the filler is absorbed by your body and you need new injections at least once a year, perhaps even twice a year.

Space age stuff - Red Light at 660 nanometers
Space age stuff – Red Light at 660 nanometers

Red Light Therapy, a deeply penetrating LED light which is FDA-approved at 660 nanometers, actually stimulates natural collagen growth, so while the Sonulase is spendy, it’s a one time investment that is less than one syringe of an injectable filler.

photo from Sonulase website
photo from Sonulase website

Using the Red Light Therapy is as easy as cleaning your face with the cleansing brush. It doesn’t hurt or really feel like anything other than a tiny bit warmer than it does while cleansing, and it only takes a few moments twice a week. You can use the Red Light with or without the brush – I prefer using the brush while I concentrate on my more wrinkled areas. In the 8 week study that Sonulase did, 86% of customers reported an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. Those are great results. I think the Sonulase is a terrific multitasking, intelligent brush that is well worth the investment. I have had great results so far and I am definitely keeping up my Sonulase routine for good.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: Sonulase has graciously offered this remarkable device to 3 Beauty Info Zone subscribers. This $249 advanced cleansing and anti-aging tool can be yours if you live in the US. Use the Rafflecopter to enter from now through April 20, 2016 at 11:59 eastern time. We check all entries so honesty counts. If the comments close early please email us at [email protected] and label it Sonulase. Comment in the email and that would be used for that entry so you can continue on. The more you do on the Rafflecopter, the more chances you have and you don’t want to miss out on your chance with this.

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  1. Tammy Horn | 5th Apr 16

    I am a good candidate because I am getting the fine lines around my eyes from aging, this could help me feel and look younger.

  2. Neha Kaul | 5th Apr 16

    Having hit my early thirties, there couldn’t be a better time to start using an anti-aging device with fine-line combating powers. Thanks for the chance to be in the running!

  3. Paol Trenny | 5th Apr 16

    Neglected my skin in my twenty and early thrty has resulted in lots of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. I think that I am a perfect candidate because I believe that this device will restore my dull skin to a more youthful appearance.

  4. Rachel Beltz | 5th Apr 16

    The signs of aging are starting to show.. and frankly I’m scared! I could use the help! I would rather start preventing earlier than later!

  5. laura g | 6th Apr 16

    My crows feet make me a good candidate. I am way too young to have these problems!

  6. natasha lamoreux | 7th Apr 16

    This would be perfect for my aging late 30’s skin! Thank you so much for the chance, this product looks amazing!

  7. Cynthia Richardson | 7th Apr 16

    Since my body stopped creating collagen 37 years ago (!?!), I would be a good candidate for Sonulase.

  8. Kristi C | 9th Apr 16

    I am in my 40’s now and my skin is starting to show my age. The fine lines and enlarged pores have go to go.

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  10. Laura Sorvillo | 9th Apr 16

    Just reading this gives me hope. I’m a good candidate for Sonulase because ,at 48, my face needs serious help. I have been earnestly searching beauty blogs looking for something,ANYTHING, that can help diminish the wrinkles. I’m sad every time I look in the mirror,how can this be my face? I can’t afford yearly treatments of fillers so an item such as this is my only shot.I would gladly and gratefully show before and after pictures as well as a full review if I were to be lucky enough to win this. Thanks so much for the chance and good luck to all. I’m really glad I found your blog.

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  12. Jasmin Evans | 9th Apr 16

    I think I’d be a great canidate for this because I’m already starting to show the first signs of aging! Eek!

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  15. Teresa Koedyker | 9th Apr 16

    I think I would be a great candidate for this i am getting fine lines and do not want them!!! LOL Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

  16. Maren | 9th Apr 16

    I had too much sun when I was a kid & my face is sorry.

  17. Michelle Castagne | 9th Apr 16

    To have a product that stimulates collagen production and helps with sagging skin and wrinkles would be awesome now that I’m over fifty.

  18. MARTHAIA | 10th Apr 16

    My lines are saying I am a candidate for sure…Sounds like a great product ..Thanks

  19. Maria P. | 10th Apr 16

    I’m a good candidate because I’ve been wanting to try red light therapy for my fine lines.

  20. Jen | 10th Apr 16

    I’m a good candidate because my sensitive rosacea skin would really benefit from the collagen boost from the red light and the thorough cleansing of the brush. I also really like that it uses the other light to fend off bacteria and keep itself clean.

  21. Danielle Magee | 10th Apr 16

    I would be a great candidate because this aging skin has many lines and wrinkles and large pores.

  22. Lisa | 10th Apr 16

    I am a good candidate because of my fine lines around my eyes. I also wonder if it would help with my rosacea.

  23. Laurie Nykaza | 10th Apr 16

    Between the wrinkles age spots etc as we age in later part of life my skin could use all the help it could get love to use the Sonulase make my skin look so much better.

  24. Terri S | 10th Apr 16

    Now that I’m in my forties, I am starting to see fine lines around my outer eye, YIKES!!!

  25. Wanda | 10th Apr 16

    I’m in my late 30’s & as I’ve gotten older my skin has gone from being super oily to combination. I think I’d be a great candidate for this product. Maybe it could help me with my anti-aging endeavors as well as help balance my skin.

  26. Birdiebee | 11th Apr 16

    I am a good candidate as I have a lot of wrinkles and age spot for my age. I would love a chance to reverse some of my skincare issues.

  27. dianne f | 12th Apr 16

    I’m a good candidate for this device because my sanity is in peril battling the meddle-age enlarged pores and the onset of wrinkles!

  28. kelynnma | 12th Apr 16

    I’m starting to get fine lines, and I have rough skin that needs a little more love.

  29. Adriana | 12th Apr 16

    To get rid of my fine lines .

  30. pu ye | 13th Apr 16

    The signs of aging are starting to show.. and frankly I’m scared! I could use the help! I would rather start preventing earlier than later

  31. madisyn johnson | 15th Apr 16

    ive never even heard of this before but it looks like its amazing! i would love to be able to add it to my skin care routine

  32. Jill Rivera | 15th Apr 16

    I am a good candidate because my age is aging.

  33. Deb K | 16th Apr 16

    I think I’d be a great canidate for this because I’m already starting to show the first signs of aging!

  34. Amber Deuel | 16th Apr 16

    Wow! My nose is also a problem area for me as well! And of coarse I am getting lines too, my forehead, eyes, smile lines. Turning 40 this year and I am seeing the aging, like all of a sudden!!! Love to win this, my stress here is not helping I am sure but I would love a fighting chance! Thank you for the review, and keep us updated!!

  35. Ashley M | 16th Apr 16


  36. Nidia - Lit From Within | 17th Apr 16

    I like that this is a multi-tasker! Cleansing and anti-aging – sign me up! This 40+ year old face needs some help.

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