Get Calm, Grounded, Vibrance, Passion and Love with Annmarie Skin Care Essential Oils

eoblends_samplekit (1)My latest obsession is essential oils. They are very healing to soul and the body. Some can be used as a fragrance right from the bottle, others need a carrier oil of some sort. My most favorite way to use them, though, is in a diffuser.  As usual I’ve probably gone a little overboard – I have a diffuser in my bedroom, my daughter’s bedroom, the living room (gotta keep those cats happy and calm!), and my office at work. Recently I was sent an Annmarie Skin Care Essential Oil Blend sampler ($20) to test, and oh wow…it’s fantastic!

Annmarie Skin Care Essential Oil Sampler

Annmarie Skin Care Essential Oil Sampler

Essential oils can be expensive, so this is a perfect way to try out all five of Annmarie’s Essential Oil Parfum Blends, including Vibrance, Passion, Love, Calm, and Grounded. This is aromatherapy at its best. Like I said, I use my diffusers every single day, but you can also mix them with water in a spray bottle for instant room freshening or even dab directly onto your wrists.

Here are the scents:


Vibrance –  Uplift, energize, and be happy.  This light and feminine oil blend will lift your senses with classic, romantic florals and notes of mood-boosting citrus.  Made With:  Essential oils of ruby red grapefruit, Italian lemon, bergamot, lemon verbena, lavender, clementine, jasmine sambac absolute, rose-geranium.


Passion Indulge, electrify, and be sensual.  A warm and sweet essential oil blend to help you relax and awaken your sensuality. Earthy, grounding notes of vetiver and buddha wood provide a base for the passion-igniting aromas of rose and sandalwood.  Made With:  Essential oils of sandalwood, vetiver, frankincense, rose moroc absolute, sweet myrrh, amyris, buddha wood.


LoveAdore, embrace, and be tender.  A heart-opening blend of natural aphrodisiac oils to inspire you to be your most loving self. Sweet jasmine and classic rose are balanced by sandalwood and frankincense, for a scent that’s nothing short of irresistible.  Made With:  Essential oils of sandalwood, rose moroc absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, frankincense.


CalmRelax, meditate, and be peaceful.  Create a sacred space for yourself where you can breathe deeply and release negativity. Spruce oil lends freshness to this blend of florals, tied together with comforting frankincense for a clean and crisp scent.  Made With: Essential oils of spruce, frankincense, rosewood, lavender.


GroundedSecure, strengthen, and be centered.  Find peace and clarity in this balanced blend. Woody and earthy base notes with a touch of sweetness give you a beautifully understated, quietly confident scent.  Made With: Essential oils of sandalwood, amyris, peru balsam, cedarwood, vetiver, amber (fossilized), copaiba balsam, galangal root, patchouli, ginger root, buddha wood, turmeric root.

Right now it looks like this set is sold out online – not surprising – but I’ll bet they get it back in stock soon. You can also buy the full size. Calm, Grounded, and Vibrance are all $39.95 and Love and Passion are $49.95. They are all terrific but my most favorite is Love. Which one do you think will become your favorite?  – Lisa

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